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The People That We Meet

Just as any life experiences that will change us and so do the people that we meet.  Subconsciously, we assimilate from these people and sometimes we become like them.  As it is, life is an intertwined myriad of matters.  We pick things up through all our senses.   Through all that we see, we hear, we say and we act become us.  Our mind derives perception through these senses.  Having perception means that we have the ability to attain understanding and awareness or consciousness.


We must be ready to receive life experiences openly and without fear.  It is a beautiful world when we can view the world with our divine eyes.  When we are able to make connection with our body and mind, the earth, the people, the plants and animals  as sacred and with respect.  Such an approach to life would result in us the chance to grow emotionally as well as spiritually.

The people that we meet provide us with lessons.  They put smiles on our face, joy and peace in our heart.  They count for our blessings.  However, this does not mean having to agree with them on every little issues.  In fact, we get influenced with most of their actions, their reactions, their feelings, their  thoughts.  And so are their behaviours and attitudes.  It can be of positive influences.  It can be of negative influences.

More often than not, our admiration for the people that we meet tends to come about as a result of the values these people espouse and their views on life.  Although we have no intention of becoming a clone for their image, or a copycat, we can still take aspects of another person's beliefs and values and incorporate them into our own.


It is just the mechanics of human ecology.  We just need each other.  We need to integrate and to allow our consciousness into action.  To allow us to experience on a journey into awakening.  It is not a mere co-incidence for people to become interactive.  The Universe has it made in who we meet every day.  And what purpose that meeting has on one or both people, in relevance to each one's individual lives.

We come across people and situations that cause us to behave in certain ways.  It is probably a subtle quest for us to be a part to become inclusive.  To some group of individuals, knowing more people gives them a sense of belonging.  A sense of being accepted.  A sense of community.  A sense of one-ness.  A sense of quantifiable pursuit.  Indirectly, it forms a psychological development.

In line with psychologist Carl Jung, the world we live in today creates a wonderful opportunity of an increasing interconnectedness.  He brought the meaningful relation of gravitational effect where all events are inter-related.  That this unified effect is being viewed as synchronicity.

Personally, I feel blessed to have met, and known, people from all walks of life.  From every walk of life.  Of different skin colors.  Of any ages.  Of any faith.  Who, for one reason or another, had crossed my path and made an impact on my life.

I am thankful.  I may not have the right word and I really do not know what to say except that I am so thankful for the people that I have met.  I am thankful for the guidance.  I am thankful for their sharing and trust.  Each leaving behind a valuable lesson and insight.  I am thankful for all the spaces and faces and wide-ranging social graces.  I am thankful for the never ending life lessons.

I am a believer that we meet the people we are supposed to when the time is just right.  There is always the voice of God in another individual for me to listen and to bring me into time consciousness of that moment.   The path that crosses between us fills gap of dynamic free will which should offer for infinite possibilities.  For growth.  For the soul to dance into a higher state of consciousness trance.

However, it would be interesting if we are to recognize the difference between a need and a want.  There is always a valid reason when we meet, or reunite, with certain people that cross our path.  Coincidental events in our lives are evident that our lives seem to follow some kind of pattern.  James Redfield in his book, 'Celestine Prophecy', shares the insight on synchronicity as a meaningful direction to our life paths.

In Celestine Prophecy, everything happens for a reason and there are no accidents.  We have to take charge of these mysterious coincidences to bring us towards a particular destiny.  It should be a path that will help us to make life simpler.  It should be a choice to raise our vibrational energy.

I often remind myself to look into the light when such opportunity arises.  I need to realize that.  I need to understand that all the day to day occurences that I am experiencing happen for a reason.  For a good reason.    As much as I welcome and appreciate Carl Jung's coincidental events in my life, the ownership still lies with me.  I should take responsibility of this choice only when such synchronicity falls within my sacred geometry.

I have a choice of putting many eggs in a basket.  Question is, do I want to go on collecting more eggs to fill in a basket that is already full?  Or, should I be wise to utilize all of those collected eggs to fill me up first before succumbing to further greed.  To, perhaps, further my ego?  I should recognize my limitations first.  I should be aware of my needs and wants.  I should remember there is only 24 hours a day, there is a time to work, to play and to rest.  I should finish those stock of eggs before I could motivate myself further.

There is no need, for me, to justify a quantity over quality.  One good friend can be huge phenomenon over the tenths of other superficial friends.  Success, joy and peace are a personal sacred geometry that needs to be experienced by myself.  It should be personal.  It should be sacred.  If I can't find tranquility within myself, it is useless to seek it elsewhere.  Personally, what is ever important is to achieve for a sacred quality of life where wellness brings about spirit connection to my body, mind, home and my immediate environment.

