Thursday, September 23, 2010

Because You're Loved, My Dear

Last month, in August, with an unplanned schedule, we ended visiting Thailand again. It was our second trip this year. As usual, the routine was to stay in Bangkok (for few nights) and Pattaya (for a longer stay) to catch up with some friends.

Thailand was a country that we would not mind visiting, again and again. Forget about her political hiccup, the country offered somewhat a spiritual retreat to the soul. I had always regarded Thailand, without any historical foreign invasion and occupation nor influence, a land that brought internal peace within. There was always the gentleness in the air that kept my soul intact.

In Bangkok, we were back doing the same old itinerary. With the help of a dear friend, based there, we got to stay in Dusit Thani Hotel. This time around, we got ourselves upgraded to a Deluxe room.

Dusit Thani, Bangkok

The Comfy King-sized Bed

The Big Glass Bathroom

One of the MUST-Do thing in Bangkok was to have our regular massage.  We would indulge almost every day, at times as long as three hours, for a superb clean Thai massage.  At Baht100 for an hour, we didn't mind to get our bodies twisted-and-turned and our bones 'cracked'.  May Massage should be the place to visit for a good traditional Thai massage.  It was the cheapest we found in the capital.  We would rate the place to be clean and comfortable.

May Massage, which is just above the Big Mama Restaurant

We would do exactly the same thing when we traveled to Pattaya.  For a different experience, we had another form of Thai massage.  This time round, we had some kind of Acu-pressure massage done by the local Thai Blind Massage Institute.  This form of massage could be painful yet relaxing.  The masseurs usually engaged their intuitive skills, perhaps their gifts to feel, to heal ailments and problems.

Thai Blind Massage Institute in Jomtien, Pattaya

Our stay in Pattaya - it was Jomtien to be specific, had always been eat-sleep-and-relax holidays.  Here, we always enjoyed the kind hospitality of - with gratitude, our dearest friend.  His place just let us to do nothing but to feel relaxed every day.

Such a relaxing home here

.. and the long way up ..

This time round, our visit to Thailand was kinda different.  Relaxing yes but it was also a journey towards celebrating Reiki Sanctuary.  We did a lot of shopping which we never had done such with all our Thailand visits so far.  Come next month, we would have stayed here for two years.

We just wanted to expand Reiki Sanctuary.  To dress her up for the anniversary.  To raise the vibration of energy within.  It was about love.

The shopping [Pictures Galore]:

The Twin Ballerina

The Hand
The Chimes

The Wall Clocks

The Paintings

The Statues

The Rugs

The Wood Collections 

More Wood Collection - The Thinking Man
and More More Wood from Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

The Yoga a.k.a. Fat Women Collections

Indeed, it was very fulfilling for us.  Reiki Sanctuary had her share in our growth.  With her blessings, we did not get any problem with the Immigration and Customs both in Thailand and Singapore.

For now, we are just looking forward to live with these items together.  That, each one of them will have a place and a part to play in Reiki Sanctuary.

The Celebration of Life

With gratitude, with abundance - because you are loved!

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