Monday, October 01, 2012

Today Is Good, Tomorrow Is Better

God, You Open The Beauty of Your Creation And The Life Lessons That I Need To Learn. Thank You. 

Island of Capri, Italy (Picture taken from Mount Solaro, the highest point on the island - 589 metres above sea level, with the view of the famous Faraglioni)

For one, I feel blessed.  And, for its opportunity, I am grateful with all its kindness, charm and beauty and the enjoying favor.  Importantly, I am thankful at the wondrous of life that allows me to see, feel and experience at the world's old political and religious country of Western civilisation and the capital of Roman Empire and the site of Holy See.

Sometime back, I wrote The Present Is The Past Is The Future.  There, I mentioned about bumping into a common friend where he led me to re-establish with my other dearest friends (two of them) whom I had been trying to connect the past years.  Thanks to this wonderful common friend, I had re-established with these two dearest friends.

Back in the old days, our friendship had been about growing up, about sharing joy and laughter, about communicating our ups and downs.  There were three of us.  There were many things that we did and there were many constant meet-ups.  They were, perhaps, things that young adult would just do.  After all, life at such young age was about finding a foundation, seeking meaning and establishing consciousness.  Over the years, we grew up and each of us found our own soul-mates.

The one thing that we did not do then was to have a holiday together.  Somehow, looking back, I wondered why didn't we do it.  For me, those early days spent with these dearest friends were about 'Being Together' and that I lived my life contented just not traveling.  I must admit in honesty that I had no great passion to see the world at my young age.  It had to do, largely, with my inability financially and so was it most importantly.  I grew up with my parents teaching me to save for the future and, looking back, they did their job well.

Soon after we met, we decided that we should do something different.  Though others might think it was not a great idea, we had faith and our prayers for a good holiday trip.  It started with one of them had already planned to travel to Milan, Italy.  Together with her husband, it was supposedly their yearly holiday trip.  For the remaining four of us, it was more a tag-along thing.

We started to plan for the trip for the last six months.  We wanted to go for a free and easy itinerary and thus not to join any travel companies.  We booked our own hotels, made reservations for the Europe Rail Fast trains and detailing our whole Italian journey.  Thankfully, Italy was not new to one of my dearest friend's other half and we heavily relied on his expertise.  Our deepest gratitude to him for making it a safe and enjoyable trip.

The Friendship Italy Tour - 16 to 30 September, 2012 (cover from our Italy Holidays)

The Italian cities we visited:

Rome - the capital, both of Italy and, in the past, of the Roman Empire

Naples (we stayed in Capri Island) - one of the oldest cities of the Western world, with a historic city centre that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Florence - the Renaissance city known for its architecture and art that had a major impact throughout the world

Pisa - one the medieval maritime republics, it is home to the unmistakable image of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Siena - the historic centre of this city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and famous for its cuisine, art, museums, medieval cityscape and the Palio (a horse race held twice a year)

Venice - one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, known for its history, art and its world famous canals and gondolas

Milan - one of the main fashion cities of the world and also Italy's most important centre of trade and business

Italy is a beautiful country of food, fashion, art and architecture.  It has the root of Italian pathology dedicated to living life well.  A tourist will tremendously like it all or, like me, just a bit of each.  The most that I enjoyed about the country was the spring weather.   When one of my friends asked while we were touring Trevi Fountain in Rome, "What's the most beautiful thing we look forward to see in Italy?",  our (me and my partner) answer was "Being Together".

Indeed, that is the most enjoyable element to us.  Perhaps, as we begin to recognize the beauty in all God's creations, such life force energy is far more powerful than all Man's creations.  It has brought back the real meaning of good friendship, of caring and sharing.  It opens a new level of understanding amongst us.  Things that we never knew before is now about a better understanding amongst the three of us and all our partners.  As I mentioned in The Present Is The Past Is The Future,

"Such is synchronicity.  When you internalize your emotions, it brings about another component to it.  While it does not specifically tell us what to do, it does tell us where to go.

Should I watch closely my consciousness, the reality of bumping these two old friends is about my being.  It is about the feeling of being alive, the consciousness of my inner being.  It is walking back into my timeline to understand the aspect of life.  It is not about recovering all the memories but how do I want to allow life to be in succession of moments."

Italy, to me and my partner, is more about friendship.  We enjoy the days spent with our friends there within the walls of rich history, arts and architecture.  It is also a place, for those with lots of moolahs, to spoil themselves in the Italian cities of high fashion and expensive tastes.

To these wonderful friends of ours, we sincerely speak here of our gratitude for this safe and wonderful holidays!

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