Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Unsung Eulogy

How much do you know about your own birth?

Today marks the third year of your passing to the Rainbow Bridge.  Little is said how much we feel blessed to have you.  Little is said how beautiful your soul is as to provide us with comfort.  Little is said how we feel with the Almighty has been showering His divinity upon us through you.  You, dear Ruby, has come into our life for a bigger reason designed by God certainly for a purpose.

For once, I am not going to allow myself to be judged with your presence in our life.  You, just like any of us, have been created by God.  You have a purpose, just like any of us.  Ironically, for a little soul, you have bigger wisdom than most of us.  You have so much unconditional love that humans should be ashamed.  Your gentle soul deserves a place in God's Kingdom.

Secret Garden - You Half A World Away
(If you enjoy the music, buy the Album)

We, humans, ought to learn from you. Your mental body, if any, is always pure and free from any bad thoughts and negative energy. Your emotional body, if any, makes every day a joyful experience that is filled with peace. Your spiritual body, if any, is marked only with unconditional love - you never judge, you never complain, you are never angry and you are never revengeful. It is God's way in creating you to accompany humans, giving love and courage and, importantly, a lesson to recognize LOVE.

We thank you for providing us the lesson, dear Ruby. We know that many will never understand at our shared journey together. We know that many have more questions than answers. Looking back at the good nine years we shared together, there were more blessings than life downturns. Even when God took you away on this day, three years ago, it was only a day of suffering for you. We thank God for His mercy to lessen your sickness. To us, all these make us to realize that God loves us.

Our prayers for your can never stop. It is just simple - remembering you is a reminder for us to think of God. You are a reminder for us to stay humble, to be loving, to be kind and to have a heart that only fills with compassion.

 "Thank You" Ruby.  May you are always at peace.

Three Years And The Blessings Never Stop

God definitely has a way to let us to think.  A day before Ruby's anniversary, our dearest friend Ann lost her beloved Candy.

For us, we want to take it that God has a message.  With respect to our dearest friend, and in no way to make a comparison here, we want to believe that God is showering us His blessings and His love for us.  Ruby's departure was quick, in fact, it was too fast.  We were left without having to attend to a long suffering, both for Ruby and us, and it was a peaceful passing.

Such an event makes us to believe that God is always with us.  We are thankful the way things are being provided.  We are thankful for His mercy.

This is for Candy,
May You Rest In Peace

Secret Garden - Sleep Song
(If you enjoy the music, buy the Album)

It had been a sad week to see you in pain, Candy. It had been a sad week to see your mummy sad.

It is sad that you have peacefully passed on. You are dearly missed. For what it is, our prayers that you shall rest in peace now. The one thing that we know, you have no longer to suffer from all your sickness. We know that God will take good care of you.

Be joyful, Candy. Be at peace, Candy. We shall always remember you as that loving canine companion. Our prayers shall be with you.

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