Monday, February 06, 2012

How Would You Remember Me?

Have you made arrangements for your survivors to recover all your passwords and PINs? Now would be a really good time to take care of this.

OK, this may be a morbid and alarming terrible thought.  To many, this subject of my post constitutes an unsound mind.  One may even say that I may be having some forms of depression or, perhaps, a total withdrawal to life.  That I may have given up hope and to have given up life so easily, relinquishing my faith and ignoring on life purpose and that I should not entertain such an unhealthy (and sinful?) thought.

Thing is, I am not suicidal nor am I depressed as to think on such a topic .  Yes, I think of death frequently.  And before you judge me,  I am not going through or suffering any depression.  I am healthy, my soul and spirit is happy, and I do not experience any traumatic guilt nor do I live each day with a feeling of worthlessness.  I do not have sudden outburst of sorrow nor do I have lost total interest in everything.

 Still, ironically, I can be thinking of death often - but not in a compulsive dominant thought that fills every seconds.  It has been in my waking thought the last few years.  Each time such a topic crosses my mind, I look forward with courage.  I look forward knowing that I am going to be at peace.

For the record, I strongly believe that I am leading a really fantastic life.  I am happy with everything that life has offered.  I enjoy what I am doing and I believe that I have been blessed.  I am surrounded with loving family members and that I have loving friends that I can count on.  Often, I feel loved and there is nothing more to ask for.

Being happy as I am now does not mean that everything is perfect.  Strange as it may sound, I know that I have decided to look beyond the imperfections.  My life may not look exactly the way I want it to be, but I am fully aware, the world does not change if I have more money, flying on first class or a bungalow to live in.

I love almost everything about my life.  As much there are for me to give and receive, and to lend and welcome support to/from others, I embrace my imperfections well.  I am aware of my shortcomings.  All the things that I have failed, all the things that I cannot have but these are just qualities that I have to amend to be a better person.  I am aware of my limitations and fully accepted them.  I am aware of my limitations and I am thankful.

The weirdest thing, when I tell some people that I think about death, they get pretty worried.  Either they would ask me to seek forgiveness from God immediately or they find such a topic unhealthy and morbid.

Is not the one thing that is fully guaranteed, the only promise, in life is death?  OK, Ben Franklin added taxes to it too.  Fine, there are other things as well.  We cannot escape from getting old, we cannot be healthy forever or we cannot stop from feeling our emotions.  We can be sure when we lose someone, as of death, that to cry is a guaranteed thing.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  It is an assurance for the fulfilment of a condition.  To me, death is just the beginning.  It is my mantra that we come (being born) alone and that we shall die alone. 

What happens in between will always be our resolution towards life.  The deeds, acts or actions, we do in between will always be the guaranteed things, for us all, to bring upon our death.  It shall be all the praiseworthy causes that land us to the rightful kingdom of God.

My thought about death is more a feeling as to how I want to live my life with love - it must have hope to nourish it.  It makes me to appreciate life.  It compels me to make the right things.  It encourages me to live.  It makes me to enjoy the present moment.  It empowers the existence of God.

It is such thought that propels me to become a good person, to appreciate all life events, good or bad.  It is such a thought that makes me to realize my limitations and to honor them resignedly with full acceptance. 

What I can do, what I can aim for and what I shall live for is to make hay while the sun shines.  I just have to continue to believe that all opportunities open upon my path are about re-membering the purpose of my life.  That I should live my life with divine grace.  It is about how I go about measuring the good, and blessed, things in my life at any given time.

Question is, how do I reconcile my consciousness?  How do I bridge what is permanence and the transience of life?  How do I reconcile the sorrows and the joys that reside in death, my death?

For one thing, I do not wish to leave when my soul is heavy with guilts and regrets.  I do not wish to leave when things are left undone, when things are left unspoken.  I do not wish to leave when there are people still experiencing anger and hatred towards me.

My thought about death is akin to inspire personal growth.  It is an emotional correction tool that helps me to understand the mistakes (the imperfections) in my life and provide a reason to correct those mistakes.  Death changes the way I should live and to bring understanding to address on the beauty of love and overcoming its shortfall.

Death is a learning call for all of us.  Only when we accept that death is unavoidable, we become forgiving.  It is, and should be, a natural mechanism to program for our expectations for our own attitudes and behaviours.  We should remind ourselves of death in order for us to use this event as a motivation to improve and to avoid unhealthy decisions.  We have to build on positive emotions to broaden our thoughts.

To prepare for death is an opportunity for us to be better than yesterday.  It is, at best, a thoughtful event where we need to cherish life and all its opportunities.  It is a pursuit towards increasing our divinity and, accordingly, our happiness.

The thought of death makes me to ask myself, "How can I be that person I want to be in this moment?"  For now, I just want to feel a sense of meaning; to do something worthwhile that I can be proud of.  Something that is close to my purpose, something that matters to me and to the people I love.  Something that will live after I am gone.

One day, when I am totally gone and before you, I can only hope that we all know about the celebration of life.  Death is just a passing from one realm to another.  Death is just the beginning.

To understand death is to understand life.  To understand life is to understand death.  Love never dies.

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