Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Commitment

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God, May My Road Ahead be Blessed.

At last! Yes, after almost (slightly) more than two weeks, I managed to complete the task to give Reiki Sanctuary, The Blog a new face-lift, a new template.  I wrote the intention here, entitled I Am Still So Much In Love, and told myself that I must finished it before end of the month. This will, hopefully, give me the impetus to be more pro-active in life.  Hopefully, it drives me with a focused road map towards my conviction.  That is to link myself closer with the Universe; to honor my life and to live beyond my belief and passion.

As is, I enjoy blogging.  It has become a part of me and when I am not writing, I feel something is amiss.  I must say that I appreciate this feeling.  It makes me to become aware of my growth and, the absence of it, makes me to reflect about my well being.

When I task myself to change the format of this blog, I wonder if this is going to be a yearly thing.  In May 2012, I did the same thing.  In the article In Partnership With The Universe, I wrote "the change for a new template should be a catalyst for me to gain a new understanding.  Should it work, I comforted myself, it would cast away prior misconceptions, false assumptions, inappropriate decisions and prejudices.  Should it work, I shall rejoice on a new freedom for actions.  This project was just a technique of one kind, or another, to this process.  After all, recovery of choice was what personal development was about."

Here, let me say a Big Thank You to Home Theater BlogTemplate4u that has served Reiki Sanctuary, the Blog.  Admittedly, I still like the modified template but the energy has stagnated the progress of my life force.  I have to move forward.  I have to push myself.  This desire to change it has nothing to do with lost of interest but it is to provide the joy in what I have owned.  

I am glad that the Universe pushes me, yet again, to go ahead to change it.  I discover new things in the process.  I discover that knowledge has no boundary, so long there is a desire and a want to seek it.  The Universe is often resourceful  and there is no lack off.  Seek, as the saying goes, and we shall find it.  What is important is our attitude towards it.  The lesson I learn, in this process, is not to give up.

I also discover that the Universe is full of nice people.  I am amazed, and full of respect, with all these individuals who spend their time providing and sharing their resources, their time and their knowledge to publish useful knowledge on the Internet.  I do not know these people but I am grateful that they exist.  I am grateful that they have assisted me and I am sure many have benefited.  To them, I am very thankful.

Reiki Sanctuary is now with a new face but I am still learning to make some little changes, here and there.  There are few things, out of my OCD, to perfect it (if there is ever such a thing!).  Somehow, I just do not know why, there is something about it that does not give me the satisfaction.  Along the way, I make few changes and settle with a modified Triton Blogger Template with Millenial Blue edited design background.

I still would like to play around with the Slider and the Post sections.  At the slider, I want to have modern 3D transitions.  At the Post, I want to have an embedded image background.  I still need to learn to make an image that fits in a browser without any image bleed.  As Is, when one views Reiki Sanctuary, The Blog in full screen, the image bleeds and those colorful squares no longer stays around the Header section.

I still need to learn to make the javascript works in Internet Explorer.  Right now, there are conflicting codes that corrupt the template.  There are missing items (particularly at the Header section):

How the Blog looks in Internet Explorer 9

In all fairness, I am thankful that I am going through the learning process.  I am thankful that the Universe does not take away the drive for me to learn new things.  I am thankful that she shows me the courage, the patience and the continued love for life.

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