Friday, December 14, 2012

If Tomorrow Never Comes

God, And If My Time On Earth Is Through ..

Yes, I am very much inspired with parts of the lyrics from the song 'If Tomorrow Never Comes' for my writing here today.  Such statement, 'if tomorrow never comes', has been asked - not exactly in that exact phrase but coined synonymously for end of time - by some people who have chatted with me these past few days.

There is a growing awareness amongst us on the prophecy of Nostradamus and the Mayan calender about the end of the world on 21 December, 2012.  As the days draw near, people are getting anxious and, at the same time, there is a growing sector of pessimism about it.

I do not know much about Nostradamus and his works nor do I faithfully subscribe to the Mayan calender.  But, as a sensitive individual and that I work with energy, I feel 21 December 2012 will be a day of a new beginning.  It is about the opening of a new chapter.  It shall reveal the good side of all humans where negative energies will trade off for something good.  There will be positive camaraderie amongst us.  There will be higher consciousness to our actions, thoughts and words.  It is said widely amongst light workers to be a day to bring us forward on our ascension to the Fifth Dimension.

For what it is being a hot topic all over the world, I am a believer that we will still be human despite all our gifted advanced abilities to see and to feel.  Despite our wisdom and high divine experiences.  Every individuals that are highly sensitive with their intuition, psychic abilities and awakening are restricted within certain limits.  There is always an enforceable limitation.  As the saying goes, 'No man is greater than his prayer life' and Leonard Ravenhill writes:

“No man is greater than his prayer life. The pastor who is not praying is playing; the people who are not praying are straying. We have many organizers, but few agonizers; many players and payers, few pray-ers; many singers, few clingers; lots of pastors, few wrestlers; many fears, few tears; much fashion, little passion; many interferers, few intercessors; many writers, but few fighters. Failing here, we fail everywhere.”

That said, my take on Nostradamus and the Mayan calender is ..

It is like where we are able to see everything from a straight line, either ahead or behind us, but limited when there is a turn, a blackout or a raised horizon.  There is always some force that blocks us and we could vaguely predict the result or an event without sufficient information.  Unless we are God (but we are not) and unless we are chosen by Him for A greater purpose to change the huge magnitude and greatness of Life, we could have His greatness to see all the things coming from these turns and curves, these blackouts and the raised horizons.  That much, in my opinion, God puts limits in human.

Our human abilities have a point beyond which something cannot or may not proceed.  They can only stretch that much and our abilities have a boundary.  We can only run so fast, jump so high and go for so long without water.  Like it or not, these abilities are not able to go beyond what they can.  So are the limits to our five senses and psychic forces.  Somehow there is always a block that is being placed for a reason.  It could be placed, with high probably, to check on our ego.

Perhaps, that could the case for Nostradamus?  His spirit of familiarity has come to the end of the old cycle, of the old dimension?  What he did not see could be the raised vibrations of Mother Earth, from the duality energy of his time to the vision of the coming Fifth Dimension past 2012?

Still, I respect Nostradamus and the Mayan calender.  There is greatness in him, surely he was enlightened, and there were events that he predicted that somehow came true.  His visions should put us into thinking and should be a calling upon us to become pro-active with our lives.  They could be passed as fears but fears can be positive for good change.  They prepare us for our future.  They are to shape us in becoming a better person.

Mother Earth, as it is, is already old.  She has gone through much, gained much, experienced much.  She has provided us and enriched our souls.  She has cared for our well being and, matter of fact, she transforms with time.  Light workers all around the world have constantly prayed for her who suffers greatly at the hands of humankind.  She has lost her mountains, majestic forests, green fields and clear rivers.  She has withstood the creation of acid rain.  She has witnessed the destruction.

Guess the only way for us to reflect on ourselves, at our own bad doings, would be through some catastrophic events.  Change, in some psychological studies, happens best when we go through a catastrophe.  Perhaps Nostradamus and the Mayan calender are a prophecy to make us to be serious about our BEing.  About our realization.  About our gratitude.  About who we want to be and become.  About our choices.

Let not such a prophecy to pass us without making any significant change.  Especially so when such an event has swept like a tsunami in humankind where it has impacted the critical mass into talking about it.  The energy itself can transform, for better or for worse.

If tomorrow never comes, will the people that I love know how much I love them?  If my time on earth is through and that these people must face this world without me, is the love (the materials and the immaterials) I have given going to be enough to last?  The prophecy of 21 December 2012 is to allow me to make a promise to myself that there is no second chance to them them how I feel.

I hope, for all that I have done (the materials and the immaterials) to the people that I love and care, will be enough to last their lifetime.  If my time on Mother Earth is through, and should tomorrow never comes for me, let me say "I have always loved you".  I want to be forgiven and let the time that we spend together be filled with love that lasts forever.

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