Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When Simple Things Aren'T That Simple

Ah, and so you think so?  And, do you still want to think so?

I think everyone knows, and wants to believe, that: A simple thing is not that simple after all.  That, in all the simplest thing that another simplest casts for yet another not-so-simple act or decision.  The endless chain reaction of an energy breaking the completeness of another to form parts of an ultimate choice.  The division of freewill that loves life till it breaks itself.

We know what is needed is an end to all our untrammeled greed.  Only until we are consciously aware of its presence that it surrenders.  Of unlimited freedom to end up with our unlimited struggles.  Of dominance.  Of mastery. Of monopoly. 

The environment around us, somehow, is much more important than accomplishing the simplest thing.  What we can do, one that we owe it to ourselves, is define what 'enough' means and then live it.  It does not mean living in deprivation or unplugging everything.  We should not let our other voices nattering sales pitches telling us that we are inadequate unless we do certain actions.  Or we buy certain products.  Or we need to fulfill certain conditions.

A soul rich with meaningful and significant sense of BEing is when we achieve sufficiency.  And, discovering what life can be when it is not about having more stuff.  Or, perpetually on a continuous search finding for the best, if any.  Of choosing for real satisfaction instead of the empty satisfaction of mindless acquisition.

Life is all that simple until we become the slave of our analytical mind.  Of insatiable choices, coupled with all our past life experiences,  to ultimately choose (or reject) everything regardless of any internal or external conditions relating to the choice.  It has always based on a free and personal choice between now and the future.

What separates us with the future is in honouring the act of NOW.  A nowist in his nowness stays to experience the fruit of his decision.  Or a decision he hears from the [god's] voice of another person.  He nurtures the choice expanding every possible ways to get the best from it.  Enriching it with experiential experiments and nourishing it with compassion.  He embraces the BEing and trusting his own strength, knowledge and wisdom.  Consequently, he is not saddled with simplicity and fountainhead in choices.

When simple things are not preserved, everything that happens concurs with an act's effects and promises in which all the uncertainty lies.  Struggle and confusion cooperates inasmuch to hinder everything for its welfare and growth.  The mind voids of all power to think, to will or to do any good thing.  We are a step back into procrastination and rendered a spiritual death from a state of faith and grace.

Look back at how we often not act when there is a simple thought asking ask to do certain things.  A simple decision that is able to will and to do what is good. We tend not to act on the source, honouring the blameless sight, but caught in the corruption for what-ifs.  Self determination, which is often regarded as god consciousness within us, is incoherent.  We tend to think that there is a choice better than other choices; or an action that still lacks sufficient causes.

It should not be thought that this view completely denies the freedom of choice.  While we are free to act on our strongest moral impulse and volition, a reconciliation of dual concepts of predestination points to the situation for simplicity.  Everything happens for a good reason and we just have to believe that it is so.  Everything that happens has a necessary element in the process. 

Some things that happen can appear to have no meaning or purpose.  We maybe loss to understand how war, hunger, natural disasters and human sufferings can possibly have any meaning and why these things happen.  It is our limited perspective, especially when we believe our perspective to be the absolute truth, is not able to fully comprehend the meaning of individual things and events in the context of the whole. 

What we perceive is only an aspect of a tiny little part of the whole.  Everything that happens, good or bad, has only one real purpose.  It is to provide us with an opportunity to learn and an opportunity to teach; and all these opportunities point us to do good and to be of humble service to life itself.

We exist in an evolutionary exercise for our consciousness to grow and owe it to be of service to it.  When we understand our purpose to be that of allowing good to come into the world, of being of service to consciousness, everything that happens in our life is seen as a potential means of the beginning and end of higher consciousness.  The everyday tasks and choices that we are faced are simple until we make them hard.

When things do happen and when new situations are brought about or if something goes 'wrong', acting on the simplest thing as they come is an opening for a higher consciousness to flow into and influence us into that situation.  More important than any action is the state out of which that action, or non-action, arises.

When we just want to sit on a park bench in a state of peace and presence for the whole day, doing nothing, accomplishes more in the service of consciousness than years of actions and efforts.  To see the purpose of all things simple fulfill the purpose of our BEing, nothing spectacular needs to be done. 

The only thing we need to be concerned with is to meet every situation and every moment in a state of alert presence.  We do not need to do anything (but just act) in particular, and we do not even need to figure anything out.  The key is absolute surrender and the struggles and internal conflicts will just disappear.

The simple truth is, every situation is an opportunity.  We just have to allow simplicity to act on it immediately and not to question its existence.  However difficult it is for the ego to accept, and however it is out of alignment with the common views of society, we need to respond to everything with unconditional love.  Even when it does not seem, at that moment, to make any sense to do so.  Our ego would encourage us to procrastinate, to defend and fight back and respond with negativity.

Every desires to do certain things, to achieve certain results for a higher consciousness is for the extension of love and kindness.  Of faith and grace.  Of forgiveness.  Of a soul to heal.  To see the purpose behind everything that happens, it is required to go beyond the limits of our mind.  Our mind will usually tell us that it is ridiculous that there is a purpose for all the terrible things that happened and that this is much to simple to be true.

All things are simple.  They are just an energy filled with quality of love.  To know the truth of this is in the realm of a deeper knowing and banish all our doubts and fears.  F.E.A.R. is, after all, an energy of False Experience/Experiments Appearing Real.  When simple things are not that simple, a recognition that is stronger than any words can contain,  would we rather be 'right' than at peace?

For the purpose of everything to be fulfilled, to act on every [simple] choice, the only thing required is for us to surrender and allow life to flow through to accomplish what it will.

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