Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What Child Is This

Of late, I have been having a little desire to own another 'Little Ruby' for yet another significant and constant part of my life.  To fill Reiki Sanctuary to return to the source of comfort and companionship, of unconditional love and acceptance, of fun and joy.  To let the Sanctuary be filled with bouncing, jumping, tail wagging, face licking bundle of happiness. 

Afterall, it is said, every dogs love their masters much more than they could for themselves.  They give us unconditional love, just as God does, and remind us daily that we too can love this way if we choose.

I dreamed of her the other day.  She was in my arms and I was giving Reiki to her.  That, was not the first time.  In another dream, she was with my late parents and we were having a feast.  I often dream of Ruby  whenever I have the intention to make a connection with her.  She would usually appear in good health, much younger and there would always be a feeling of love, peace and joy.

Perhaps, Ruby is reminding me to live my life.  To share joy, energy and enthusiasm.  To play, laugh and enjoy just being alive.  To live lives with a smiling face and open arms just as she did with her wagging tail.  To appreciate a glorious gift from God to myself, my loved ones and everyone else to make this world a better place just by being in it.

It is a good sign that I am having the birth of this desire.  My grief for her has come to a new beginning.  Time has allowed me to work through my grief and loss.  A new height for yet another journey.  Though there would always be silent sorrow - afterall, Ruby had been very special to me who brought the meaning of acceptance and life (haste from within personal reasons), my heart is slowly filled with peace.  Where I previously thought that I would never be thinking of having another pet - yes! Ruby is irreplaceable, time is now connecting me with river of life to love, joy, healing, forgiveness, patience, courage and gratitude.

Life with Ruby had been a deep emotional bond.  It was a devotion.  Some of my dearest friends are rather weary about my new desire.  There is, definitely, a reason for what I want.  I may not know of it now.   Nor would I be guided to make certainty with life choices in the beacon for another life lesson.  While these friends felt that I would be derpived of my personal freedom, it only shows that I am having too much of it in hand.  Life with Ruby had proven, to them and myself, that I am capable of devoting to build a relationship.  And, I could sacrifice an opportunity for the sake of the people I want to love and care.

Perhaps, I am being given yet another sign to live a moderate life.  To be who I am.  To embrace endearment of what is in my hand.  To have faith.  To treasure the beauty and love of all the people that have been important to me.  My dearest indigo friend made a wise remark to caution me, saying something like "do not get little Ruby if you are going to make comparisons".  It did knock deep into my conscience.  Perhaps, the next challenge in my life is about the awareness of moving forward.  Of acknowledgement that every soul is unique and each is not about to take the place of another.

Little new Ruby, when the day comes, would be about coming home to what I used to be.  To who my soul finds comfort.  It will be another loving child that will rest on my lap in all hours.  Ruby had been a huge part of my life since the first day I met her.  Over the years, she changed my life.  I travelled less.  I socialised less.  She was my world.  She was the queen of my heart.  I had always felt loved.  I always felt joy.  I spent most of my time with her.  She had always been there with, and for, me.  And, there was never a regret.

Little new Ruby, when the day comes, will be a sign that I have moved forward.  Of an acquisition to build a life rather than looking backward.  Of an awareness to be mindful of the many wonderful gifts about life.

Few days after Ruby crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge, I communicated with her.  She said "I will always be there amongst the triangle of stars watching over you".  I saw the triangle of stars.  Few days ago, when I was in the company of a dearest indigo friend sitting at the balcony, the stars appeared again at the same old spot.  Only this time, there was another tiny star outside the triangle.  I casually remarked to him there was an Angel.  I felt peaceful.

Everyday, for the last few weeks, I would be googling for a blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  It is the only breed and colour that I love. It is the only breed that I would want, again.  Perhaps, it is because of the 'Kiss of Buddha" marking; the blenheim spot on top of their head.  Perhaps, such a named marking resonates with my spiritual search within me. 
No, it is not about to have Ruby lookalike.  No, it is not about reliving Ruby.  Yes, I am very much aware of the breed's health issues.  Yes, I know of its temperament, of how highly affectionate this breed seeks.  Of how it will never become street-wise.

I would be reading about the breed.  Reading about cavalier puppies for sale.  Reading about cavalier owners.  Reading about cavalier rescues.  Everyday, I would think of going to a pet shop just to see cavalier puppies.  It was the same thing I did after I decided to get a cavalier almost nine years ago.  The only diffrence, this time, is calmness.

I can't help but to wonder what child is this that keeps drawing me to own it.  Though there is always a price for loving this child deeply, the courageous act will definitely bring positive hope to life.  Perhaps, it is about owning the life lesson to take responsibility and love, to interact with others, beyond the unconditional love and affection.  Perhaps.  Perhaps.  Perhaps.

What Child Are These
[Bundle of Joy]

- Video taken from an Australian breeder's site [which I cannot recall now]

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