Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Feel The Earth Move

If you are to look back, at the month of June 2010, you would probably notice a rising amount of events  that can really come together or they can really come apart.  It is a period where we are led by our thoughts, both from our emotional and spiritual minds, towards connection and support within the web of life.  It is a period to heal the polarizations and imbalances of yester-years of who we have become today and to bring strategic alignment with our spiritual principals that will integrate our hearts, minds and divine source with our human societal frameworks.

Though the everyday events may be just another happening, and to some just another one-of-those-days, the occurrence of it now somehow affects deep into our vibratory emotional rate.  It affects at a conscious level to bring about awareness of the change.  It brings significant attitudinal changes and value shifts.  We desire for that change and to acquire a new learning process to strengthen and trust our hearts and intuitive channels over our ego-programmed mind-talk.  We will go through transformation and almost literally changed our identities and become a different person as a result.  To some, it is a rebirth from the darkness into a new evolution.

The heart center of Mother Earth has actually shifted and it affects us very subtly but surely.  Our soul feels it.  And so is the soul of Mother Earth.  June 26, 2010 is just the climax and the beginning for the cross of rebirth.  It is the day where some called it a Cardinal T-Cross, Grand Cross and/or Grand Square.  Regardless of what and how it is called and why it is called such, it is a noteworthy natural spectacle - a partial lunar eclipse that took place during the astronomical alignment and geometrical configurations of other planets and constellations.  Wikipedia describes June 2010 Lunar Eclipse as:

"A partial lunar eclipse took place today, June 26, 2010, the first of two lunar eclipses in 2010. At maximum eclipse 53.7% of the moon was covered by the earth's shadow.

This eclipse preceeds by two weeks the total Solar eclipse of July 11, 2010 over the south pacific.

The next total lunar eclipse, visible over North and South America, will occur six months later, on December 21, 2010.

This eclipse is a part of Lunar Saros 120 series, repeating every 18 years and 10 days, last occurring on June 15, 1992, and will next repeat on July 6, 2028. This series is winding down: The final total eclipse of this series was on May 14, 1938 and the final partial lunar eclipse will be on July 28, 2064."

What makes June 2010 different is the consequential result of the magnetic grid shift of Mother Earth.  It coincides with the longest summer solstice of the Northern Hemisphere.  Spiritually, this year the solstice has been regarded to be extra special - as it happens with the Cardinal T-Cross, where the collective human consciousness is changing and rising.  In the West, the ancient cultures have always regarded the occurrences of solstice as an event for new beginnings and it is considered a sacred time of the year.

For those who are familiar with Kryon, the magnetic grid system and fields on our planet have been created.  It was balanced and re-balanced to match the physical vibrations of our evolving planet.  Mother Earth had gone through a magnetic tilt sometime in 1989.  Scientists acknowledged this subtle change in our magnetic fields through the shifts in the multiple flips of north and south polarity of Mother Earth's soil strata.

The consequence resulting from Kryon's magnetic service will affect our biological health and fine-tuning our spiritual consciousness to fit within our spiritual scheme.

In the context of human consciousness, June 2010 is a period for mental transformation and transmutation where we are, directly and indirectly, engaged into a fabric wave of manifestation.  It gives rise for humans for balanced enlightenment to exist and live.  Somehow, it makes us to do things that we hardly have thought about.  Or, will be going through attitudinal changes and value shifts.  Just for the month of June, I experienced a shared healing process of:

Focussed Healing

A 'call' from a group of friends - whom I have never thought would consider doing spiritual healing and meditations, to bring forth the awareness into them about these topics.  Healing amongst them had taken place where we did a group meditation together.  There was a renewed desire to look inward and to heal the soul from within.  There was a need to reach out for self-love for joy and peace.  There was an attractions for the metaphysical laws of the universe.

And for one, a Reiki healing attunement was strongly desired to be performed. 

Personal Harmony

A friend who could just give-up her deep passion for the game of mahjong.  It surprised many of us.  For a person whom had played the game for so many years and who will play mahjong every other day, the decision to stop was viewed as a visible connection towards something personal.  What probably could be internalized in her as 'bad', the Universe just showed the solution towards her personal harmony; the emotional vibration to bring forth peace within.

Law of Vacuum

There was a renewed awakening in another friend to bring about biological health through house spring-cleaning.  Where being tidy had never been a top priority, going back to scratch-and-basic and a tidy and neat environment re-emerged with a consciousness alteration for Law of Vacuum to take place.

The Law of Vacuum is about to make room for abundance (in health, in wealth, in spiritual consciousness) in one's life; it is a matter of getting rid of the old and unwanted things, and energies, that we do not want and no longer served us the purpose.  The vacuum effect simply asks us to let go - if we have tons of things and old energies surrounding us and we are holding onto them because we are afraid of losing them, we cannot make any new room in our life for more good things to come in.

