Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Renovation Tips - Effective Waterproof

One of the most important early renovation works is waterproofing.  Preventive considerations should begin with the planning of the house, even before renovation begins. 

Under HDB Rules and Technical Terms and Conditions for Building Works related to floor, it states:

Waterproofing treated prepacked cement screed or waterproofing membrane must be used in bathroom/toilets areas before laying of new floor tiles. Membrane should be upturned (up to 150 mm) against the walls, kerbs and pipes. For kitchen, the waterproofing membrane is only required around the sanitary stacks for an area of a radius 400mm.

Flat owner and registered renovation contractor are advised to conduct a water test to bath/toilet upon completing the replacement of floor finishes.

In many cases, homes are subject to more leaking because of the low grade materials used [cement or waterproofing membrane] and shoddy workmanship that caused these materials to contract away from the foundation wall.  Water accumulation, from showers and/or kitchen wash, causes long term moisture and create a tremendous pressure forcing it against the wall/floor.

An effective waterproofing is to ensure for long term durability, resilience, quality, strength and effective flooring solutions.  To avoid, or minimise, leaking problems - especially to our neighbour's ceilings staying a floor below, a good test must be carried out.  It is always good to run this test so that any immediate leakages [or sippage] can be rectified during the renovation period.

The waterproof stress test in Reiki Sanctuary:

 Waterproof Stress Test in Kitchen

Waterproof Stress Test in Common Toilet

Waterproof Stress Test in MBR Toilet

Our ID and general contractor were on a 48 hours full stand-by during this period.  Our neighbour [downstairs] was informed of the procedure.  A check on their ceilings was also carried out before our stess test.

There should not be any other renovation works during the waterproof test in the house.

A good waterproofing test lasts for 48 hours, or more.  48 hours is a comfortable industry stress period and indicates the value of waterproofing materials that can last a long time and the contractor's workmanship.-

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