Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Broken Wings

This is for a dear friend in Pattaya, Thailand.

I am glad that we made the time to meet yesterday.  I am glad that we decided to talk.  I am grateful that you allowed your heart to open up, even when you knew that all conditions were not favourable.  I appreciate your courage to share your story.

You have my respect, my dear friend.  How I am in awe of your strength to get going with your life and set plans in motion of what would be the next best thing for you. Even with all the certainties that lie ahead of you.  For all the small steps that you are going to take to uphold through your withered force in life.

Favourable circumstances may not be at your side now.  Yet, you are able to raise your head.  To have forgiven the past and not even wanting to voice your anger.  Not to give vent to your bleeding heart to a failed relationship.  For they are the past and you knew you made mistakes. That you were part of them too.  Indeed, you are a great gentleman.

I cried not because I felt sad for you.  I cried not because I will lose you as a friend.  My tears were probably the stories of my insecurities.  The sadness to see a beautiful soul with a broken wing.  With all the footloose of what lies ahead and the unknown rough patches.

For you have made the decision.  One that you feel will change the next path of your life towards your peace.  Your joy.  For now, I can only pray for you. For all the courage and strength.  For all the faith of a better life you are seeking.

May you stay in the light of all things well, my dear friend.


And here is a picture for another dear friend.
[Saw the guys playing it and it brought memory of his 'lost' .. haha]

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