There are no accidents in life.  All that we experience is by design.  We are the captain that attract thoughts, and eventually into things, to our physical world.  We are where we are in life today because of what we believe and what we have acted on.  Our thoughts and actions control our lives.  We may not be able to change the world but, more importantly, we should affect the world on a more personal basis through the people we touch and the people who touch us.

The people whom we met recently, or possibly been reunited with, should lead us to a higher meaning.  We should look for the bigger picture and to think outside the box and not at the actual experience.  We should always be looking for our inner path.  Not all synchronicity of events are positive.  Not all meetings will raise our vibrations.  When we take personal responsibility and making the right choices, everything in life will improve.

We attract and manifest to meet people, and events, as reflections of our own inner desires.  Events happen to wake us up to a hidden meaning of life.  Thing is, we need to realize what is going on within to manifest, attract to us, something positive outside of ourselves.  We need to look at the underlying facts when such synchronicity occurs and to be sure why we attracted such events into our life.

As soon as I realize this, I shall begin expecting miracles that will reveal my true mission in life.  I just have to stay true to my life mission and do the inner work necessary to allow me to get out of my own way.

We should always be aware of our communication.  We communicate by presenting a model to others and of others to us.  When we can be a positive model, it then becomes contagious and produces positive changes.  The opposite holds true too, when we present negative role models, others begin to copy that role model and create our own problems by devolving.

We should know what is our true self and thereafter stay true to our own convictions.  However, this requires great awareness and strength of character as we often find ourselves increasingly faced with others who have made different choices.  This reminds me of a story told by a dearest friend, that seems funny but worthy of attention.  The story goes ..

Mary, a 70 years old lady, had a near death experience.  When her body was floating, she had a conversation with God.

Mary  :  Dear God, please give me another chance to live.  I have many things that I would want to do and change.  Please give me a chance, God.

God :  What is there that you want to fulfill?

Mary  :  For one, I would want to tell people how beautiful You are and all that is here.  I would want to share with them Your existence.  I want to make peace with myself, with the people I love and care.  My husband, my family.

God  :  How long do you need, Mary?

Mary :  It would be nice if you can give me another 20 years, God.  I believe I would be able to change and motivate people then.

God :  I will grant you 20 years.

Mary : But God, will I still have a place in Heaven in 20 years' time?

God :  Yes, Mary.  I will remember you as how you speak to me today.

Ten years after her near-death experience, Mary felt that her physical outlook had failed her despite her robust emotional and spiritual strengths.  There were more wrinkles on her face.  Her breasts were sagging badly.  She had gained alot more weight.

She was still doing what she had promised God.  She instilled and motivated people to lead a positive and peaceful life.  She was happy with what she was doing.  But somehow she felt that she should be looking youthful should she want to reach out to the younger generation.  Her friends are encouraging her to do cosmetic surgery.

Mary listened to her friends.  Afterall, she felt that change was good.  She admitted herself to the hospital and got her surgeon to perform miracles to her entire body.  Her wrinkles were gone, her breasts were made firm and she had a successful lipo suction done.  Mary had become a totally new person, twenty years younger.

Her friends celebrated the transformation.  Mary was happy.  On the way to the restaurant where they were supposed to celebrate, Mary had a bad accident.  Her car collided and Mary died on the spot.

When Mary met God, she asked, 'God, why did you do that? Why did you take away the remaining ten years where I had planned to continue my good works?".  And God replied, "But Mary, I could not recognize you.  I told you that I will remember you as how we spoke that day."

We are what we are.  We should present ourselves without trying to appear differently.  We should recognize our path, our inner path and walk in it with joy and peace.  We should bring  awareness to our higher self of our own capacity and strength.  Of our own limitations and shortcomings.  We should honour and defend our own opinions and ideas.  Knowing who we are, of our true self at our higher consciousness.

The people whom we meet, or reunite, can be a mystical event.  At the same moment, the synchronicity events only seem unusual because they seem to defy our routine understanding of cause and effect and sequential, forward moving time.  Synchronicity involves both physical and psychological components.  There is the event and then there is the interpretation of the event.

Synchronicity requires our inner knowing.  It depends on how much we tend to read into the event and the degree to which this meaning is believed and understood.  Sometimes, the synchronicity is not obvious to everyone universally.  But for someone who is looking for a meaningful interpretation will likely be able to reflect on their emotional state.

Our soul is always multi tasking to create new experiences.  When we spend that extra time to observe and watch how we move through ife, we will understand the language of the universe.  The language where synchronicity and all co-incidences takes place to become an event is just a way to get all the answers to our life questions.  It is up to each of us to ferret out the message when it presents itself.

I believe, at the end of the day, it is all a game of remembrance, created by the synchronistic movements of consciousness.  Our sense of purpose will be satisfied by the thrill of being able to influence our own evolution.

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