Friday, March 30, 2012

Why Do We Count Our Blessings

Peace is the person who finds fault with himself instead of finding fault with others.  Love is its own reward.

My words may not express the exact magnitude of my gratitude, of being in sincere thankfulness and appreciation for all the things that I have experienced in life.  Nor my words can easily justify my intuition as to recognize the will of God for His blessings upon me.  What I totally feel deep within me has no boundaries but yet words can be limited.  My words often do a poor job of expressing just how blessed I am.

It is, somewhat, harder than I thought to thank God enough.  Fact is, I am appreciative of the good things that I have received. Fact is, I am appreciative of the bad things that I have received too.  Together, they have helped my insight and intuition in recognizing God's presence to let me to experience His ways, the Divine Way.  Together, it is the way He is taking care of me, allowing me to understand what is Life about.  Together, it leads me to an acceptance about life that requires hope, faith and love.

While I am made aware to understand that wealth is just allurements of life on us here in this world, where they are are to satisfy our material earthly needs, it is in the consciousness knowing these rewards that makes the difference.  These earthly allurements are our foundation for building up hopes, but not to be taken as the ultimate blessings, as the real rewards are in the Life after. 

Our life here on this world is a time of test and trial.  We are tested with good and comfortable times to see whether we can remain thankful.  At other times, we are tested with bad and difficult times to see if we can remain steadfast and still knowing Him.

When we are able to understand about our Subtle Body that we can better understand ourselves.  To appreciate life, we need to know our Body in its entirety.  Our Body is a complex temple of life with different layers affecting our evolution.  There is the Supra causal Body that creates a feeling that we are separate from God; the Causal Body that processes our intellect; the Mental Body that gives rise to our feelings, emotions and desires.

Then, there is the Soul where it guides all of God's principles within each of us; the Vital Body that sustains energy of the body and the Physical Body that comprises of the five senses, tissues, blood, organs and etc.

When a person dies, the physical body ceases to exist.  However, the rest of his existence or consciousness continues.  Through the time of test and trial, it is important that we live to fulfill our righteousness to bring about the worldly progress of every living being and causing progress for our spiritual realm as well.

Unfortunately, it is easy for many of us to live everyday through the eyes of negativity.  We get easily discouraged and allow our spirit to get hurt and fail at causing progress in the spiritual realm.  We often fail to see the good in anything, there is always something swaying us away to be in total surrender, nor we have the right reason or courage to be aware of every events.  To give ourselves fully to God is a means of receiving God Himself.

We easily fail to be firm and patient, in pain and adversity and throughout our periods of unsettling emotions.  Everything - from good and bad - that happens to us is determined by God.  He decides for us what to have and not have in life.  We can only use our consciousness to act what is good for ourselves.

The saddest thing, in times of our weakness, we are quick to pass judgement.  We are addicted to judge.  We are quick to judge others about their attitude, social status, race, religion or anything else.  A spiritual person knows that any judgement we make has no basis.  A spiritual person knows just when to let go and to let God.

Making our own judgement about others constitutes our standard of choice and expect others to follow.  The act of judgement is an act of pride which is not what God wants us to do.  (More Read)

If one says that he/she does not have the right to judge other's beliefs or actions, he/she in fact is contradicting.  We see that each person has their individual perception of good and evil, whether this perception is based upon religion, law, culture or individual contemplation.  All humans have a trait of knowing right from wrong in a limited sense.  Unfortunately, this trait becomes perverted through environmental, psychological or religious factors.

Our duty is to own up to our consciousness and be fully aware of our true heart.  All that we will get, in wishing and asking in life, is when He feels our sincerity.  This is His basic code of ethics.  He chooses our sufferings and so are all the life rewards.  Patience, perseverance and not losing faith should be our virtues towards the end.

It seems simple faith is no longer enough in this day and age.  Spirituality can't no longer satisfy intelligent and enquiring minds.

For this reason, I am counting my blessings.  I hope, deep in my heart, to be accorded with God's love and wisdom to shine upon my soul.  The only One who has right to legislate right and wrong is the One who created me.  For He knows what is best for me.

Giving me the right to believe what I wish does not necessitate that I have the right to openly practice or publicize these beliefs, for laws implemented in society always look at the effects of actions at the greater societal level, whether those actions are advantageous or harmful to the society at large.

I am counting my blessings that I am not left to wander about on earth feeling sinful.  I am counting my blessings fully aware of God's presence in my soul.  I am counting my blessings with all his fulfillment to make me walk my life with great purpose, not just to eat, sleep and go about finding my daily sustenance and satiate my desires.

I am counting my blessings to associate with the wise, young and old.  There are people that I fully appreciate.  These wise men who have acquired the wisdom to tell right from wrong and thus avoid causing harm to others.

I am counting my blessings to live in a suitable place, both a material and spiritual meaning.  Materially, it means a peaceful place where life and property are reasonably secure.  Spiritually, it means a place and time where I am able to learn and practice my spiritual teachings in peace.

I am counting my blessings to have good family, teachers, friends for a successful, balanced and wholesome material life.

I am counting my blessings for being able to practice virtuous conduct.  To be in a fortunate position of being able to help others.

I am counting my blessings at my own contentment in life.  There is nothing more nor less.  I believe there is one God and that He does not leave humans to wander in misguidance.

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