Sunday, December 13, 2009

Silent Night

This is my story. 
My story of reflection. 
My story of evaluation.
And, perhaps, yours too. 

I am about to make a prayer.  I am about to face myself.  I want to confront myself.  I want to wake the promise, the seedtime, and harvest my faith.  I am about to craft the light of consciousness.  About leaving the mirror and change my face.  About leaving the world alone, letting Mother Earth to be a separate entity from my soul, and change my internal conceptions.  Of myself.  Of my thoughts.  Of my consciousness.  Of my emotions.  Of my feelings.  It is about igniting the light within.  Of how I want to live with the universe within.  Of how I want to hold dear to being truthful.  Of awareness that will bring my life into being.

It is only by a change of consciousness, by actually changing the concept of myself, by magnetize paradigm, that I can be the Universe.  It is such a huge call for such manifestation.  It is such a tricky delusion to abandon and to live with deep and open conviction that I will live in miracles rather than waiting for them to happen.  It is about experiencing the results of these concepts.

I am going to imagine the beautiful tranquility of life with my mind basking genteely like the silent night.  Within it remains to lead all my thoughts and actions to strive to convey a manner of refinement and respectability.  Of damage control.  Of redeeming grace.  Where, with all my prayers and deep conviction, that lie is never - and should never be, in my vocabulary that I need to present to deceive myself.  Or, to all the poeple around me.  Or, a plan to cause a condition to disintegrate.  That it should even be used as part of conversation.   Nor do I have to inject white lies just to make my conscience feels good. Nor to make a conversation real.  It is just not worth it.  It is just not right.

I am going to envisage on the effectiveness of awareness that can consume my life.  That can change the paradigm of my mind.  That I must look with my heart.  As I think in my heart, so am I.  I am the arbiter of my own fate.  What I can hold in my heart, I can have it in my hands.  It is my concept of myself that determines the world in which I live in.  The concept of self is my reaction to life.  All my experiences, and those that inflicted me emotionally, are being produced by my reactions to life.  They happen through my manifestation; defined by the assumption of my concept which its principle affirms.

I am going to think just how easy to talk about myself.  Not to be ashamed and to talk about my inadequacy to acknowledge, with renewed appreciation and gratitude, that everything that is unfolded depends upon my attitude towards myself.  The light of consciousness can only happen, in all its forms and sceneries of existence, when I define the I AM concept.  Only when I can bring myself to this higher consciousness that I shall be free from the tyrannies of causes.  Free from the belief that there are causes outside of my own mind that can affect my life.

I am going to deal with my expression.  That is the right way for me to move with the light, in the direction of my dreams, and endeavour to live the life I have imagined.  I am going to reflect on the numerous topics on consciousness that have been written here in my blog.  On those faith to believe in what I will see.  Everything depends on my attitude towards myself, for that attitude alone is the necessary condition by which I shall realize my goal.  My dream.  My faith.

I am going to evaluate and turn each issue to be the foundation of faith to follow.  The changes which take place in my life is, and will be, the result of my changed concept of myself.  It will only be, through persistence, hardened into fact.  All transformation begins with an intense, burning desire to be transformed.  The first step to renew my mind shall be this desire.  Rain falls as a result of a change in temperature.  The same goes to events that befalls in my life.  All that is done by me, all that comes from me, happens as a result of my state of consciousness.  A consciousness is all that I think, desire and love, all that I believe is true and consent to.

To change, to be transformed, the whole basis of my thoughts, and feelings, must change.  These thoughts and feelings can only change unless I have new idea, for thinking and feeling are concepts of ideas.  The drama of life is a psychological one.  All the conditions, circumstances and events of life are brought to pass by my assumptions.

I cannot just be writing about issues and not understanding them.  I cannot just be writing about faith and not exercising it.  I cannot just be writing about love and not evolving around its beauty.  I cannot just be writing about positive attitudes hoping to change others but not myself.  I cannot just be writing about respect and not earning it.  I cannot just be writing about Higher Self because the essence sounds right and not living in its consciousness.  I cannot just be writing all these just to judge others.  I cannot just be writing these to empower another cause.

Simply, I should be the master of my thoughts and not slave driven.  It should be a personal reminder to measure my inner force, with heightened concentrated attention and observation, and not about, per se, moving the mountain.

