Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Gift. The Prayer.

It is often hard, and I have to learn to overcome, to share the feeling with someone about the passing off of their loved one.  A feeling that comes naturally when I am invited to pray, especially for the departed soul, is in critical stage.  Often, this feeling is guided with a higher intuition that can just come from nowhere; a message that will tell me the end of a 'nadi' timeline.  A time to let go and go home.  A time to walk into the white light and embracing another life beyond the white bridge.

Over many years, I stand still in between two worlds.  On one side with the gripping fear of a departing earthly being and in another, the joy for reunion.  I often see a gathering of souls - the earthly and the spirits, negotiating for some sort of a Higher Plan while the Angels of Death play the intermediary role.

Two weeks ago when I was in Pattaya, two friends wanted me to feel the energy of the mother of their thai friend.  I had never met this lady nor did I know of her health condition.  I was only informed that she had been very sick and once warded in ICU.  The conversation made me to pass a remark that she would soon leave this earthly plane.  At that time, I caught a message '1' and '6' and didn't want to share much of their significance.  Only to mention that she would probably have six nadi weeks left, which was said to ease the situation.

Today, my prayer lends comforting condolences to Nattawat on the demise of his beloved mother.  Yesterday, I was informed that she had a relapse and today in another email, peacefully, passed on later that night.  I believe it is on the early 16.

I should be more vocal then.  I should just let them know of the message '16' and how was the message meant to be passed on.  I just didn't want to play God; instilling fears and anxieties and we should never play one!  What we can do is just to take the message and be prepared.  To let love grow and for us to take the opportunity to bask in its importance.

This morning as I wrote an email to another friend for Nattawat, I wrote "Yes, I feel his mother is ready to go but you don't have to tell him ..".  At the point, I was not informed of the demise.  For all the messages that I wanted him to whisper into his mother's ears shall now become my prayer for the two of them.  For his loving mother that meant so much to him and for Nattawat to find courage to live on.

I have always regarded a blog is our voice to the Universe, between Heaven and Earth.  Let the message, that was meant to be shared to her, echoes here:

 "You have been a wonderful mother taking care of me.  That have protected me.  I am very thankful for all that you had done.  To bring love into my life.  I will recognise it and will let it shine inside me.  I have become a better person with your love and guidance.  I promise to take care of myself and to be with Buddha where I truly belong.

You have been a good wife and a good mother to all your children.  Be at peace.  There is nothing greater than the love of Buddha for you now.  There is nothing else you need to do, your job is done.  We have to feel your love and to live with it to make us a better person here.  Feel the light that is all around you.  It will ease your earthly pain.   Just be with the light and everything will be taken care."

May you now rest in peace.

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