Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Present Is The Past Is The Future

You can live in the past or create the future. You can’t do both.

What a small small world.  Just when we think that the world is actually big with seven continents, four oceans, over 180,000 islands and 6.7 billion people in the world today, it makes it an unlikely place to bump into familiar faces met in another country.  Especially so  when we can bump into old friends which may have a very small probability of occurring.

When it does happen, one would wonder at its fascination.  One may wonder at the paradoxical occurence of events that can happen without obvious cause.  There would always be something to be uncovered along the way.  Indeed, the world would be more surprising if coincidences never occurred. 

Deeper, one may want to relate at its significance, the understanding of its universal consciousness and importance.  It is synchronicity that (may) have intrinsic meaning.  There must be a meaning and purpose to it.  A coincidence with a chance meeting with (super) old friends, I believe, is the natural spiritual law to create gravitational force of life.

About a month ago, when this dear good friend came to visit me, I told him about the chance of bumping into friends at an unlikely place.  There is no escape in life, so I said to him - you can run but cannot hide forever.  We can try to escape, from whatever reason, but eventually we will have to face it.  Perhaps, it has to do with one's thought too - when you think it can happen, it will happen.

Synchronicity, where it has been coined as meaningful coincidence, is about an experience not to be understood even though a certain consciousness of its happening may unfold.  This meaningful coincidence is a universal energy for moving forward.  It is a sign to when to act and when not to act.

As for now, I cannot be fully certain nor would be able to associate any specific awareness at how events develop recently.  I have yet to be able to explain to myself the meaningful unfoldment force of life to the reason(s) I could just bump into two friends - on two occasions - whom I have not met nor talked to for the past two decades when in Bangkok.

[Side Note:  OK, this will probably bring disappointment to a good dear friend reading this blog and to know that I was in Bangkok.]

Is the past really the past?

Often, when we think about our past, the feelings of joy, happiness and expectation associated with it awaken and they can make us feel good.  As much that I do enjoy my past, I have acknowledged that the past has long left me.  I have grown and moved on from it.  It is the experiences of my past that have shaped me to become what I am today. 

The journey that I have made will not be possible if I had not executed a choice from the past.  By continually falling on the idea of meaningful coincidence, I guess the Universe has it made the right timing for other events to occur. 

People change and so am I.  Who we are, we can never stop changing.  I am a believer, at some point in life, we will outgrow some or all of our friends.  To every thing, there is a season and a time for every purpose under the sun.

It is not about that we are better than our friends nor that we have become much a better person.  The reality is, as we grow, we will literally move into another vibrations (hopefully a higher one) which may result with fading connections.

When that happens, I believe it has created for meaningful good reasons.  Universal consciousness is far beyond our mental grip, our human perception.  When synchronicity sets, all it means is an onset for the conditions to be conducive for universal wisdom.

Personally, I have a very good friend who makes a choice to fade off connection with his groups of friends including me.  I honor and respect his choice, knowing that our vibrations (and our wavelengths) are no longer dynamic for now.  I believe it is about an aspect of him going through the universal consciousness aspect, for his own highest good.

People go through transition all the time and for whatever informed choices they are to make, it is about creating their own reality.  The feeling of abandonment is natural for the rest left behind.  Any change, even if a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.  Look at it more as if we are at the train station, jumping on trains going to different destinations.

We have been socially conditioned with a sense of obligation, of staying true to our friends but we also have to stay true to ourselves.  The truth of the matter is that we have no obligation to anyone.  The only obligation we have is to ourselves and to the people that we truly want to care for.  It is the qualitative sense of obligation versus the quantitative. 

Selfish it may sound and people may object but when it comes a time where we have to go, we just have to go.  While this may sound harsh, it is the truth.  We need to listen to our heart.  It requires courage and no one says it is easy all the time.  But, in the end, it is the right path to travel.

Perhaps, the Universe had a way to let me lose my friends many years back.  When I lost my Contact List, I lost many of old friends too.  The Universe created a new path for me albeit my sadness losing most of them. 

The Universe made me to see my own obligation, though it was not vividly clear at that time.  The Universe changed the course of my journey.  I came to new state of mind where I had to take charge for my own peace.  There must be something more important that I needed to seek within.  I could not keep doing what did not feel absolutely right because it ended up making me miserable.

Is the past here today to heal our future?

When I was in Bangkok, out of nowhere and without any expectation, I bumped into an old friend.  It was pure coincidence, and a meaningful event, to meet such an old friend in the office of a departmental store where we were making claims for VAT refund.

Though he was not close to me, he was the link to my two other dearest friends whom I had been trying to connect the past years.  He had the contact number for one of my lost dearest friend, only through this friend that I will also be reunited with another one.

Strangely, about three months back, I dreamed of these two dearest friends.  In my dream, I had one of them invited me to her place.  It was some kind of celebration.  Guess, the universal consciousness manifested via symbolic dream back to me in meaningful coincidences.

Two days later, while still in bustling and crowded Bangkok, I bumped into another old friend.  Again, the topic of the past was brought up.  Again, friends of our past were brought to consciousness.  He sounded happy, doing well with his life and career, but it seemed that we both missed the past.

Such is synchronicity.  When you internalize your emotions, it brings about another component to it.  While it does not specifically tell us what to do, it does tell us where to go.

Should I watch closely my consciousness, the reality of bumping these two old friends is about my being.  It is about the feeling of being alive, the consciousness of my inner being.  It is walking back into my timeline to understand the aspect of life.  It is not about recovering all the memories but how do I want to allow life to be in succession of moments.

Somehow, this quote came to my mind:

“I will focus my thoughts on the present.  I will not live in the past.  I neither try to relive the glory that has gone nor ruminate on mistakes I have made.

The past has already happened, and there is nothing I can do to change the wrongs that were done, nor is there any way to relive the triumphs gone by.

I will let the future happen as it comes and focus on affecting it through the control I have on my actions today in this present moment.

I will always remember this brief second is all I have.

I will find my eternity in each moment.”

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