Monday, August 27, 2012

The Gift of Life

God, Only In You I Trust

Looking back at these past months, particularly the last one, have been rather emotionally and spiritually challenging for me.  At times, it drains me physically and mentally.  At times,  I am soaked with my own tears.  Admittedly, there is just so much my soul can take.  There is just so much to experience. There is just so much to resolve and to pronounce a wise judgement.  There are, unusually, many highs and lows.  There are boxes and layers of joy and sadness.  It has been a period where I am asked to surrender.  It has been a period of resignation and restoration.  It is, probably, a period for my revelation.

Still, there is no blame in God.  I will never want to do that.  I know these paths are created by humans, created from the vibrations of my own manifestation.  Also, it has nothing to do with fate for all life events are opened and tied with choices.  God gives everyone a choice in everything.  Nor should I blame a person or the people around me who is making me to suffer.  I create such ups and downs.  Such sufferings, should I want to call it, is not from God though it is important for me to realize that these experiences are laid where He expects me to understand them.  Generally in life, it is our own doings to all things, to all decisions, to all events and to all choices.  It takes our wisdom to understand, and to be fully aware of, the negative variables and separate them.

I must admit that I am not completely to know the reality and the truth of the events that have been presented before me yet.  Definitely, they are life lessons that, one day, I can appreciate and where I should accept with gratitude.  Time and love are two components that will show me the bigger plans of life.  All that I am required to do is to pray, to have patience and to trust in God. 

In truth, with every difficulty there is relief.  Though some of these events do drag me to my pits way down low and that I may be hurting, the good thing is it brings me closer to God.  The best thing I have become, so I want to believe, is my communication with Him.  Somehow, it makes me to be in tune to a specific vibration and frequency with the Higher Being.  In a positive note, I am being allowed to start working on my spiritual progression.

It has to do with the ascension of consciousness on Mother Earth.  Something is telling me about these subtle changes are happening around us and it has started to shift our state of consciousness.  Our state of consciousness has moved upward to a much higher dimension.  Where once we could just be doing and knowing, now we are doing and renovate its thinking from all those acquired knowledge.  We are no longer in duality but in a 5-Dimensional, or perhaps 6-Dimensional, consciousness so to speak. 

The time has come where our consciousness wants to expand beyond the touch, the taste, the sight, the feel or hear it.  It is no longer limited in our thought process.  The ascension is now about changing these thought processes from one reality, based on our set of beliefs, to another.  We are moving higher to realize that negativity and fear cannot co-exist with peace, love and happiness.   Our consciousness has become like crystals or precious stones that are transparent to the light of consciousness.

Just few days ago, while having breakfast with a nine year old angelic kid, she told her mother, "I am no longer a child and you should not treat me as one.  Allow me to make my own decision."  Such a claim, from such a young age, proves the transition we are already in.  We are in a period of time where thoughts are becoming manifestation to open the windows of opportunities ahead.

Later in the day, this special little girl asked me about setting up a vision board.  Without her knowing, she participates in the shift of consciousness.  To me, it is about her awakening to continue a different thought process and emotional experiences.  Her rational mind opens up a different kind of parallel reality.  It touches my soul when she writes "Towards one happy family and forever bonding together".

Becoming aware on the state of consciousness will change and awaken those who are ready.  I must say that not everyone is ready yet but many are.  Each person who awakens, the momentum in the collective consciousness grows and it becomes easier.  The act of recognition itself is one way in which awakening is happening.  When we are able to recognize the unconsciousness in us, that which makes the recognition possible, is awakening.

For the most part, it is affecting us emotionally.  There will be events that make us to experience joy and to appreciate love.  Then, there will be events that make us to be deeply agitated and causing emotional conflict.  A new dimension of consciousness makes us to think about our sin, about our suffering and our delusion.  We reflect on how we live.  We see what we are doing.  We acknowledge the suffering we create.

Much of these realizations can be overwhelming.  Added with our daily problems and that we do not live in a perfect world, we can easily dismiss the new dimension as another life cycle only to be experienced and yet just another precious life lesson.  Unfortunately, getting stuck in such a process, does not allow us to move forward.  It hinders state of consciousness to accelerate.  We should not fault at misconceptions of what the ascension process is and is not.  It is this misconception that creates a lot of the pain that we experience along the way.

The pains that we are experiencing have no frame of reference.  As such, it makes us to feel disorientate, confuse and uncomfortable.  To many, these feelings can be too much going on to take in and some may lose their motivation and interest in life.  The bad news, if you may choose to call it, this sense of losing life's reference points is going to increase.  It will becoming more intense for the next few months.  All old habits, old ways of doing things and of experiencing ourselves are no longer going to be available to us.

The good news, our consciousness is being rewired.  We have to change but before it can happen, we need to look inward to release all the old beliefs.  We need to create new beliefs, the new consciousness, and not trapped inside the box.  New opportunities are opening before us.  The call is now upon us, right in front of us, whether we are going to allow the shift to the state of our consciousness to take place.

As for me today, I want to be thankful for all the new insight and consciousness that I have gained, though the shift has taken a toll on me.  I am greatly thankful to some friends and family members who have continuously showered me with love.  Who have constantly reminded me of who I am and provided me with motivations.  

I shall keep on with my prayers and for all these pains to cease.  I am looking forward to more days of joy and peace.  I am looking forward to embody love.  I am looking forward to accelerate my awakening to strengthen my spiritual connection to the Source.  I am looking forward to reconnect with the love that we all are.

And I know, the day will come soon.

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