Friday, August 10, 2012

Why We Need To Know About Us

Be kind, for everyone we meet is fighting some kind of a battle

I have always thought it is easy to give love.  After all, I believe that we are created from the product and the result of love.  That love is the core of our BEing.  Love is in our DNA.  Love lies within our unconscious soul and it flows through out our entirety.  It reaches far out to our physical well being, in our mental processes, in our emotional states and in our spiritual aspirations.  Everything that we do is, and ought to be, from love.  Cos it is the natural thing to do since love is in our blood.

My point is, everything that we do is out of love.  It is because we are in love with something that we want to achieve to carry out those things.  Be it the love is out from passion and compassion or hate and dislike.  Love sets us the vision to drive us into doing things.  It is in this vision that moves us to do great things big and small, give great big and small things and love at all times.  Perhaps, the most powerful aspect of vision is that it changes the way of thinking, which in turn changes the way we live.

Simply, love leads us to do things even when the motion is motivated with something else.  We act and react from this seed called love albeit positive or negative.  It could be out of passion, compassion, anxiety, neediness, sympathy, stress or even anger.  We emulate on it to provide the spiritual process of inner bonding to heal the self esteem and the self worth in becoming a person.

All acts of love can lead to some unexpected results with some that lead to an environment of unpleasantness.  This is the process of and for the bigger thing.  It is the way for us to become aware and to be in the consciousness of conscience in becoming a better human.  Doing the right thing, even with love, come with a price.  At times, doing the right thing can bring about a feeling of discomfort and pain.  It can turn love into a state of indifference.

The more I take interest in people, where I think that I would learn from them while to learn a great deal about myself, I start to see that it takes a lot of strength and serious discipline in the self.  I come to realize that no matter how hard I try to act with love, I cannot always do the right thing.  I believe that I cannot escape the truth as long as I am still in the premises of the truth.

It seems love itself possesses an unfamiliar energy - something ironic that we have to acquire and learn.  As I mentioned earlier, it is (supposedly) in our blood hence it should be an easy thing to do.  However, it can be both mystic and divine, pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, disheartening and courageous.  At times, love can be an escape yet a prisoner.

As once said by Mother Theresa, "It is easy to love the people far away.  It is not always easy to love those close to us.  It is easier to give a cup of rice to relieve hunger than to relieve the loneliness and pain of someone unloved in our own home".

At the end of the day, it is about the perception of one man's food is the other man's poison.  That is the realness of reality.  That is the antidote for the simple act of loving for the heart that needs tender nourishment.  The reality is, while we can always try to do things with love, it can be misconstrued to be otherwise to the recipient.  Generally, all of us have different levels of expectation.  Some people are stuck in the past while some others are attached to the physical and emotional materials of life.

I know of a great woman who takes care of an elderly (not of blood relation) and yet her good deeds are not fully appreciated by the elder's children.  Often, her acts are criticized.  Often, her good intention for the elderly is seen as mistreatment.  What is forgotten here, as I often witness, is the act of this great woman who takes the initiative and sacrifices her energy to care and provide with the daily needs of the elderly. 

Then, there is another friend who lives her life to build comfortable safety nets for the children while working hard.  In my article, Dancing With The Mind  I shared the same thing.  Then, I wrote "My mum and my dad never did things for themselves, never lived nor pursued their dreams.  Their focus was to make sure that our (the children) basic needs were met".  The act of love is exercised all for the love of something else.

I have another friend who sacrifices to sell her flat so she can co-share to own another house with her sister and the family to avoid huge unaffordable mortgage.  While such an act of love is huge, it does not end right.  What is done for the highest good is often clouded with daily selfish needs.  Somehow, instead of focusing on the act of love, my friend's character is assassinated.

In all the above events, I find it hard to be in between.  The failure is not on love but how to love well and to be the witness of goodness.  I guess as life becomes more entangled with our desires to be better, it can be difficult (by choice) to love well to show gratitude.

While it is always good for us to love well without considering what is in it, it takes a bigger consciousness to embrace to love well to the point of being human.  Even now, I am still learning how to love well as a partner, friend and a sibling.  The act of loving well is not to be defined by how large we love but by how we love simply.

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