Sunday, June 10, 2012

I Love What I Do

Ego, when it is left unattended, deforms the growth of our soul.  It blacks out our light towards higher consciousness.

Passion is not a burden nor it is a form of occupation.  Nor does passion should be about asserting to demonstrate or showing of strength.  A passion has to be real, it has to be a want to manifest a real life goal and a real life means to achieve it.  Passion has to come from within, from the soul's deep desire towards something big and beautiful.  It has to be done with calm yet assertive appetite.  

The idea that we choose our passion is an article of faith.  It is about going inward into our soul to discover the person we want to be.  A person who has passion for technology excels himself to its application of practical science.  A person who has passion in mastering food becomes a skilled chef.  A person who has passion for life seeks spiritual meanings and purposes.  It is about gearing ourselves up to the possibility of BEing and consciousness.  Passion is a pattern of movement and behavior in a single consciousness.  Above all, it is a revelation to the essence of our existence.

When we create passion, it opens a path of self discovery.  It empowers the BEing of who we shall become.  Passion is a gift of the spirit combined with the totality of all the experiences we have lived through.  It endows each of us with the power to live.  I have found that, some of the most amazing times that I have experienced, has been with my passion of what I love in what I do when I do not have a specific agenda.

In my work helping out people so that they could inspire themselves, drives me to give the best.  This 'best' is about expanding the energy that comes from bringing more of me into what I do.  It is a composition of the mind, body and spirit to work together to create, develop and manifest values, ideas and feelings.  It is like putting ourselves in alignment with our Higher Self to who we truly are and getting wonderful energy from doing it.  It is like the water flowing along its natural river bed flowing out to energize everything that it comes in contact with.

Recently, a friend asked me what is my passion in life?  Why do I have so much energy to motivate others?  What is it that brings more of me into what I do?

I am just an ordinary person.  Still having the swings of high and low moods.  I am still capable to run from personal problems to avoid being hurt.  I am still capable to let my emotions to run amok that potentially end in pain.  I am still capable to allow my mind to judge others and risk trusts and confidences.  Simply, I am still that ordinary person who struggles to separate what is and what really is.

I guess, for the fact that this friend sees another side of me, has to do with my desire and intensity towards life.  It has to do with the way I pray to God and engage myself.  I always believe that when I take seriously that the kingdom of God is within me, everything changes.  All that I need to be aware is just to do the best I can to evolve.  To me, my soul is my deepest consciousness, the source of my awareness.  To me, one passion can be made into many consciousness, makes many flames and many waves.

I have great passion towards the creation for a beautiful and meaningful life.  I always believe that we need to live life with meaning.  We need to breathe life yet to understand the ripple effects that come with it.  We need to define its existence and provide purpose.  We need to, consistently, take a leap of faith and immerse ourselves with joys and motivations.

Life, the way I see it, should shape our existence.  It should fuel the fires of inspiration and makes the heart and mind open to changes all around us.  It is food for our soul, a spark that illuminates our purpose and mission for being here.  But one needs to understand that purposes are not permanent, nothing is.  We just need to have a purpose to create a purpose to become what we are here for and in accordance with our internal state and needs.

Life, at its best, should bring out what we most fear and yet ends with what we most dream of.  There must always be a time for love, ideals, goals, growing confidence and the excitement of taking flight.  We should always walk a life and making bridges.  Individually, we should make the connection between our inner and outer life.

My experience shows me that passion has to be holistic.  This way, it embraces my vision of myself and opens the path to a lifetime of personal growth.  Every step of my passion towards life depends on one thing:  self-awareness.  Whatever I can do to facilitate others in their expansion of consciousness, or even for myself, is a step toward passion.

I am a believer that each of us is Love.  In my previous writing, Love Is A Process of Growth, I wrote "It is what we do to it (Love) that makes the difference in the way it manifests".  We just need to have the passion to let it grow positively.  We need to allow this birth right, that is within us, to scale higher and fill every cells of our mental, emotional, psychical and spiritual being.  Importantly, we need to respect every other BEing around us.

It is always important for me to put a sense of BEing in someone.  It is always important for me to put a sense of BEing in me.  It is not about correcting a way of life but to provide a will to live.  I love to motivate people and provide the consciousness about life.  I love to inspire others to go in their right direction to sync with their wants and desires.  To lead a successful life is not meant for a select few; success belongs to all of us so long we are conscious of our being.

I love to talk about life.  Be it about sadness or happiness, sufferings or enjoyments, confusion or enlightenment, guilts or honours.  Afterall, life is a myriad of colors and of territories to discover.  We all learn from each other.  Though we have our own purpose in life, the lessons that we learn opens the door for our self discovery.  Hopefully, it shall also turn out to bring lights of what and who our souls are.

We just have to move forward and lead our lives according to a rich complexity of desires, duties, personal bond, inclinations, accidental happenings and deliberate plans.  Everyday, we should emerge from the entanglements of our past.  We should create the now-ness for a new and good future.  Everyday, we are to make our own decisions and do the best to shape our own existence.  Life is more than the destiny that we might have thought predetermined from the day we were born.

To simply answer my friend:-

To emerge as a new human being, one that recognizes his passion (any sort of passions), is not as simple as breaking out of a cocoon and spreading the wings.  There are many levels and dimensions.  Importantly, we just have to live and be aware of our path and have faith in ourselves.

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