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Leveraging Abundance

Beware of mixing emotions and money. It’s rarely a good combination.

Good Morning, Vietnam!
(Part Three of Three)

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And so the habit dies hard.  'Habit' is such a negative word to reflect on our recurrent pattern of behavior.  Habit entails an unconscious addiction and a resigned feeling that reflects a lack in inner competence and dependency in life.  For us, the habit of holiday shopping for Reiki Sanctuary is a conscious recognition of her presence.  Thing is, we enjoy beautifying Reiki Sanctuary.  Thing is, she is just not a dwelling to shelter us from the sun and the rain.  She is more than just a home; she is our Heaven on Earth.  Such, she plays a crucial purpose to mold our characters.

We always remember her during our holidays.  She is constantly with us even when we are to be thousand miles away.  It makes us to appreciate her existence and make ourselves to feel complete again.  In 'The Tenet of Soul', I wrote "the state of a house tells another kind of stories.  A story of the soul, a representation of our earthly lives".  We have always wanted to create the energy within Reiki Sanctuary to reflect the "way we perceive things and the values that we live by.  Of how people come together to bring hope, courage, inspiration and love".

However, we are very conscious not to clutter Reiki Sanctuary with all our holiday shopping (for her).  Clutters, as they are, should be strongly discouraged in a house a home.   We are conscious with the increasing cleaning and maintenance that comes with more stuffs we bring in.  Thing is, when there is love, there is motivation.  One good thing that comes out from holiday shopping, as I wrote in 'The Beauty of Beauty'" is always the spring cleaning that follows after the trip".

When doing the purchases, I am very conscious of the next energy that is to follow.  There is the question of whether I can create an energy enhancement, whether I can take care of these purchases and the newly created energy cycles?  Then, what will happen to all the existing decors?  Shopping can be an addiction and it should not just be another Retail Therapy.

Fact is, everything new seems inviting.  Fact is, there are many things that we like to have.  Should we buy just for the sake of buying, and not consciously be aware of its long term usefulness, these purchases will not bring significant purposes.  Shopping should be done with a purpose and not just an activity for a quick and easy route to feeling good.

The Allure of Hanoi Shopping

Personally, shopping in Hanoi is pale in comparison to Bangkok particularly when it comes to Arts and Crafts, Home Decorations and collectible items.  Then again, perhaps it has to do with our first trip - we are yet to know where to shop for such things.  There are no big home furnishing shops in Hanoi City but there are few shops that sell Arts and Crafts.  However, these shops do not carry wide range of products.

One of the few shops selling Arts and Crafts

This is a very interesting pit-stop on the way to Ha Long Bay.  It is a marble sculpture factory.  Unfortunately, they are all big sculptures though export can be arranged.

Interesting!  A small home decor shop that even sells the Muslim's prayer dress!  The sign is in Malay.

Malaysian Invasion! There is this sign 'Cendol' but there is no sight of the popular dessert shop around.  This area specializes in shoes.

The few Arts and Crafts shops in Hanoi City

This is a unique boutique.  These two real women pose themselves as mannequins.  Every night, on the way back to the hotel, I would see them posing in front of the shop.
Our Hanoi Shopping

There was no real major shopping attractions to us in the beginning.  Though I had in mind to find some big and tall home decors object, the few earlier days in the city dashed my hopes.  The beautiful big marble items we saw (along the way to Ha Long Bay) were too bulky and too heavy.

By chance, we entered a Lacquer Retailer shop and found some interesting things.  Surprisingly, with our bargaining skills, we got these things at a very reasonable price.



 Where it is placed in Reiki Sanctuary:

"The Divine Presence"

"The Divine Presence"

Where they are placed in Reiki Sanctuary:

In the MBR Wash Area

In The Guest Wash Area

"The Abundance"

"The Abundance"

Where they are placed in Reiki Sanctuary:

In the Dining Area
In Kitchen
In our Balcony, Relaxation Area

The Many Faces of Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi

The Departure drop-off area

Somehow, this part of the Airport freaks me.  One can actually just climb down and proceed to the tarmac.  Security is an issue.
The Departure Check-In Counters.  It can be chaotic here for first timer leaving Hanoi.
There is a purpose for this but it springs out of nowhere!

"Thank You", Universe for the safe, joyful and peaceful trip.  Looking back, Hanoi was a great place to visit to relax the soul.  We enjoyed the spring weather there.  We were thankful to the people, from all around the world, whom we met there.  They brought such a new experience to human connections.  We enjoyed the Vietnamese hospitality.

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