Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Twelfth of Never

I love the month of December.  Not only of the rainy season and the cold weather that bring about a feeling of ease, there is unspeakable peace about the month.  Perhaps, it is about an end of a year to close yet another chapter of our lives and the beginning to new hopes that will transcend higher reason to live on.  Perhaps, it is about a period to bless and be blessed.  Of letting go and renewing faith with expectation of another fulfillment.  It is the unquestioned surrender to the will for bigger hopefuls.

December is the month that I would start to spring clean.  Of throwing old things that are no longer needed nor provided to serve me further.  I start to look into folder and files and discard old correspondences that only made the arch files thicker.  I would defrag my computer hard disk after deleting and removing many old data that I don't even can remember having them.  Every storage spaces, every cabinets in the house are not spared.  Basically, it is a renewed opportunity to gain access to develop new energies.

The intention is for plain truth.  That, it is about to create abundance.  It has nothing to do with greed but to live a life that is meant to be.  We create sacred space for it to be filled; we give away what we got as not to hoard our mind to free it from burnout.  Clearing spaces - be it physical tangible items or intangible ideas, is about a forced spiritual secret to manifest abundance.  It is a conscious act to remove debt karma.

Don't get me wrong but spring cleaning is about gratitude to things I once owned.  Of how each of these things had given me the vehicle to act and react.  Of how those things were the prosperity, at any given time, in my journey.  Each had served a divine purpose strengthening consciousness and attracting synchronicity to all things good.

The Universe cannot put good into my hand until I let go of what I am holding in it.  The lifespan, between birth and death, for faith to become reality.  Quality is ever more important than quantity.  Only when we learn to treasure, and understand it, that the Universe will amplify the virtue into circumstance.

Faith is heartfelt and it becomes reality only when we focus on the Real.  Keeping unwanted things and forgetting to provide them with love and attention, while they lie hidden from our sight, is as good as nothing.  Cherish is all about affection and tenderness, of holding dear.  But, when our old things are left unattended for long period of time, only to be found while clearing the mess, it is an act of disrespect. 

The key of the kingdom to the Law of Vacuum is in keeping an uncluttered and organized environment.  When we start to clear unwanted things, we are in a state of plentiful consciousness.  Abundance is generated when we play along with the fluctuations of life instead of fighting to hold things forever.

December is also a resurrection month.  It is the time of year to review to take in stocks of past actions.  Past thoughts.  Past events.  Of forgiving what had gone wrong and letting go.  Karl Marx wrote "Life is not determined by consciousness but consciousness by life".  The quality of the life we live is about to improve our living conditions.  The emphasis is on the need to perform the right action determined from the God consciousness within, to work done through wisdom.

There is a silent comfort about December.  To me, it is a mutually exclusive month motivated by a visualised target to long and to strive for better things.  It is a one-pointed determination to revitalise the course of a man's life.  It is a period of 31 days to perceive the relationship between oneself and one's environment, only of love and happiness and faith.

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