Saturday, March 10, 2012

We Need To Listen To The Voices Of Words

Don’t light fuses you cannot put out.  Don't say the words you cannot own them.

We should feel blessed that we are able to talk, to verbalize and communicate.  That our spirits can experience to express our thoughts and emotions.  That we are able to speak the voice of our heart as spontaneous thoughts, visions, feelings or impressions.  Question is, do we listen to the words we use when we speak?  Do we allow reckless words to pierce like a sword and not the tongue of the wise to bring healing?

Words are communicative energy.  They shape the human person of who and what we are.  They shape the quality on how we will live.  They are the sound of the heart, the vibrations of good faith within us.  They are the eyes of our heart enriching our insight. 

Words open these eyes into our world for us to be in harmony with our spirit world.  Choosing our words, therefore, is important.  Words form our soul where it creates our views and our reality.  We need to watch and listen to our words as we speak, to be doing and saying the things.  We need to listen to ourselves as we speak in a way that brings love, peace and compassion.

We should avoid saying one thing and doing the opposite, even with the best of intentions.  If someone says that he is not a racist, he has to behave consistently with that statement.  If someone says that money is not important, then why does she work all the hours?  If someone says he wants to be fit, why then does not he do any exercise? If someone says that she is not a gambler, but why often to the casinos?

We should stop blatant hypocrisy.  We should take charge, with deepest consciousness, to behave consistently with our words.  We need to realize that our attitudes and behaviours are directly related.  The words we choose and we verbalize have to be coherent with our intention and should not represent reality in all its confusing glory.

We need to stick to what we verbalize.  It is a matter of attitude.  It has to be a bag of conviction and not a lip service.  A mixed message, where we say one thing and means another, often will lead to a situation where our souls will not be at peace.   When there is no peace, there is no love.  When there is no love, there is no compassion.  With no compassion, there is no understanding, no reconciliation, no empathy and no discernment.

We have to take charge of the words we say out.  Importantly, we need to listen to the voice of the words.  As we all know, our world is filled with sharp words of sarcasm, criticism and negativity as the result of repressed wish.   We do not have to empower it any larger.  We need to take note of what our communicative words sound and look like.  Doing so, we bring glory to the way we live.

Words are reflective of our inner self.  The tone in words conveys how the inner self is.  It is the stylistic means by which the soul evolves.  The way we put our words together conveys a sense of tone which in turn conveys our light.  Together, they have direct implication to our state of being. 


Our words and the tone of our words reflect the dignity of the human person.  We have to exercise internalizing our words thoughtfully.  When we say that we want something, make sure we obey it.  Make sure that we take charge to own it.   When we say "I want peace", we should not create 'war'.  When we say "I love you", we have to throw away any judgements.

Literally, death and life are in the power of the tongue.  Should we think that we know God, then we should internalize our words.  Should we think that we are good people, we should spark our lights to be the people of faith.  When we internalize the words that we speak, we live our faith in this world, our hearts and our minds are in tangent with God to  guide for our universal truth.

Spiritually, I believe that each and every one of us is created in the image and likeness of God.  Even if we disagree, I believe that each and every one of us is created pure from the moment of his or her conception.  It is precisely that that we must recognize our usage, and the subtle power, with words.  We must ask ourselves what do we really do when we verbalize words.  Are they said because we mean them or they are said because we just want to be heard?

The dignity of the human person is guided by conscience.  Our intellect, truth, wisdom, moral and freedom make up the dignity.  Our attitude, behavior, personality and the way we go about with life derive from the way we internalize words.  We need to use our intellect, better still should we are to use our consciousness, to listen to our voices.  The voices of our words have impact in our lives.  They affect our Being, our health, our environment.

The Voices of Words

Our words are a vehicle that we use to communicate.  With our intellect, we develop a communication system of speaking, but no matter how sophisticated our communication becomes, our words will always have consciousness.  This consciousness with which we deliver our words greatly affects not only to the receiver but to ourselves too.

Here's some examples:

01.  When we say "I love you" to someone, make sure it has the voice of our heart too.  That phrase has to have congruent energy of words and intention.  Our words carry enormous weight of our Being.  They impact for our general well being.

02.  When we say "I am not interested anymore", make sure we listen to the voice of will and freedom.  Listen to the word "not" and internalize its intention.

03.  When we are telling a story, make sure we listen to the truth of intention.  Make sure we are able to listen the voices of truths and lies.

We need to listen to the voices of our words.  Listening to the voices of our words creates higher awareness to further understand about Self sub-consciously.  When we speak, make sure we own our words.  Make sure we listen so that we can (must) take responsibility.  Only when we are able to sync the words as we speak with our intention that life at its best can happen.  Only then that respect can be earned.

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