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I enjoy writing. It relaxes me.
It makes me to take charge to nurture my mind and spirit.
It is far better than the burden of thinking and talking.
Writing is self discovery. Writing is a way towards my self-conviction:
I Become What I Think About. The Me I See, The Me I Will Be.

My writings are my way to communicate with the Universe.
They are my expressions of my inner voice. They are voices of my soul.
Often, they are about little prayers for my development, growth and well being.
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Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Big Bang

And how time flies. 

Today, as we are at the end of the year, 2015 has been a good wonderful year for me.  Hopefully, yours too. 

In the month of December, I have been telling my friends to end 2015 with a big bang.  It can be anything but it has to be something.  Something that bring the explosion of joy within.  Something that signify all things good that will continue and follow into the new year.  This 'something', in my humble opinion, is important.  It is important to the vibration of where we are today.  The energetic vibration that will shape 2016.

In my case, I was blessed and I thanked God for providing them.  I wanted to end 2015 with a good relaxing holidays.  Away from Reiki Sanctuary - not literally "away", but I wanted to relax my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Self.  Where I would wake up in the morning to have a good breakfast in a cozy environment and just soaked the day without any specific itineraries.  Where I could have the time for myself and not worrying about my OCD to clean and tidy the house.  I wanted to enjoy and to be pampered.

The hotel that I used to stay whenever I would be in Bangkok upgraded me to the Grand Suite.  That, was a lovely Big Bang!  It was unexpected especially when the Hotel was running full house in December.  It made me to feel very much "at home" for the intended purpose of how I wanted to end the year.  Everything felt right and everything was right. 

The Hotel Room ...

The Living Area  

The Bedroom

The Bathroom (This picture does not give justice to the actual thing)

In the twist of event, the Big Bang continued.  First, I was approached to do a house cleansing and to impart Tibetan Geomancy knowledge to a Thai house owner.  It was not part of my holiday itinerary.  This marked the continuity and the passion of what I had been doing.

Second, a Master friend whom did not know that I was in Bangkok messaged me only to find that I was there.  He was at Singapore Changi Airport going to Bangkok when he messaged.  We met and had a good chat.  It was enriching and I felt that I would only be moving forward in year 2016 in special ways.

To all my readers ..
To all my family members ...
To all my friends ...
To all souls that cross my path ...

Happy New Year to all
May 2016 make us better individuals
May we be blessed, may we loved and may we be embraced with joy and peace always

Love from Reiki Sanctuary

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Reiki Sanctuary in 2015

 photo 01A Main Entrance_zpsmbrxvz1u.jpg

It has been such a long while that I have been writing in this blog.  It has been almost a year that I allow myself just not to think about anything specific.  Though it has been a year long, my life has been going through many wonderful times.  There are many more good things that I remember than those that make me to feel down.  But, that does not mean that my life has been wonderfully perfect throughout.  I am still a human that goes through the up and down of life cycle.  Perhaps, it has been the way I think - that everything that is to happen to me has good reasons that follow.  Such, I do not dwell too much on any sad moments as they, very often, have more meaningful outcomes.

I believe that I have grown significantly since the last time I write in my blog.  With my absence here, I have been busy else where.  I believe I am spreading my works outside the blog to be more personal with others.  I do hope I am positively contributing to the lives of others, for them to be aware and becoming to be more aware.  Awareness, to me, is crucial as it opens doors to one's journey in his or her life.  It is about making life good and living a good life.

Though there are times that I want to write, my Higher Self directs myself to stay silent.  Perhaps, the Universe is guiding me into a journey inward, to find that solace and meaning, before it allows me to pen down the thoughts here.  Looking back, I believe it is good.  It is good as it makes me to stay neutral and just be the observer to all things good.  It is good because I will have a better understanding.  Being an observer, it creates opportunities for improvement.  It makes me to look around and to listen to my inner voice.  It gives me deeper understanding to validate what others think, feel or intend.  Above all, in the state of observation, I allow myself to a journey of curiosity to be a truth seeker.

How long more will I start to write again?  I guess, as the song goes, the answer is blowing in the wind (Bob Dylan - Blowin' In The Wind).  Till then, I hope you (my readers) will enjoy the pictures that I have just updated.  As usual, it is about my love for Reiki Sanctuary.  It is about honouring her that houses me to keep me safe all these seven years .. and counting.

Click Here to View Pictures of Reiki Sanctuary in Year 2015

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Take Away The Labels, Life Gets Easier To Live

Fill hate into the sub-conscious mind, you become hateful.  Fill it with revenge, you become revengeful.  Fill it with anger, you become angry.  Fill it with fear, you become fearful.  Fill it with 'I am not worth it', you become worthless.  Fill it with 'It is just wrong to (fill in the blank)’, your life shall be in denial.
As a matter of choice, when you fill love into the sub-conscious mind, you become love.  Fill it with accept, you become an accepting individuals.  Fill it with peace, you become peaceful.  Fill it with humbleness, you become humble.  Fill it with 'What I do is all good', success comes to those who truly believe it.
That's how we react to reality.  What we plant in our sub-conscious mind, when we internalize to feel on the energy of words, our body will become active creators.   Regardless of the language we speak or what we fill into the sub-conscious mind, words connect our reactions on a far deeper level.  Each word carries its own energetic vibration.  Each word has profound impact on the quality of our lives and on how we choose to live it.
Should you want a happy life, fill the sub-conscious with everything 'happy'.   Fill it with everything possible.  Any impossibility one feels is because the sub-conscious is not fed with 'I m possible'.
I believe that life is simple.  Because it is my strong conviction, the tapestry of my life continues to be woven.   This metaphor reveals itself as it unfolds in real time, that life is not always what it seems.  As in a tapestry work, when we view the back of a tapestry, it appears to be nothing more than a jumble of thread.  Just like the journey in life, it is tangled, frayed, occasionally knotted and seemingly random.  Nothing makes sense.  It is no wonder we can lose heart, give up and abandon our commitments.
It is the same as in any relationship, when life is about us to learn and to learn from each other, all unexpected turns and those up-s and down-s (which are the causes of differences).  However, when we turn a tapestry over, we see the rich colors, the texture and the patterns.  Likewise, when we focus on the good and beautiful things, that such astonishing beauty prevails.
We can choose the labels but do not let them to ruin at the beauty of life.  Instead, fill it with meaningful purpose that creates the joy to live for.  Life is simple when we make it so.  It becomes difficult when we live by someone else's judgement and yardstick.
 Bottom line, just as you finished reading the next sentence, quickly can you immediately conjure with a list of what do you really want?  Any successful individuals can do it.  They just know it.  They know (the) What and they know (the) How.

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