Saturday, November 13, 2010

We Are Not Stupid

I am a believer that we are all born with some form of intelligence.  We are not really stupid.  Our mind is a naturalist.  No matter what circumstances and of no matter the potentiality of the thoughts, we are gifted with life force.  The life force body is the flow of God, the Creator, in us.  It gives life to our physical body. It channels the life force energy to our mental, emotional and spiritual minds.

Alright, there is a degree of difference in each of us.  We as humans are not very specialized.  We, in general, do not do much of anything well.  But, that does not warrant us to be labelled 'no brainer'.  Despite the big role that genetic plays in determining intelligence, social and environmnetal factors can have an important influence too.

It is believed, through research, that genetics can account for 75% of our adult intelligence, with the environment being responsible for the remaining 25%.  Our social environment plays an important role in the development of our intelligence.  Geniuses are not only born but they can be made too.  Spiritual masters are not instant Buddha at birth but fully developed through realization of their intellectual abilities towards consciousness

Each of us is unique.  We have a set of finger prints that are unique, even for identical twins.  I understand that no two people can have the exact same prints; no two people can have an exact replica of each other's DNA too.

For the least, all of us can think.  And, we think we can think.  We are the ultimate generalists.  We can do a little of everything.  However, we are vastly varied but we can train ourselves to anything.

With training, we develop knowledge.  With training, we stretch our full potential, in our genes, to become a better person.  We take advantage of our skills.  Intelligence is an obvious successful evolutionary adaptation and survival strategy for humans.  We learn more about ourselves.   Connecting with our higher self provides a sense of knowing as we attune to a higher dimension.  Ideally, we should always reclaim our brain for further growth in life.

There's a common saying "a person is known by the company he keeps."  It sets the path for our IQ and EQ.  The 'Just Is' life easily absorbs vibrations emanating from the thoughts and activities of the events and people it associates with.  The company of thieves could make one think and act like a thief.  Whereas, the company of saintly and spiritual people could well influence the mind to emulate their awareness and consious thoughts and activities.

Learning can be fun only if we have the learning objective.  But when one's mind is already half filled with negativity, not wanting to improve, the learning process takes a little longer to accomplish.

Currently, I am in this situation.  It truly makes me to reflect the attitude of some of my recent students in my healing seminar.  Together, we are in a situation where we half closed the door to address for our onward personal growth.  We are too embroil with our past.  The past that has comforted us to be what and who we are today.

I must admit, after about two weeks with Apple's Macintosh, I am still struggling in the dark.  A lot of frustration comes at me every day as I sit down infront of this wonderful 27" iMac LCD.  The Apple support Switch 101 does not help much either.  Perhaps, I am too much a Microsoft person.

My students and me, obviously, have some bearing to accept something new.  Change, indeed, takes a little resistance.  For them, it is about breaking through towards living with their Higher Self.  About separating the body, mind and spirit and reaching for liberation from the self.  About constantly to bring forth consciousness with the daily experiences of self.

For me, it is about fighting a good fight to acquaint myself with Macintosh stuffs.  It is about shifting into a paradigm "when in Rome, be a Roman".  Truth is, it is kinda hard when I am already a hardcore PC enthusiast.  For the record, it is not so much that I am a PC loyalist.

The good thing about us, however, we take it, like the saying, "one failure is just a test away from being success".  Fact is, the energy that creates great ideas also creates errors.  Such should be the philosophy to all of us - when we think we are reasonable enough, we should adapt ourselves to the world.  Afterall, the only thing that is certain in life is that there are no certainties.  There are no boundaries.

For now, let me voice a little of my frustrations.  It will make me feel better.

The Hardware

With PC, I am in control of the DVD rom with its eject button.  I appreciate  Apple for its aesthetic but it leaves me with nightmare to eject the DVD during the Boot Camp's Windows 7 installation.  Eject is not manual but software driven.

Boot Camp is Apple.  It is a utility used for Windows installation in Mac operating system making it a dual boot operating system.  The only reason I am doing it is software driven.  There are just too many softwares written for windows than for Mac.

Dual Boot on Start-up

Mac hardware is robust for beauty.  Everthing about it, the built-in LCD, processor and memory and storage devices, webcam and mic, USB and Ethernet, is trimly fitted.  However, PC hardware can be a personal triumph.  With PC, you can pick and choose to fit your needs, and budget.

And just look at its wireless keyboard and the Magic mouse - Stylish and fashionable. For S$98 each, the keyboard lacks ergonomics. And, it short off some significant keys. There are no Home, End, PgUp, PgDown buttons. Well, I am fine without the PgUp or PgDown, but to do away with Home and End drive me crazy typing a simple document.

The mouse is somehow small for my big fat hand! Though it is kinda cool, it tires my whole hand after awhile.

What a stylish gadget but lack ergonomics

Sidetrack a little -- Geez, have just found out that the color of BootCamp on start-up is identical to the background color of my blog.  Synchronicity!, Watch My Thought?!  The power of Law of Attractions and Vibrations has had been planted sometime back without my realization.

The Software

The one thing that I notice about Mac OS, and in my own opinion, it just does not trust end users.  Mac acts like a parent that wants to protect the child, forever.  With Windows, you are allowed to Cut and Paste the whole folder and move it to where you want it to be.  Windows makes this task very easy.

With Mac, you can't just do that.  You need to Copy and Paste instead.  To Cut and Paste is not an option.  In another word, you are actually duplicating and utilizing more storage space for having a second identical folder.  Mac, as I found out, is protecting users for losing data.  Mac suggests, for such task, to delete the original folder only when Paste is done.

Like a good parent, Mac does not show the progress of your downloads.  Perhaps, it is better for end users not to know?  Unlike Windows, it always shows the download bar and its progress.

Another thing that kinda annoys me is the 'Mac trailers'.  Mac leaves all kinds of computing files after I plugged out my thumbdrive, or my external hard drive.  I wonder at the rational for such thing?

The annoying "Mac Trailers" that will just leave the marks everywhere it wants!

Mac is not made for torrents.  For the same machine,  the (almost) same settings, the same torrent file, Windows will leap and bound.  Mac, on  contrary, crawls!

It is going to take sometime for me to become productive and progressive.  Personally, that goal makes a huge deal.  Why so?  Obviously, it has to do with my attitude for knowledge.  For computing is something that I enjoy doing most.  The internet has provided me the broad range of interests which invoke much of my mental, physical, social and emotional.

Computers and computing are stimulating environmental conditions with great capacity to allow an individual to change.  They enhance the brain's ability to visualize and transform objects in space and time.

Apple Macintosh is keeping me up with challenges.  It is affecting my predisposition to learn and develop.  Afterall, computers will likely remain a necessity for most of us.

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