The light of consciousness follows the light of my thought.  That is the phenomena of life.  When, and should, I pen down a thought here - be it about abundance, gratitude, healing, peace, love, faith, the very first thing I should reflect is upon myself.  How this particular idea, or a topic, is so important that it needs to be voiced out.  I should bring in the consciousness from where I have fallen short.  The lack that causes such an intensed desire to be highlighted.  The great secret of achievement, and conviction, is to focus the attention on the feeling of the wish fulfilled without permitting any distraction.  Any judgement.  Any negative attention.

In giving birth to all these ideals, I must have the mind that the methods of mental and spiritual knowledge are entirely different.  I should stop looking at it from the outside.  Stop comparing it with other things.  Stop analyzing it and defining it.  By thinking of it, and not becoming it by thinking from it.  Only when such an awareness is brought upon me, on entering into the experience, all its evolutions, fruits and manifestations and the consciousness would remain.  All that could be observed, afterwards, would be a higher [or lower] form of the same thing.

I should be writing because it is of vital importance to understand clearly what I want to be.  I should be writing because that is how I should live.  I should be writing about abundance because I want it.  I should be writing about love to bring in more love.  I should be writing about faith only to empower for a peaceful, joyful and loving consciousness.  I should be writing with respect to make a mark in the light of my consciousness for the next events to follow.  Consequently, what appears as circumstances or conditions, and even material objects, is really only the product of my own consciousness.

I must learn to turn from the objective appearance of things to the subjective center of things - from thinking of it to thinking from it.  I must learn to think from looking with my heart.  A paradigm is activated by attention.  The moment I think and look with my heart, consciousness is activated.  The Universe moves with motiveless necessity.  It is the paradigm, the light of consciousness, that brings focus to attention and manifestation.

When I think I am well, I am well.  When I think I am positive, I am positive.  When I think of love, I become lovable.  So is, should I think I am hate, I become hateful.  Should I think I am fear, I become fearful.  I think I can, I can.  I think I cannot, I cannot. 

The arrangement of my mind is always arranged in the image of all I believe and consent to as true.  The rich man, poor man, a happy couple, a brokenhearted soul are not different minds, but different arrangements of the same mind.  I become what I think about.  I must be conscious of being loved when I know what love is.  I must be conscious of being healthy when I know what health is.  I must be conscious of being respected when I know what respect is.

Creation, all that mankind ever was or ever will be, exists now.  The whole of creation exists in me.  It is my journey, in the power of awareness, to be in deeper receptiveness for the entire contents of time and space to coexist in an infinite and eternal now.

I must take charge of all the consciousness that I bring into myself, and not merely talk about it or look at it.  To transform a new and greater value of myself, I must assume that I already are what I want to be and then live by faith in this assumption.

When I say 'I love you', I just love you.  When I say 'Watch your thought', I am watching mine too.  When I say 'I shall pray for you', I fold my emotions within till they become one colour and substance with yours.  This is the state of consciousness in the absolute fidelity to the assumption that I desire to be.  This is what wholeness means.  What integrity means.  I must submit to the consciousness of words to become who I want to be.  I want to be in the creation of truth.  I want to live an honest life.  I want to embrace the route that truth follows.

What a synchronicity!

Synchronicity One:

As I am filled with a desire writing this entry, somewhere in my neighbourhood, someone is singing 'Amazing Grace'.  Am I now found that once I was lost?  Am Grace now will lead me home?  Is "the Lord has promised good to me, His word my hope secures"?

Synchronicity Two:

Received this email about "God on the Mountain".  The Universe is, indeed, watching and accompanying me.  When this writing started, I told myself that I will imagine its creation from the mountain.  The mountain has been synonymous to my inner force.  It is a place I felt tremendous peace of I AM.  It is a place I take refuge from the 'down in the valley of trials and temptaions' - perhaps, even lies.

Enjoy This Beautiful Music
and its profound lyrics
[Turn on the volume; Close your eyes]
God Of The Mountain
- Lynda Randle


Life is easy
when you're up on the mountain
And you've got peace of mind
like you've never known

But things change
when you're down in the valley
Don't lose faith
for you're never alone

For the God on the mountain
is still God in the valley
When things go wrong
He'll make them right

And the God of the good times
is still God in the bad times
The God of the day
is still God in the night

You talk of faith
when you're up on the mountain
But talk comes so easy
when life's at its best

Now it's down in the valley
of trials and temptations
That's where your faith
is really put to the test

For the God on the mountain
is still God in the valley
When things go wrong,
He'll make them right

And the God of the good times
is still God in the bad times
The God of the day
is still God in the night
The God of the day
is still the God in the night

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