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Why Do We Need To Keep Writing

Don’t wait till the eulogy to tell someone you love them. Otherwise they won’t hear you.

When I start to blog, I tell myself that it would be a way for me to reach out to the Universe.  And the more I blog, I recognize that I am a part of the big thing.  Do not get me wrong here, I do know that I (and so are all other humans) am only a very small portion of the great Universe.  That the Universe and I should be in partnership.  This blog is for the Universe to hear me.  For the Universe to feel my emotions.  For the Universe to place me with all that I deserved to have, to experiment and experience and to learn.  Writing in this blog, "it has been a place where many of my random thoughts are expressed" as I mentioned it in 'About This Blog'.

The truth, as I pen down my thoughts, may be puzzling.  It may take some time even for me to grapple with.  At times, it may be counter intuitive, may contradict my deeply held prejudices.  It may not be consonant with what I desperately want to be true, but then our preferences often do not determine what could be true.  We have a method, and that method helps us to reach not absolute truth, only asymptotic approaches to the true.  We could never be there, just closer and closer, always finding vast new oceans of undiscovered possibilities.

Failure to find the way does not mean that there is no way.  Denial of reality does not make it unreal.  Writing down my thoughts would be based on chance to make my life as meaningful as possible.  It is, amongst other things, to set for myself a model of conduct according to the way I am committed with what I write.

The fact of the matter is, writing engages me in planning so that I can appreciate the merits.  If Man can make plans and appreciate the merits of planning, then his own existence and the survival of the Universe must also be based on a planned policy.  This means that there is a designing will behind our material existence and that there is a unique mind in the world to bring things into being and keep them moving in order.  In life, there must be a great force in action to keep everything in order.

That's the good thing with writing - a simple subject will lead me into deeper thinking to further understand the process of life.  I feel the need to be absorbed with the content and navigate it through what I feel.  Not only for the intent that words and phrases will become me but to embrace the relationship with the content matters.

I am a sensitive person, somewhat sentimental, which can be a good or bad thing.  There are times that I feel that I am 'different' and just do not fit in comfortably with society.  I have the tendency to pause-to-check and not to rush into new or different situations but rather to proceed cautiously.  Often, I need to 'see' the process and reflect upon incoming information very deeply. 

I tend to think a lot albeit my advice to others that thinking is a burden.  My mind is like the TV channel that never stops airing TV shows and programs.  I see, smell, hear all the textures of a thought.  Very often, my mind runs the gamut of emotions from anger to peaceful contentment, from personalities and character and so on.  There are crossfires of thoughts that sometimes seem contemptuous or plain sadness.

Writing, thus, slows down that confusion.  I believe that I should not stop writing for it helps me to calm down eventually.  It helps me to realize the peace that follows.  It makes the inapplicable, the irrelevant and incomprehensible into the most charming pieces of acceptance and produces everything for a special purpose in life.

I am a believer that when I die, I will live again.  It only makes sense that I should create the Be-ing that I should be now for the after life.  That all my thinking, feeling and remembering will continue.  The world we live in is so exquisite with so much love and moral depth.  There is also a sense of what the world is really like can be maddening.  There is no reason not to be grateful every day for any brief but magnificent opportunity that life provides.  For the joy of it all, there is no reason to deceive ourselves with stories which there is little good evidence.

I want to look at the Universe with an open mind, hence this blog.  I want to accept whatever I may be writing is teaching me.  There is a part of me making and creating the perceptions.  There is also a part of me which is kind of observer.  Generally, the pleasure of writing comes from the observer part where it makes me to appreciate the work of God.

Life as it is, there is nothing can come to life on its own and that the marvellous world we live in did not create itself or come into existence by accident.  This blogging experience has greatly improved my appreciation for life, a subject which is close to my heart.  I have always wanted to understand on the meaning of life.  On why humans are submerged with feelings, by love and hate, by ideas of good, bad, beautiful and awful.  Are humans capable of knowing beyond those ideas and feelings?

In between these pendulums of love and hate, why is there something rather than nothing?  To what purposes do all these affect our existence?  We are told that life is nothing until it is lived.  BUT, it is ours to make sense of it all; the value of life is nothing other than the sense we choose.

Jean Paul Sartre, a French writer and philosopher, wrote in 'Being and Nothingness' that "Man can will nothing unless he has first understood that he must count just with himself; that he is alone, abandoned on earth, in the midst of his infinite responsibilities, without help, with no other aims than those he sets himself, with no other destiny than the one he forges for himself on this earth."

I do not consider myself a religious person nor am I perfect but there is a deep sense of spiritual principles that I live by.  Importantly, I desire to live a life in peace and kindness, in brotherhood and co-operation where love is unconditional.  This spirituality gives me a feeling of communion with my surroundings, both animate and inanimate.  Still, I am just an ordinary person.  Sometimes, there is a kind of existential perception of the absurd comes over me and I see with awful certainty the hypocrisies and posturing of myself and humans.

In the vastness of space and the immensity of time, writing rejuvenates the most astonishing and unexpected discoveries about myself.  It takes me to understand that humans are evolved to wonder.  The one thing we should know is, when there is an understanding, there is joy.  Above all, knowledge is a pre-requisite to survival.

Writing often carries me far beyond my experience.  It is in writing an idea that my life experience expands.  It provides me with a brief overview of why I am here, what my experiences are all about and what they all mean.  Writing satisfies my hunger for knowledge and the curiosity about the great things in the world.  It makes me, at least, to find an explanation of the Universe.  I accept that nothing comes into being on its own.  The Universe exists and functions in the most orderly manner.  We are here, into Be-ing, not by accident or by sheer chance.

 Writing does not provide me with the final answer to the question of life's meaning.  As it is, humans will continue to struggle to find balance, peace and happiness.  BUT, it makes my life worth holding on to.  Writing brings with me my own success, my happiness, my helping others.  This blog surpasses itself in making my life worth living though the content can always be wrong or it is written out from frustration by events.

When I decide to continue writing, after the closure of VOX blogging platform, I ask myself what should I do next?  What should I do with my life to make it better?  This, the question 'what should I do?' is a powerful question most of us ought to ask ourselves at some point in life. What is it that we should do with our life? What is my purpose in life, my passion?

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