I have another friend who did exactly this too.  Timing was just right.  A friend wrote:

For your info, during May 10, XXXXX invited me to her place for the first time for dinner ... My goodness, the house was really messy then, so while she was preparing dinner, I trusted my instinct and offered to help her shift some things in the sitting room. In fact, she admitted that it was very difficult for her emotionally to clear the stuff becos she was still grieving the passing of her mom. So she gladly accepted my boost of energy to get the clearing started ... throughout the evening, I helped her to clear her master-bedroom too ... and offered to pay for a new set of cushion and covers so that the whole house can have a more consistent colour scheme instead of clashing array of colours. But later, I thought it would be more meaningful if she could be engaged in an energy exchange as well as kick-start her to be the Master again: so I proposed for her to teach the Healing Attunement as well as Psychic Surgery to my Mastership class, which she accepted quite readily!!

I think XXXXX will go far ... she is already planning to host healing sessions or gatherings when the house is ready!!! So we got another alternative venue to gather in the near future.

The Rebirth Of Indigo Purpose

Love is power.  In the promise of the Universe, I witnessed the love connections of two Indigo Children whom I have cared for the last few years.  Their reunion gave an understanding on the meaning of 'God-Source'.  Their reunion came just in time before 26 June.  Together, they shared hands-on ways to connect and grow as they learn and play, working on dreams and life purpose.

Indigo Children are 'aliens' here on Mother Earth, incarnating in human bodies.  Some have been here just before the magnetic tilt of our planet, and many more will arrive, to help humankind.  But before such a grandeur task could be done, those Indigo Children need to go back to their true self and not stuck with earthly conditionings.  They are to heal us to experience love, the experience of God.  They will teach us love is not a word, or just a feeling, but an energy and power source.

Indigo Children will guide us to realize on our thought process.  The real thoughts of love and that will transfigure joy.  The love God-Source is the power that we will receive when we call upon God for anything.

The Freak Weather

In Singapore, and for an unusual event, we experienced heavy rain that caused the Orchard Road Floods in just three hours on 16 June.  About 101mm of rain fell in the central parts of Singapore between 8 and 11 a.m.  That was more than 60 per cent of the average monthly rainfall for June, an amount equivalent to about 60 Olympic swimming pools.  It surprised many Singaporeans.  It was almost unimaginable.

Elsewhere, we heard of floods in France, in China, In Myanmar and in Europe.  A google on 'floods June 2010' will produce many search results.


The Cardinal T-Cross, The Partial Lunar Eclipse and The Summer Solstice are The Gift for us to experience.  It is our new right.  It is for us to own it to bring in joy and peace to walk through what is to come ahead.  Love is ever so appropriate now to use in the context of the feeling.  In the words of Kryon, "It is the feeling of a loving parent who takes care of all your needs.  It is the feeling of a loving friend or mate who loves you unconditionally.  It has substance and is thick.  It is the loving arms of God.  It can actually be seen by some.  It is of singular source, and is unique in the Universe.  It belongs to us all, and is our personal source and our gift all at the same time."

Let me end this writing to quote from a greeting from a friend related to such event:

.. it presents a golden opportunity to change (for the better, of course): we can harness the high energy of this period to propel us in areas of our lives where we need a boost in order to achieve a breakthrough! 

But do be very aware of the quality of your thoughts though, lest those thoughts manifest quickly into your reality!!!

Just for the moment  ... let go of ALL your anger and frustration
(Why carry those sharp blades/points and fire in your heart and mind??!! You end up hurting yourself more)

Just for the moment ... let go of ALL your worries
(Why carry those burden of something which may not happen on your shoulders??! The weight is so bloody heavy leh! Are you tired??!)

Just for the moment ... let go of ALL your aches and pains: physical,
emotional, mental ...

Just for the moment ,,, BE thankful in your heart for all the blessings in your life, Big or Small  ... a little gratitude can be a spark which can burst into fireworks of joy in your heart ... feel the feathery happiness tickling your heart and feel your facial muscles relax into a broad cheshire-cat smile)

Just for the moment ... Do something nice for your neighbour: offer a handshake, a pat on the shoulder, a friendly nod, some food, or a compliment!

Enjoy the thought that you have the power to make a nice difference to a fellow
inhabitant on Earth!

By now, do you feel a tingling in your heart, stirring you to charge forth in your life, and lift the vibration of all around you now???!! I certainly hope my wave of optimism has managed to do the trick!!!

Seize the day ... enjoy the blessing.

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