Sunday, November 07, 2010

Watch Your Thoughts

I become what I think about.

There's a long quote to what I am about to write.  And, for those who believe in the Law of Repetition, internalize it.  Here, the Law of Repetition is about citing these power phrases, to be affirmed, so that they 'become' us.

"Watch my thoughts, for they become words.
Watch my words, for they become actions.
Watch my actions, for they become habits.
Watch my habits, for they become character.
Watch my character, for it becomes MY destiny."

(How To Use the Law of Repetition :-  You just have to keep repeating the phrases and feel them in your heart)

It is just so true that all our thoughts lead on to purposes.  It is just a matter of realizing, and be conscious of, the results.  I believe such is the moral construction of the world.  That whatever we think in our mind, giving the idea into a dominant thought, will soon materialize.  The seed of what we sow produces the fruits in time.

The Law of Dominant Thought creates who we are from the way we think.  We become what we think about.  When we want to be positive, we have to plant positive seeds in our mind and make it into a structured cluster of dominant thoughts.  We have to internalize it deep and permanently ingrained the energy into our sub conscious mind.

Our mind cannot discern between reality and fiction.  It will simply just act on it.  Whether our thoughts are positive or negative, our mind will act on them.   When too much negative thought processes are being stored, we just tend to become negative.  Likewise, a positive person is an individual that is usually happy and successful.  When we think positive, we become positive.  When we think negative, we become negative.

Fundamentally, what we put into our sub-conscious will ultimately become our personality, our character, our attitude.  What we focus on expands.  We are the sum total of all our thoughts.  Our dominant thoughts create the life we have lived up to this point and will create our futures as well.

All of us grew up creating dominant thoughts, whether we realized it or not.  We formed a belief system.  Unfortunately, this system consumes too much in us that we resigned our life to fate.  Thing is, half hearted or fleeting thoughts will not bring about the desired intent.  Only a thought that consumes us, that dominates our waking moments, is strong enough to make it become a reality.

Words are energy; thoughts are things.  They carry powerful vibrations.  When we pass out a thought, an energy is being transmitted to effect us and transform the Universe.  Simply, it is just the Law of Attractions and Vibrations at work.  A thought captures one's intention and the defines it so appropriately.  It says, "intention is conception of a thing formed first by the direct application of the mind to the individual object, idea or image.  It is a stretching or bending of the mind toward an object."

I have seen how such a 'destiny' is being created; how thoughts manifest themselves and shape the results.  We are actually creating our world through actively internalizing every thought patterns.

It is good, at this point, to understand that life is 'Just Is'.  We are made to make it good.  There are reasons for everything and everything lies from what we believe in.  It is our thought process that separates good from evil.  He who loves love progresses, he who hates it declines.

Thoughts are electrical impulses and if a thought is strong enough, it can reach out into the quantum field which is also made up of various light vibrations.  Again, I am just going to repeat myself - it is just a matter of realizing the outcome.  I am a believer that our thoughts shape our reality.

I have friends that take this concept negatively and literally take it as a joke.  Perhaps, they have not come to connect their thoughts with their reality.  Perhaps, they often dismiss the results of their 'destiny' as an act of God and fate but not from their own thought processes.

Fundamentally, everything in the Universe is somehow connected even though we cannot see that connection.  Like attracts like and this is a fact.  It takes our higher awareness to realize it.  We tend to think that life is just a series of co-incidences.  We want to think that life events are pre-destined.

Weirdly, this is not another mambo jumbo.  It is not another New Age hocus pocus.  This principle has been around for ages.  Perhaps, understanding the works of Dr Masaru Emoto might bring light here.

Dr Emoto did a series of studies with water and intentions (thoughts).  He took pictures of water before and after with people passing a either positive or negative thought.  Water that received positive thoughts morphed into beautiful crystalline structures.

You, my readers, may want to read more -  Message From Water

Imagine, if our thoughts can do such things to water, what shall be the impact of our thoughts on our lives?

Thing is, when we want to think a thought can work, it just works.  Likewise, when we want to think that a thought won't work, it just simply does not work.  It lies with how we want to think; do we see a glass as half full or half empty.

Perhaps, I am open to receiving.  I believe that I am worthy and deserving of receiving my thoughts.  In my recent post, Evolution I decided on a thought to transform my PC Windows 7 into a Mac Operating System, which I eventually did. 

It started with a visit to an Apple Store.  First, I felt for iMac 27-inch large LCD.  Then, as I played with the display set, I liked the overall hardware - from the hardware compact devices and keyboard to the wireless mouse.  Slowly, an idea kept playing in my mind how tidy the system was.  I thought how neat my desktop shall be without all the electrical wires and my existing big CPU casing.

The Universe has just a way to connect with us.  It never abandons us.  What we focus on in our mind is ultimately reflected in our reality.  What transpired my visit to the Apple Store was a subtle energy that eventually unblocked and manifested itself.  No, I was not obsessed to own an iMac but I really won't mind to own a large 27-inch LCD monitor.

The other day, the Universe came to deliver my reality.  It allowed my desires to unfold in the perfect time and manner.  Next to the Law of Attractions and Vibrations, energetically it set off the Law of Process to the timeline.  Suddenly, one of our PC was giving problem.  The same day, and out of the blue, a friend was asking me about iMac.

The Universe had spoken.  It made me to think about synchronicity.  It probably tested me to wake my higher consciousness.  It was asking for my acceptance whether to believe in our co-creation of thoughts and reality.  I could either set empowering and positive thoughts or let the negative influences of the world shape it for me.

The new gadget in Reiki Sanctuary

I guess I have chosen to get connected with my wishful desire.  I am now a Mac user.  It is another evolution.  For the last few days, I am back to learning something new.  Learning to think 'Apple'.  And that is what life is all about.  We are to go on to learn new things to far widen our knowledge.  For us to be kept in harmony with the world around.  For abundance to open every doors.

Will I give up Windows 7 and forsake PC?  The answer is no.  While learning is lifelong, I would balance my timeline to install Windows 7 in iMac.  For now, I am filled with gratitude for new opportunity, for embracing the 'Just Is'.

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