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In Partnership With The Universe

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The beauty of life begins when there is a desire to make good.

It started when I decided to go back to putting on glasses.  It seemed the lasik surgery that I did some six years ago had started to deteriorate my vision.   I first realized the poor vision during my trip to Hanoi, which I mistakenly thought the bad visibility had to do with the fog and the air pollution there.  It followed where I were no longer had the long passion to sit in front of the computer liked I used to do.  I felt exhausted reading the web after awhile, not even wished to stay for more than fifteen minutes.  It became harder to focus.  Generally, things were no longer *digitally* clear and I was getting (un-necessarily) frustrated.

Ah, humans could never feel enough, no?  Humans would always be searching.  Had it to do with our zillion questions and the quest for perfection in life?  What was to make someone wanted to change, wanted to improve?  Generally, we could never fully accept that each and every being was a Divine Being descended from The Supreme Being.  There would always be something new and more that we desired, every single day, whether we realized these desires might be good or otherwise.

We made choices to engage in activities that were considered good.  These choices were usually dependent on our psychological conditioning where we were exposed to.  I wrote in 'Silent Night', ”the drama of life is a psychological one” similar to the programming of a computer’s processor with data that was considered to be factual.  The computer than compared all incoming data against its programmed intelligence in order to generate a conclusion.

Similarly, the human intellect processes incoming data based on our morals and values that had been conditioned with.  Some of these morals and values were inherited from genetic sources and the others are learned from the environment to which the absorptive mind was exposed.

With a new pair of glasses, I started to see how ‘obiang’ (a local slang from the Hokkien dialect to mean ugly or outdated) my blog template had been.  I tried to make it colorful, putting some colors wherever possible but my knowledge on web programming had been very limited.  I felt the old template did not conjure the concept of ideas of my thoughts and feelings.

The difference was pretty obvious now that I gained an improved eyesight.  I was back to sitting in front of the computer enjoying the powerful leverage of the Internet’s communications protocol to find, manage and share information.  Not that I had been a bookworm but the Internet was a good companion.  It had changed the way I looked at life.  It opened my consciousness to the world of universal abundance, released beneficial influences and placed our desires to align with it.

‘This obiang template has to go’, so I decided.  Change was good.  Change was necessary.  It drove Man to feel the sense of knowing and expecting the unexpected.  Importantly, our change had to come from within even when it imposed on the factor of choice – acceptance or non-acceptance.

Yes, I was still appreciative of Blogger to host me but the cosmetics had to reflect current.  It must aligned with my faith with the world wide web and to go along with a heart and mind desiring on that which was good.  I wanted, as I decided to change the template, to know the truth concerning my nature.  How far could I go to make it look professional without having to rely heavily on Blogger’s sets of ready templates?

Hence, the change for a new template should be a catalyst for me to gain a new understanding.  Should it work, I comforted myself, it would cast away prior misconceptions, false assumptions, inappropriate decisions and prejudices.  Should it work, I shall rejoice on a new freedom for actions.  This project was just a technique of one kind, or another, to this process.  After all, recovery of choice was what personal development was about.

It was a way for me to reach out further to the Universe.  I wanted to proof to myself on the concept in partnering with the Universe.  It should not just be a theory but a true experience to stretch my limits.  I admitted I had little knowledge in web designing and there could be possibility of corrupting the existing blog.  In the first place, I knew nuts about HTML and CSS and all these web designing and development could put me in a dead end.

I viewed this desire to be the brighter side of human nature.  On the hindsight, my OCD had been an encouraging marker to make me stayed on course.  The saying ‘when there is a will, there’s a way’ made my web designing experience a great possibility.  The Universe made sure to leave its door opened, in the true sense of the words.  It guided me all throughout the last four days to where Reiki Sanctuary – The Blog looked today.

The symphony of life consisted of lines of melody for all our ideas, expressions, beliefs and creations to flow.  The harmonies might be simple or complex and sometimes challenging.  The combination might be perceived as beautiful or ugly or anywhere in between and often, it seemed differently so to different observers.

I stumbled and I crawled all throughout the process but the Universe had always been there walking with me.  It showed me the lights for the right links to find answers whenever I needed to understand and executed the programming codes.  It took awhile for a solution but it did not fail me.  Alas, I managed to modify a template that suited my desire.

I modified The Original Template, (Here) and (Here), where I learned and henceforth improved the outlook to suit Reiki Sanctuary.  For the last few days, I learned a great deal about web design language.  Needless to say, it had been a great experience.

I tweaked the layout:

- super-imposed the Header image
- added date to Post
- inserted the Drop-down menu
- replaced third-party slide show
- removed widgets and gadgets in Static Page
- re-positioned the 'Read More' 
- added a signature and
- changed the Body color. 

There are now an organized Drop-Down Menu and make the navigation bar area to be less cluttered.

For now onwards, I can only hope that my readers like it just as much as I am.  At the same time, I continue to be thankful to Blogger, the Website Builder and the Universe for giving me this life lesson.

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