Saturday, May 12, 2012

12 Simple Arts of Home-Keeping

Take responsibility and own what was spoken; denial and brushing off your words only reflect your own character, faith and trust in yourself - not forgetting what others think of you.

In a recent email received from a friend, I find a good number of useful and practical tips.  I must admit that I have never thought of such tips nor have I used them before.  To this friend, "Thank You" for the email.  I have decided to blog it so it can be shared around.

This entry should accompany with the one recently wrote - The Simple Arts of Home-Keeping.

The Useful Tips:

Using comb to hold the nail while hammering

Rub walnuts over scratches in wood to cover them

Use bread bag clips to label electrical cords

A glass bowl makes a great amplifier for an iPhone

Cardboard tubes (Toilet roll) work great for organizing cords

Use a wooden spoon to prevent water from over boiling

Use a can opener to safely open those pesky plastic packages

Wrap Christmas lights around a clothes hanger and they will never tangle

Do not waste money on towels again.  Regular kitchen rages work just fine.

Use sticky notes to catch debris while drilling

Rubber band a sock over a vacuum to find small lost items

A pringles container is the perfect size to store spaghetti

Hope all these will simplified our life!

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