Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Tombstone

Certainly down the road, few weeks and months from today - even years, when I look back into Reiki Sanctuary (the blog), a nostalgia will  surely sweep into my memories.  Whenever it happens, I am thankful for it all. I want to admit, I have a beautiful life.

It will raise the intention to the reason why I first start a web-logged publishing in 2008.  It will remind me of all those random thoughts to let go when the blog platform ceases. It will remind me of a promise that should not be broken, when it is made. And what would leave me with next?

In a bigger wishful thinking, I should be glad that I have kept my conviction. That, I have kept the Universe with me all these while. That, I have managed thus far to keep my promises. To be, with the blessings of the Universe, of what and who I am. To start VOX, about two years ago, is definitely a rewarding step towards becoming a better me.

I have to take charge of my thought should I want to let the Universe to provide me. Yes, promises might be broken but they have to have valid reasons. Should I not want Universe to hurt me, then I should not hurt the Universe. I should have faith with my vows. With my promises. Words are energy; they are alive. When they are made, things around me will progress in a productive manner. It is just the Law of Attractions and Vibrations.

For me, nostalgic feeling by itself is a positive reinforcement.  It means that I am not missing something good and that I have been lucky enough to experience, to feel and to appreciate.

I am feeling rather sentimental today.  It is the last day for VOX existence.  From this date onward, as mentioned by Team VOX, the "blog will no longer be available".  Perhaps, what's left as from 1st October, when clicking to the site, will just be an empty page with an error message.

It is true that in life, there are always times which we have to go through where people have to leave and the feelings which have to fade.  Indeed, "VOX has been a fun place to explore, create and connect with friends".  I may probably lose some of them.

Time passes, events flow, feelings develop and, importantly, we grow.  However, it does not mean that my life - and yours, is worse than it has been before.  It does not mean that we have to forget who we have been, where we are from and what we have felt.

I would definitely be remembering VOX, the blogosphere that made me to evolve with my personality.  The joy that starts with showing-off the new home gradually develops into a playground for my mundane beliefs of spiritual guidance in life.  Of who I want to be; of what is the life I seek to have.  VOX provides that platform to raise my search for a meaningful earthly life.

VOX has taught me to bring substance into my essence.  And, to stay true to what I dearly committed.  I want my soul to sing songs of joy, of peace that accompanies me throughout the day and the depth for awareness of a simple life.  At the same time, for the atoms and molecules of Light to shine through my light being. 

VOX comes with a realization for space and time.  It awakens the dream within me.  I feel very connected, and usually feel that I am home, when I turn on to Reiki Sanctuary's page.  It has become a place of refuge, of connecting me with the Universe and a retreat to my soul.  It is a blog platform served as a factotum to who and everything I AM.

It is a platform where, in the words of Carl Jung, "the universal principle is even into the smallest particle, which therefore, correspond to the the whole".

I am so glad that the energy of blogging keeps me alive.  In many ways, my imagination (or perception or unconscious) always makes me to travel and pass the frontier.  It becomes the bridge between the physical person I am into the physcial universe senses and helping me to understand the perfect physical harmony existing between us.

I am glad, while with VOX, that I have touched some people.  I am soaking with all the good and the bad as a reflection from where I am to where I were before.  It is a feeling which will always remind me that I still have a soul and that my soul is still alive.

The whole organism about VOX is like doing meditation, with all the effects and benefits which could not be felt immediately but slowly.  It is a working habit for the same purpose.  This fact takes significance only in the moment I take conscience of it.  It is good spirituality.

VOX is a sacred space for me to be ever watchful of any emotions which invade into my mental space and to take steps to eliminate undesirable ones and to replace them with the desirable.  I am grateful for its existence.  For its presence that changes the vibrations of my mind.

I am thankful for the good, and the not so good, that comes with VOX.  That, it does heal my mind of any negativity which is affecting me.  VOX is a true physical platform that puts me back to be in touch with my higher mind.  And through it, to the universal mind.

VOX has led me to become consciously aware for all that is there for me in life.  With every posting, I am actually acknowledging the gift of life.  It is releasing a dynamic current of energy flow of the highest vibrations into the Univese.  In return, the flow returns back to me.

Today, I crave the grave with love and gratitude.  I just want to make it formal.  Because you have been the strength to further my faith.  Because you have been the light.

It is to serve me with greater purpose to keep web-logging.  For me to honor the source of my intention for something greater.  For my soul to be committed and for all faith, hope and love be amplified deep within me.  I have taken to write further and I shall not just abandon it because you are now gone.

"With Love", VOX!

You have made me to love the life I have and there is no other life I would rather live with. I am praying that there will be no other questions, in future, where I have to answer for losing this conviction.

You shall leave, with not any other better ways, for me attain what's missing or to eliminate what is un-necessary. This is where all the adventures take place. This is where I learn to step out of my comfort zone and to confront all my fears from expressing my feelings, my thoughts and my emotions.

I am counting my blessings and truly thankful for what you have given me.

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