Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Soul Shifts

The God in me greets the God in you.

The beautiful thing about The Serenity Prayer written by the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, it is to remind us how fragile we can be as an individual.  We are not that perfect beings who, to some, may think we are.  Having said that, Yes!, we are given the gifts of God to create our reality according to our beliefs.  When we know we want it, we have it.  There are no limitations to the self except those we believe in.

I like it best if only I can keep reminding myself on this beautiful Serenity Prayer everyday.  With greater awareness.  With profound consciousness.  That, I shall pass through the day, everyday, with open eyes.  That, I shall pass through the day, everyday, with an acceptance that I make mistakes in life.  That, I will keep to make mistakes.  That, I am not perfect.  That, I am not as smart as I would like to think.

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, 
the courage to change the things I can, 
and the wisdom to know the difference."

The Spiral of Life

Mistakes are inevitable and they are, supposedly, be our learning lessons towards wisdom.  We tend to learn wisdom from failure much more than from success.   They are discovered through our sorrows, our fears, our anger, our disappointments.  We often discover what will do by finding out what will not do.  If only we learn to embrace these negative energies as the shining light, as the lamp posts, they shall be the door to open towards our wellness for our higher self.  If only we keep on reminding ourselves that we are capable of failures for something good in return.

Every issue, every belief, every attitude or assumption is precisely the issue that stands between us and our relationship to another human being.  And between us and ourselves.  When we depend on someone for our happiness, we are becoming a slave.  We are becoming dependent.  We are creating a bondage.

The thing is, it is how we want to view ourselves.  Are we a giver, the taker or just another intimidator?  We must constantly be aware with the wheels of life.  We go through the ups and downs so that we can understand the process of life energy.  There is a place for reflection and there is another for breeding our ego.  We must be conscious of our control dramas in life.  Ultimately, we must learn to gain energy from the Universal Source.

We should learn not to force anything; let life be a deep let go.  It is just how we learn to see the beauty with the nature - millions of flowers are opened without forcing the buds every day.

We react to situations in life based on our experiences.  Based on our perception.  When something strikes us as beautiful, it displays more presence and sharpness.  It stands out.  It shines.  In contrast, when something not so good strikes us, we become disconnected.  There is judgement and disappointment.  We cannot seem to disentangle our negative perception towards the larger source of purpose.  Much often, we have cut ourselves off and so have felt weak, insecure and lacking.

When a person engages another in a conversation, one of two things can happen - That person can come away feeling stronger or weaker.  The subconscious mind prepares ourselves to say whatever we must in order to prevail in the conversation.  Then, there is a subtle feeling where each of us will seek to find some way to control and thus remain on top in the encounter.  If we are successful, if our viewpoint prevails, we receive a psychological boost.

Often, little that we realize that we are in a constant hunt for someone else's energy.  We move along in life where we keep telling ourselves that the fittest survives.  We fill up at the other's expense and the filling up is what motivates us.  Our particular style of controlling, as we have to realize it, is one we learned from our childhood to get attention.  To get for our personality to be accepted.

We must learn to gain insight from another.  When we decide on a choice to interact with the social mass, we must learn to sit back and listen.  We must learn to accept all the good and not-so-good.  When a finger is pointing out, there are four remaining fingers seeking for our soul shifts towards reflection.  A change can only be felt when we change within.

When we want to see change, we need to shift the paradigm and to open our consciousness.  Change will not happen when we are not going to shift that paradigm nor change our perception.  When we are not going to shift our consciousness, and awareness, we lose the sense of appreciation.  Only when we learn to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of things, to accept and receive the energy as it comes, we open the path to our real identity.

Finding our true self, our real identity, we need to review on our life patterns.  We need to observe for the repetitive experiences that have kept us from our energy conflicts.  There is a problem should we keep falling into the pits for self pity.  Where negative event keeps going in circle.

There is a bigger problem should we are unable to accept the beauty in life.  When we look closely at all the things that have happened to us since birth, if we view our life as one story, we will be able to see how we have been working on this pattern all along.

Our daily thoughts, the daily happenings and experiences, carry important messages.  We just need to recognize them.  To do so, we need to take an observer position.  Only when we are ready to accept, when we pay a little bit more attention and taking it from the observer position and from an untroubled spirit, the story of these messages become the story of purpose to our life.

Self knowledge and self improvement are very difficult for most people.  It usually needs great courage and long struggle before we could chance on the realization.  The truth about our spiritual mission is as important as the evolution of the Universe itself.  Once we learn what life is about, there is no way to erase the knowledge.  When we try to do something else with our life, we will always sense that we are missing something.

Do we feel love everyday?  We are souls that contain the potential for everything within us.  Until we can understand that nothing can happen to us, nothing can ever come to us or be kept away, love alone can unite living beings .  It embraces the totality of men and of the earth.  We just have to stay conscious of this process in order for it to work.  This is especially important when we interact with another.  We just have to stay full, stay in a state of love.

It is not a surprise that all the answers to our life questions come to us from other people.  However, the first rule is to keep our heart away from judgement.  Have an open mind, have an open heart.  We must, in order for the answers to be received, keep projecting positive energy into that person to help us to see about the truth.  We must honour this interpersonal ethic and treat others with love and respect.  How we approach other people determines how we evolve.  Subsequently, how quickly our life questions can be answered.

When we appreciate the shape and demeanor of another person, the more we appreciate their wholeness and their inner beauty, we are taking in the positive.  When we attack apparent negativity with negativity, we merely feed and inflame the source.  We should focus to live life with love, or at least to send kind thoughts to everything.  Doing so, it will change our life events before our very eyes.

Our being changes as our vibrations change.  There is little sense in attempting to change external conditions.  We must first change inner beliefs then outer conditions will change accordingly.

The best thing that can ever happen to us is to love life, to love it even while we think we suffer.  Because life is ALL.  We may not know what our destiny will be but the one thing that I do believe is, the only ones among us who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.

In the words of David Jansen, 'People with high self esteem have it because they have overcome their failures.  They have been put to the test of life, overcome the problems and grown'.

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