Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Imperfect Perfection

The feeling is always good when we are in our comfort zone.  But not when we are forced out to a new ground.

For good two years, I grew to know VOX.  It was not easy in the beginning but I managed to explore the platform well.  I was able to organize all that I desired into my own style.  VOX was not a choice but a platform that I was introduced to.  Then, blogging amongst some friends was kinda the in-thing.  Each of us just wanted to have one and to own one with the idea that we will be blogging forever.  Few of them started off with VOX and I was, naturally, guided.  Somehow, I just liked it.  I like the simple layout and within weeks, I was able to blog and used the blogging tools.  And, on top of that, it was free hosted.

In 2008, blogging was new to me and it was certainly not practical to set up a self hosted platform.  I had tried to learn but failed.  Yes, back then, I had little drive to take up internet network challenges.  Perhaps, it coupled with the the idea that I had to pay for my own self hosted domain and to maintain it.

There were other blogging platforms.  Amongst others, there were Live Journal, Wordpress and Blogger - to name few.  VOX was easy to set up and it provided me the tools.  Blogging became fun as I was able to upload my photos and videos.  Reiki Sanctuary in VOX, afterall, was about my renovation process.  Like any proud house owner, I was too proud to show-off every bits of it.  I was happy to show photos and videos of the renovation.

I did consider Blogger but never got to it.   Afterall, I had become very comfortable with VOX.  I had learned a little bit more about HTML and was able to design my own widget sidebar.  Uploading media was easy and the best thing, VOX was able to host it into libraries.  I didn't have to rely on third party to host the media.

The past few days have made me a little frustrated here in Blogger.

Let's start with the positive.  There are new things that I like about it, like having Pages where I could publish static information on stand-alone pages that linked from my blog.  Adding widget sidebar is another impressive thing.  Blogger has Google Gadgets that is being integrated into the design template with an array of customization options for easy tweaking.

Pages in Blogger

Gadgets in Blogger

My writings in VOX was first exported to Typepad, which VOX Management has kindly made it easy for me.  With Blogger's easy import and export function, I was then able to export the entire blog here thereafter.  Guess, the good thing about a good blogging platform is the ever improving support.

Perhaps, I have been inside my comfort zone in VOX far too long.  With all its comfort, it had actually made me a lazy person.  Choosing Blogger requires me to expand before I can grow.

Perhaps, I am still new to Blogger and yet to get used to it.  But, as of now, I find it troublesome to sign-up to third party hosts to store my media library.  Guess, I am complaining as I have to do another extra thing.  Then, there is a limit to the upload and to store all my photos and videos with third party.

Life is, indeed, dangling on a myriad of learning curves.  Now that I am a Blogger, it opens another zone for me to enter.  It teaches me to learn and to strive while maintaining my faith to continue blogging for my own personal reasons and goals.

I can only pray for all things good to happen here.

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