Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Soul And Reiki Sanctuary

I was asked, "Between cooking and cleaning house, which one is favoured most?"  My choice has always been obvious.  I would rather go hungry, I would rather go without food but will not be comfortable to live in a messy and cluttered home.

I just love a  tidy place and everything that is neat and organized.  It is the same when I go for holidays, for example.  The neatness of the hotel room is important to me.  It gives my soul a deep sense for a relaxed holiday.  More so since the hotel is 'foreign' to my soul.  How hectic the itinerary can be, with just a little sleep in between, but I can wake up fully refreshed and rested.  This much it can kinda play trick to my mind.

The neatness of the room is symbolic of a soul presence.  That the place is symbolically cared with love.  That the place is being given close attention.  It makes one to feel safe and a soul restored with vigor and revived hope.

The same feeling that I want to have when I am back home.  It is always good to come home and greeted with a revitalized energy to a soul of an enlightened home, after a long day.  A neat and clean home provides a dynamic in motion to keep us to feel positive.  A recharged feeling.  It is a progression to a greater flow of love.

People just love clean things.  A tidy and clean house offers a life of transformation and renewal in many more ways than just having a healthier body.  The energy works deeply in our body, mind and spirit. Our own energy is greatly enhanced, and it will expand outward and upward from there.

Our sixth sense is keenly aware of when we are in balance with our surroundings. We will know, deep down inside us, what feels right and true.  When the vibrations are true, it is most likely that our soul is in harmony and balance.

I believe there is soul in every house.  And how we take care of this soul will reflect in the way we live.  It has a relationship with our thoughts, attitude, personality and health.  Our intuition knows the presence of a highly vibrant essence.  Everyday will be a new discovery.  One thing is for sure - when the soul of the house is vitaliszd - in a tidy, clean and organised ways, it keeps us in harmony with Mother Earth.  It honours us as the rightful human beings living on a beautiful planet.

In all things clean - clean air, clean water, clean heat, clean earth, it embodies recovery, renewal and transformation.  Not to mention, Huat Ah! in Law of Vacuum filling us up with abundance.

A cluttered, and unkept, home often gives rise to the absence of mental clarity.  Emotionally too.  Bit by bit, the energy adds up, leaving a polluted and corrupted state of being.  The ways in which it affects our daily lives are endless as well.  Relationships affected.  Emotions muddled.  Mental exhaustion.  Physical fatigue.

Reiki Sanctuary today:

We want Reiki Sanctuary to be the center of love and harmony.  A place where we and those we love can flourish and be truly nourished and healthy.  Where our relationship can grow.  Where our hearts can be open wide to acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love.
oh, and H U A T  A H !!!!!

The Living Room 

The MBR Master Toilet

The acrylics (covering the lights) are finally up but it is not the final product.

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