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The Simple Arts of Home-Keeping

The best you can do is to manage the variables under your control.

There is a tremendous pleasure I get in being able to relax in a clean house.  My soul feels at ease.  My mind is free of the negative clouds about life in general.  Cleanliness, as goes the adage, is next to godliness.  By keeping Reiki Sanctuary clean, I sense to lead a healthy and hygienic life.  A clean house creates room for me to be able to think on a more clear space free of distractions.

The cleanliness of both our body and our surroundings ought to be maintained for better living.  House keeping, and house cleaning, is important as it gives us the advantage of staying in a cool and clean home.  This can help us to relax and reduce our chances of suffering from stress.  It has been found that those who stay in untidy houses usually get into depression conditions more easily than those in clean orderly environments.

Why a clean house is important?

Just as our eyes are the windows of our soul, our home is the window to our personality.  A home that is cluttered with many things strewn all over, or smells bad because it has not been cleaned, it displays an uncaring slothfulness. 

This is, indeed, so true.  When I get back from Hanoi, I fall sick.  It starts with my sinus (already playing punked towards the last few days) probably due to the atmosphere and pollution in Hanoi City.  It follows with blocked nose and subsequently, I am infected with bad cold that lasts almost two weeks.  All throughout this period, I stop doing house works just to rest my body.

I notice, when the house is not cleaned, my energy is affected.  There is just no motivation to do almost anything and there is a certain degree of unwillingness for anything serious.  I feel my sense of thoughts is constantly distorted.  I believe, while it is good to rest my body to fully recover, not cleaning up Reiki Sanctuary makes my mood cranky.  I even feel the energy is slouching towards a lack of desire to expend any effort and I am becoming very lazy.

Looking back, it is understandable why I take so long to recover.  Reiki Sanctuary has become dusty from not being vacuumed and mopped.  The dust that I step on the floor is being carried to the bed - I do not have the habit to wash my legs before sleeping.  Obviously, the germs brought onto the bedsheets will just multiply easily.

On the contrary, when I pick myself up to clean Reiki Sanctuary, the energy generates positive vibes.  There is positive psychological feelings it produces.  There is harmony in the way I see things around me.  There is positive life force orchestrating peace within me.   Like it is important that we brush our teeth and bathe regularly to keep our body clean and healthy, the house too has to be cleaned often.

A neat and clean house attracts the Law of Attractions and Vibrations for all things good.  It opens up the doors for positive vibes and at the same time enhancing harmony, peace and prosperity. Our home is where the family bonds.  It is the haven that each member comes back to each day.  It is here, in the home, that we relax together, we eat together - all the things that a home provides.

I clean Reiki Sanctuary every day and it is a task that I consciously tell myself is not a chore.  For the record, I am a believer that the cleanliness of our house must be one of our priorities.  It is not about making a house as clean as the hospital or any six stars hotel but a clean house can save us from sickness and other problems that a messy environment can give.

It is always great to live in an environment where everything is in order.  We can find our things easy because we know where it is.  We can invite guests and not be afraid that they will judge our house because it is just fully organized, looks clean and smells clean. 

I just do not like to wait for Christmas to do house cleaning.  Simply, it is about avoiding a more onerous task.  It is about minimizing the accumulation of dirt and trash, about avoiding grime and preventing a place to become filthy.  There is a saying, " It takes a much shorter time to give clear surfaces a good swipe than it does to clean a filthy kitchen."  My motto:  A small amount of work done every day is usually less effort than a lot of work done once in a while.

At times, I wonder why can a person be so lazy to clean his/her house?  How can a person say that he/she does not know how to do it?  How can a person be so comfortable to live in a cluttered and untidy place?

At imes, I blame his/her parents for not teaching them.  For not telling him/her that a house is a haven for the soul; one that has to be tidy and clean to lower stress and open up spaces for abundance, harmony, peace and tranquility.

Here are the habits I try to maintain to keep a stress-free house:

01.  Sweep today, mop tomorrow

Every day, it is important for me to 'air' Reiki Sanctuary and open all windows around the house as it is a symbolic sign to invite the Universe in.  Doing so, there will be dust.  On alternate days,  I use Magiclean wiper to sweep and wet mop the house the next day.

Once a week, I will vacuum the whole house including the bed, rugs and sofa. 

02.  Make my bed in the morning

I will make sure to fluff the quilt, pillows and smoothen the bedsheets.  Thing is, I just love a made bed.  It makes me feel very comfortable to lie on it at the end of day.

Every Monday is also the day where bedsheets and the quilt cover are changed.

03.  Never to leave dishes in the kitchen sink or counter top

A tidy kitchen keeps diseases at bay - wipe the counters and keep the sink clean.  I will make sure to clean up any messes in the kitchen after I am done cooking or after meals.  All plates and utensils are to be wiped dry and place them back in their rightful place.

I will also make sure that the trash bin is clean.  It is a good habit to empty the trash out when cleaning up the kitchen.

04.  Tidy the shower area after every bath

After I use the bathroom, I will spray down the shower.  It only takes a couple of minutes and the joy of a clean bathroom is unmatched.

05.  Not to leave clothes out

All clean clothes are to be inside the wardrobe while the dirty ones should be in the laundry basket.  I will hang my once-used but still clean clothes in the Recycle Wardrobe.

06.  Tidy up before I leave the house

Thing is, just like we always like the feeling going into a hotel room upon checking-in, it is always wonderful to come home to a clean house.

07.  Tidy up before I go to bed

I find to wake up to a dirty and untidy house stressful.  It is always good to open the eyes in the morning, after a good restful night, to be greeted with a clean and tidy environment.

08.  Do not let clutter piles up

Everything that is been brought into the house should have a place already created for them.  Just like we own our bed, so are all the other things in the house.  Surely, we do not like our bed to be full of other things and little (or no) space for our body to rest.

It is important to place things back after use.  Throw away what is not needed anymore.

09.  Teach every one in the house to put things back in order.

This is the only way to make sure that everyone in the house feels that they have a part in the house.  It is also about instilling good habits towards a clean, neat and tidy house.

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