Thursday, January 03, 2013

Go, Find Yourself The Purpose Of Your Life

God, in You We Surrender.

First and foremost, may I take this opportunity to wish you, my readers, a blessed 2013.  May we walk into the new year with our vibrations raised much higher together.  Where our consciousness resonates at a higher frequency and all things become possible.  Where it shall be a new year where we reclaim our health, vitality and inner peace.  Where we can manifest our desires easily and experience higher levels of joy and love in the present moment.  Where Universal abundance brings possible success to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 

It shall be a new  year that encompasses an outlook where we will find and live in harmony with our life.  Where the joys of life, the peace that comes with it and all dreams shall be fulfilled.  Let it be a brand new year where our consciousness supersedes the Mayan calender.  Today, we survive its prediction and we are moving forward.  Definitely, today onwards, it carries new meaning to many of us.  Hopefully, it will be a brand new year of hope and of great faith.  Read Here: If Tomorrow Never Comes.

In that article, I mentioned about the coming of the Fifth Dimension in human consciousness.  The term, Fifth Dimension, is way too foreign to a layman.  It is a term that does not appear, with my limited knowledge, in all the major religious sacred books.  I do not think it is written in the Koran, Bible nor any other religious scriptures of the world.  Should it be highlighted in any of these books, I am happy to be corrected.  Meanwhile, I seek forgiveness for being ignorant.

This term is widely used by people who work with energy spirituality.  Written for simplicity by Deepak Chopra, he explains that spiritual energy is:

"Such an energy supply is within you. It's your spiritual energy, and it comes from everywhere. The universe is grounded in infinite energy—I don't think anyone would argue that—and throughout the world's wisdom traditions, sages and teachers echo the same truth: You are the universe. The mystic Persian poet Rumi puts it beautifully when he reminds us that we aren't a drop in the ocean; we are the ocean in a drop.

[[For more read, Click Here]]

Fifth Dimension is an ascension in our consciousness where we create with light and light patterns and light frequencies.  In this heightened consciousness, we become one with the light where we consciously interact with our Creator and all the Beings of Light.  It is a new state of consciousness where everything and all possibilities occur to us easily and effortlessly based upon the attention point and vibration we choose to hold in every moment.

[[For more read on what is Fifth Dimension, Click Here.  You can also find more writings on such a topic if you are to google 'Fifth Dimensional Consciousness.]]

It now brings me back to what I intend to write here today.  Somehow, on hindsight, my first article for 2013 causes to resound for a larger message.  It is not only about my vision for 2013 where all good things are to be part of humankind but to acknowledge the vision that I have for a dear friend. 

This article is very much dedicated to my dearest friend, to a soul that I love dearly.  It is for Lin Jianhong.  Strangely, as I am writing this article, there is a white moth that hangs itself on the wall right in front of me now.  I have always felt that there is a symbolic meaning of the moth.  It signifies good spirit, one that is otherworldly.  That much, I do believe in him too.  The other day, I had flashes of him to be the good shepherd of the Fifth Dimension consciousness.

Today, I shall pray for his onward official work assignment to United States.  Today, and it may sound foolish, I feel that I am losing a very good friend.  That I will miss a good spiritual friend badly.  At the end of today, there will be a wide space separating us physically.  I could not have him, anytime I like, sitting at the balcony in Reiki Sanctuary and having good conversation for the next few years.

Yet, I am joyful for his opportunity.  For his worldly abundance that is being set to create many more golden opportunities in his life.  He deserves these greatest Universal opportunities and I am happy that they are taking place at the right time.

Today onwards, I strongly believe that he will be the BEing that is intended to be on Mother Earth for his higher purpose.  I believe that his higher vibration is now entering into the realm of the Fifth Dimension to serve the world.  To serve the people whom he loves.  At the same time, for him to reap his worldly rewards.

I have been receiving many positive signs about his coming journey from now onwards.  These signs show for more good things to happen, not only for himself but for the people that he is going to work with.  Many of us will benefit from his age of enlightenment.  It is with this vision that I can only pray for his well being, for his strength and his courage.

To you, my dearest friend, Thank You for being there.  Thank You for being a part of me, for being by my side and a great part to my spiritual journey and growth.  Today, and my prayers shall always continue, this is not a good bye but see you soon again.

Definitely, the time has come where you have to find your own higher purpose.  To design a quality life in the Fifth Dimension.  All that you need to have is faith in yourself.  Be true and the truth of what you have always been.  May you have a good start, may you be the love that you have always been and  May God be with you, always.

Edited:  Strangely, 15 minutes after I published this entry, the white moth flew off.  It just flew off ..  It gave me a good feeling of what better things to come for this highly spiritual friend of mine.

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