Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Feel Fried

God, Let The Flow Of Energies Within Me Be Always Alive.

 I must say that having a blog kinda bridges me to some friends.  Some that I hardly, with apologies, communicate much nor I have been meeting up (with them) for a while.  But, thanks to these people, it makes my existence here - both in blogosphere world and my life, meaningful.  It gives me the joy at the concern of an appreciative audience.  I am filled with a sense of beautiful landscape of gratitude that there are people who actually care for me.  The calls and emails that I receive surpass my expectation.

Of course, I do hope that my blog provides a purpose, not only for myself but, to them and to others.  Little that I know, the absence from writing here makes some of these friends to contact me and ask for my well being.  Perhaps, it is the way I pen my thought (as in my last entry The Commitment) where I hope to re-energize and become active again.  Yet, I am still kinda missing in action.  Still MIA.  And, for the goodness of things, I wonder what is my next excuse?

Truth is, I am experiencing some kind of a writer's block.  Haha, not that I am a professional writer nor an author, but my attempt to write some articles for Reiki Sanctuary has failed.  For the last week or so, I hardly can write more than three paragraphs though I have thought of few topics.  Though I have something in mind to write about.  Twice, I push myself forward and it is only pushing me back with a feeling of (more) restlessness.  Admittedly, I have difficulty expressing with the task at hand.

Perhaps, I am too strict with myself.  That I want to write not for the sake of writing but to write so that I can reflect upon myself.  That I am making a conviction to improve the purpose of (my) life.  That I want to write more than three, four or only five paragraphs.  But this task has become a struggle lately.  Why?, I really do not know.  The only thing that I know, whenever the blocks come, I have to pop paracetamol to ease my headache.

Yes, after the last entry, I was away for a short holidays.  With a twist of unplanned event, I had to make another trip just two days after my return.  I had to be in another city to settle some family issues.  Though things have settled and I am back to normal, the state of my mental restlessness has not.  I still find it hard to focus.  I find it hard to begin the flow of continuous writing (even if I could manage to do with two paragraphs).  I must admit this inert energy has been with me for the last few months.  I have given myself with some excuses as seen from the last few entries here too.

I am pushing myself here today because I owe it to some of these friends.  I want to say that I appreciate the care, the concern and the love.  It is such gesture that I must always remember .. and the best way is for me to pen it down.

For now, I still continue to pray for myself.  I still want to write .. all because, I care.

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