Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Calling Wisdom

Life at its best is when we are able to still our mind.  To be in nothingness yet be in being.  To be grounded in the present; returning to now.  We have to have nothing to have something.  Lao Tzu, a chinese philosopher, quoted "To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders'.  It is an essential step toward inner peace and greater consciousness.

When nothing else matters but just to be in the present - the nowness.  To live life with an attitude of no expectations.  Without formal identity.  Without the need to associate our existence and who-and-what we are. Not affected by the sound of the traffic that drowns our tranquility.  Not bothered of where we are and who we are with.  Nor the rain or the heat of the sun that shows no mercy where our days or nights might be spent in vain.  Not wealth, nor health nor learning.

Our minds are often scattered with logical and analytical conditioning to remember and track that we are unable to see the birds that just flew by.  We don't see the eyes of our loved ones when we are with them.  We don't hear the beat of a loving heart through the words of love from our parents, brothers and sisters, friends and so on.  We don't feel the joy when our needs are satisfied. We don't see the sunset or the full moon.
We go about life with expectations which are often not fulfilled.  We have the constant obligations to make ourselves what we are.  We make every attempts to change things in any way possible, often with judgement and often calling it good or bad.

Free of expectations and we will just go with the flow of the Universe.  We become less affected by the outcomes.  Expectations create fear.

When we make every single thing into consideration, all that we are really doing is to open the door for frustration, anger, jealousy and hate.  Our perception will usually put us in the position where we are not having enough of everything.  It only leads us down a road of disappointment eventually.

There is a purpose to everything.  Our existence and all the nature around us serve an interconnected purpose.  The spring water from the mountain serves its purpose to a thirsty traveler.  But this spring water is not there with the intention of refreshing thirsty travelers.

We need to open our mind to practice mindfulness.  It is better to become a Buddha than to be a Buddhist.  It is better to be Mohammad than to be a Muslim.  It is better to be Jesus than to be a Christian.  When we think all the time, we will never experience the true nature of our existence.  Of what wisdom can bring.  Of inner peace and the beautiful energy of highest vibration.  Of Joy and the the qualities of unconditional love.

It is better to be quiet than loud.  Talking more and loud clouds the little things that we can take notice when we are quiet.  When we talk all the time, we won't be able to hear what anyone else has to say.

It is what in the mind and our heart that makes the difference to find mindfulness in all parts of our life.  It is less religion and more practice.  It is less search for knowledge but utilise more of what we have already learned.  It is internalizing wisdom rather than aimlessly calling for it.  It is about living a wise and healthy and compassionate inner life.  It is about a call for a systematic exploration for the inner self towards the God-Source.

The call of (and to) wisdom is to foster a positive attitude.  Of knowing what does consciousness rest upon.  Of who-am-I beyond the 'I', the center of our consciousness and the center of our will.  On trusting for a blessed life, without limits.  For a soul to live his life with love and joy.  For a heart of a man to accept his conditioning.  Life is not about God-and-me alone but also with our relationship with other people and the vast nature of energies around us.

The spiritual life is a call to be in transformation, to become our true self.  To accept and understand that we are just a small part of the big thing.  That we go with each other, interconnected in one vast vibratory pattern.  We must have an openness to growth and change.  Every breath is a process.  Every breath is a life.  The virtue of wisdom is that it cannot deteriorate; its flaw is that it cannot improve.

Still the mind is a powerful transformation, a call of wisdom, for us to discover simple ways of getting out of our mental trap that we have created for ourselves.  We live a life become slaves to all our recurring patterns in an endless stream of thought processes.  We analyze every possibilities to everything; we create fear for the future and we live in regrets to our past.  Today is often not well lived.

Practicing the art of meditation can help to minimize the non-stop chatter that goes inside our mind.  It helps us to 'stop' thinking and start experiencing life, and to get us back to sanity and to the reality of the world.  In meditation, we would discover a state of consciousness.  We heal our inner self and are connecting - or reconnecting, with universal consciousness of wisdom.

Wisdom Call
Calling Wisdom

I am making a call here for anyone who wishes to connect and reconnect with peace and calmness to spend sometime during the day on Sunday, 11 July 2010 to meditate.  Or just sit calmly and immerse in a space of re-balancing and re-calibration of our energetic body with the Universe.  Spend at least half hour just to be with your soul, protecting your auric field and carefully consider your thoughts and actions.

What we are going to experience on 11 July 2010 is the solar eclipse.  Together with the full moon lunar eclipse on 26 June and the Cardinal T-Cross, this date and event represent an extremely rare and extra-ordinarily unique frequency that can offer a template of magnanimous change.

Many of us, for the past months, have experienced the energy building up within us and our surrounding.  We have symptoms or behaviours such as sleepless nights, lethargy, unexplainable anger or depression, bouts of high activities followed by complete inertia, isolation of oneself and feeling unhappy about doing certain tasks.  The list goes on.

On this date, 11 July 2010, be with your soul to pray for positive growth.  We have been blessed to pass through this period that has been packed with opportunities for inner growth and transformation.  This is the time for our soul wisdom to emerge from our cellular memory and be that voice that will guide us towards experiencing more love and joy.

Together, we shall pray for deep clearing and releasing of energies, especially emotions which are no longer serving our higher purpose.  May we be uplifted and motivated to weave new dreams, explore new possibilities and step onto new paths more aligned with our soul mission.

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