Monday, July 27, 2009

The Angelic Kids

[Dedicating to all the Indigo Souls]

I am blessed to meet, and to walk my life journey, with 'new children' around me.  These children that were born since late 1970s with high sensitivity, huge treasure chest of awareness and psychic abilities.  They are uniquely gifted and display an intrigue character traits, qualities and ways of behaviour.  The aura of these children is completely different and predominantly indigo.  These 'indigo' children are old souls and much wiser than their years.  Often, they are so far ahead of their parents or teachers that communication can break down.

They are here to heal the world and to open humanity to new ways of living and new worlds of opportunity.  To provide us with the great shifting of consciousness.  To make possible sadness turned to pure joy.  To transform our highest authority that lies within and brings a direct connection to divinity and higher consciousness.

I have met a three year old girl spoke a wealth of practical words to her elder sister:

"Crying won't make you full.  You either stop crying or start eating."

"I do not know the word yet but God takes care of everything."

"Why pray for small things when we can ask for more?"

I have met an eighteen year old guy who would, willingly, sacrifice his school pocket money to charity.  In his words, "they need it more than I do".

I have met a twenty-five year old guy re-connecting and re-membering with his 'past' during a Reiki session.  Where he found profound insights concerning peace and love and their connections to nature.  A phrase that he used after the Reiki initiation, 'The Joy Of Love' made me to remember the notes that I had written down, many years ago, in my sacred book:

The Joy Of Love
[Source Unknown]

Joy, as the energy of love, is one of the highest vibrations on this planet. According to the universal Law of Attraction, as we think and feel we vibrate. And as we vibrate, we attract. When we vibrate with joy and love, we attract what is for our greater good.

The experience of joy can:

    * strengthen your immune system.
    * regenerate your whole physical system.
    * burn away the impurities in your emotional system.
    * disperse worries, anxieties, grief, greed, irritation and other negative emotions.
    * sharpen your intellect and strengthen your memory.
    * clarify and balance your mind.
    * expand your consciousness and understanding.
    * open you to receive higher impressions, inspirations, and transforming energies.

It is these children, and many of them who have become adults today, that will change our way of life.  Our way of thinking.  That will raise our vibrations.  That will instill fascinating insights into our lives.  They are born with highly developed sixth sense abilities and their spiritual healing will only lead us to a magical world that we live in.

Thank You for being part of me.  Thank You for crossing into my path.

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