Tuesday, July 03, 2012

That Much We Can Do

You Cannot Move Forward If You Look Backward

There are times in life where we feel that there is just 'that much' we can do.  In the way we give, we act, we speak, we reach out.  There can be only so much positive thinking and counting of blessings before we go on to do no more.

Ultimately, it can come to a point where we just have to let go.  We have to take a stand to take charge.  We have to disengage from any obstructive blockages to let our energy to move on.  To let our energy to be what is - the spiritual free will.  We have to look forward and let the past be our lesson for us to learn to be wise.

While it is encouraged, as good humans to help to improve the welfare and happiness of others and to the alleviation of their sufferings, often we can be perturbed from the process.  Understanding human thinking and interaction processes are complicated and, perhaps, a lifelong challenge and collaboration.

We are taught to let nothing to perturb us when we are reaching out to others, nor to let nothing to frighten us while interacting with another human, but patience at times can reach its limit.

Spiritually, we are to be the living expression of God's kindness.  Still, not all of us can do the greatest things to be in all consuming passion of caring and giving.  Not many of us can be both selfless and unconditional.  When it has to come to this stage, the only thing we ought to remember is let no one ever come to us without leaving better and happier.  It is the only way that we can do and provide.

Importantly, when it comes to self realization, we have to apply the lessons we learn from each other to our everyday lives.  We have to be consciously aware of the energies around and within us.  We have to allow the process of thoughtfulness to fill in our soul so that it can achieve peace.  So that it can stay harmony and be at balance.  So that it can be in partnership with the abundance of the Universe, garnered to benefit life, for greater spiritual gains.

Letting Go, when patience has temporarily reached its limit,  is about spiritual increase and we should avoid to think that life is about physical increase.  In fact, I believe in the reformulation of disengagement to be a positive development.  When we think 'Let Go Let God', we consciously shift our sub conscious in meta perspective from a materialistic and rational view to a more cosmic and transcendent one, normally followed by an increase in life satisfaction.

Little that we are aware, by giving awareness to our life process where there is a limit to everything and when we cut off the feeling of enough-is-enough, we are actually increasing our souls to turn inwards.  Such an act is not about total dissatisfaction or mental breakdown, on the part of the individual, but it is a natural Universal conditioning and a process to associate with satisfaction and inner harmony.  Such an act is not about being a failure or a negative reaction but a total surrender to the reduction of one's ego, involvement, interest and emotional involvement in other people and society.

There are times when we have to change our ways.  Life, just as it encourages us to be in harmony with others, is about making shape to what we are.  It is always important for us to generate good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible.  It is here that happiness, in both the short and long term, derives.  Unfortunately, we can never personalize such grace and fully agree with others all the time.  When we cannot, the least that we can do is not to harm them nor should we hurt them.

I have often observed, and through my own life experiences, that our energy can drain when reaching out to help others.  Especially so when dealing with people of different vibrations, of different expectations.  While it is necessary that we help others unconditionally, not only in our prayers, we need to know how much can we do.  How much is that 'much' that we can expand to exercise love?  Problem with many of us, including myself, we just have to face and admit it that not all of us can do great things.

Do we realize how our emotion reacts when it reaches its limit?  Often, it ends with us feeling hurt more than we are able to be compassionate.  Often, we become superficial thereafter.  Often, without guarding, we can become negative and defensive.  Unconsciously, our love to reach out gets tired in the process.  We can become frustrated, disappointed or even bitter.  Worse, we may get into a negative pitfall to discover that it does not make us happy after all and, sadly, disillusioned.

It is at this stage that we need to become conscious of our BEing.  Life, in a bigger perspective, is about how much love we put into what we do rather than how many good things we have done.  Love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary.  We have to face it that all humans have limitations.  They are in our emotions in every events in life.  Should we fall for the world's idea of everything matters, we only trapped ourselves.  The truth is, the more we promote to trust in anything that can bring us the happiness we expected, we will keep searching and disagreeing over what really matters.

The lesson that we need to acknowledge here -  We alone cannot change the world but it the stone that we cast across the waters that creates many ripples.  That is where peace, happiness and fulfillment be that will make something beautiful in our life.

Let Go and Let God is about trusting in Him to do what is the next best in all situations.  In all our disengagement to situations, we are only lifting away the weight off our shoulders and giving ourselves to accept the truth that God knows what it is best.  The good news is, all things pass and that everything is to happen for good reasons. 

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