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About The White Light

Since my last entry, "Connect To The White Light", I have been receiving some queries.  Questions were raised.  Some wondered if I did the right thing.  Some felt that since the dying event unto death is pre-determined, what was the purpose for my actions.

Here, I have gathered those questions into these few categories:

And so, what and who are you?

I grew up normal- ok, not so normal to some.  Went to school, worked and lived my life the way I had wanted it to be.  Followed my dreams, some were unachievable while others remained so much to be cherished.  Met my twin soul, and along the way, interacted with many more soul mates.  Life, with all the ups and downs, had been good.

My life journey took a change in February 9th, 1995.  Though I didn't fully comprehend 'the Gift', it had started its work thereon.  It was the day my mum passed on.  That afternoon, on the way back home from her place after taken my shift to care for her, I felt very lethargic.  I felt very sleepy.  How hard I tried to stay awake throughout the route inside the cab, I could not open my eyes.  It was such a soporific state.  I just needed to sleep.  I remembered the white lie that I told to the cab driver, "Wake me up when we reach the destination" after telling him that I worked night shift the day before and have not been sleeping.

In the comfort of my bed, I woke up, after two hours or so, just knowing something had happened.  Though I could not establish the actual occurence clearly, perhaps it was intentional from The Higher Source, there was a sense of white light - and spaced out feeling, all around me.  There was just peace.  There was deep tranquility within.  Somehow, the condition of my mum didn't bring a feeling of despair despite the sadness I was experiencing before that.  I also received a call, to ask me to come over immediately, that my mum was at her deathbed. 

After her burial, I found a piece of white cloth which was not readily noticeable to others.  The people around me felt surprised at something unanticipated of what I just found.  At the advise of a spiritual lady, I was to believe that my late mum had left something for me.

My life took a turn after that.  It didn't happen immediately.  It took years before I fully realised what I had become.  Slowly, I often felt that I could 'see' things and 'hear' voices.  It was only after my 'third eye' was opened, with the guidance of a spiritual master, that my path of awakening was realised.

Isn't death pre-determined?

From the day we are born, death is inevitable.  We cannot alter nor fix our date of death.  Death is a biological process while dying is psychological.  One is the function of the body and the other is the function of the mind.

In most cases, when a person's time is up, he/she will go through the deathbed vision.  There are always deceased close relatives, friends or spiritual guides around him/her.  He/She would see them.  They are inconspicuous and will not draw fears.  Their presence actually reassures the deathbed person.

When a person dies, wouldn't his/her soul leave the body?

Let understand a little bit about the death process.  In a normal death situation, the person's life force is filled with death hormone that loosen the electro-magnetic hold of atoms in the body.  Slowly, it just disintegrates.  It could be the result from illnesses and/or aging.

Just as the life force leaves the body, there is the silver cord that connects the soul and the etheric world.  Some people say it takes from few minutes to half an hour before the silver cord is finally broken.  And, the death of the organs takes between one to fifteen hours.  There are tales to say that when a person is dying, or about to die, we should not be crying out loud and calling his/her name to 'come' back.  It is believed, though the body is clinically dead, his/her heart atom has not yet moved out of the physical body.  The silver cord is still intact.

The final death takes place when the silver cord is totally severed.  This is when the spiritual soul has moved on.  It is often not surprised to notice, after the death, that the face of the dead is often younger and serene.

When a person's body is 'dead', his/her soul can be lost.  Why?

Death is pre-determined.  However, there are instances when the time is not up yet especially when death is caused by war casualties, violent accidents or suicides. In this instance, the soul is forced out of the body but there is no silver cord.  There is no presence of death hormone.

In the swiftness of death, where one moment they are alive and in another they are dead, they are not prepared for this suddenness.  Tragedy has taken place so fast that their soul could not recognise the body which was, in split second earlier, perfect.  Usually they will become violently angry, and probably filled with fear.  They do not know that they are already dead due to the violent and suddenness of the incidents.

As it is not the pre-determined time, they do not know how to go to the white light.  They also cannot see nor feel the presence of any deceased relatives, friends or guides.

If he/she is physically dead, what is the meaning of the write-up? 

The write-up is a prayer.  In the world wide web [wwww], I have always taken the net to cover a much bigger connection.  A bridge between us and the Universe.  It is exemplary of the silver cord.  It serves as a medium to be heard, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.  To reach out.  It is a voice affirming out loud.  An endless prayer that stays alive. 

There are always earth-bound spirits around.  All of them do not know that they are dead.  They can be victims of suicide and murder, war casualties and violent accidental deaths.  Or recently deceased spirits closely attached to the living loved ones.  Or who have unfinished business on earth.

As for Sze Ern, I came into contact with him when I tapped his energy.  His situation is common with those that departed suddenly and violently.

Will the departed soul read the notice?

We are just a small part of the spirit world.  We are only the pencil for the Highest Source to write, say and do.  There is no space and time between us.

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