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The Plights Of The New Children

God, I Feel Comforted In Your Name.

I first heard about Indigo Children through Lee Carroll and his wife when they held a seminar in Singapore in 1998.  Though Lee Carroll was to channel Kryon - the Master Angelic Energy, the topic on Indigo Children was briefly mentioned.  At that time, both husband and wife were planning to publish their first book, 'The Indigo Children -The New Kids Have Arrived'.  The book was published by Hay House in 1999.  Lee, in his channeling, spoke about the spiritual evolution of the new children - part of it was mentioned in his book 'Partnering with God' (the sixth Kryon book published in 1997). 

Thankfully to Lee and his wife, their information has made me to become more aware of these children around me.  There is definitely a growing number of them.  There are more and more New Children born every day.  The world needs them and as long as Mother Earth is to survive, these New Children will be here with collective purpose to usher us into a new world of integrity.  They will heal to mash down old systems that no longer serve us. 

Very much after the emergence of the Indigo Children, there are newer breeds of other New Children.  There are the Crystal Children and later, the Rainbow Children.  These Children are very much human, just like you and me.  Unlike Crystal and Rainbow Children, the dominant aura of the Indigo Children is a bright indigo color - an uncommon aura human color.  Crystal and Rainbow Children have unique auric fields with bright aura colors.

 One may ask, what are these children?  What is so special about them?  Question is, have you noticed the difference in children today?

 One of the most recognizable traits amongst these Children is their hyperactivity though it is not totally in physical actions.  Most of them have mild abnormality either physically (not deformity) and/or rare medical condition.  These Children are basically individuals with few words, only speak when necessary but often time, they have the wisdom and maturity of an old soul.   

Basically, these children are highly sensitive.  They are the new paradigm of souls coming on Earth.  They are great teachers, great thinkers and great leaders where we can learn about self empowerment and the raising of self esteem.  They enable people to hope, giving us the power to lift ourselves above the level of who we thought we are. 

They are, as mentioned earlier, old souls in young bodies who bring much wisdom with them.  They are very spiritually evolved. They provide spiritual healing (not religion) and encourage self realization for the purpose of finding the 'God within' us.  They empower self-healing as well as independence from worry in our worry-prone world.

Though many are no longer a child, these children have grown up.  Some, whom I have come to know them personally, are in their twenties today.  The oldest of the Indigo Children is in their early 30s.  All of these New Children that I come into contact and work with are interesting and fascinating individuals.  Very often, they exude a sense of serenity to be around them.  They have an enigmatic energy that calms everything down.  They have spiritual clarity and wise conscience.

Unfortunately, through my observation, many of these New Children are often misunderstood.  The lack of information and our cultural belief have made many New Children to suffer setbacks.  They stop becoming what they are supposed to be and take a role to live, subconsciously, in the world of the non-believers, of their parents, of the older generation and their peers.  Their spiritual evolution, which is often very instinctual, is clamped down.

I notice many of these New Children are stifled today.  Not because they do not know what they ought to do with their heightened awareness but they are asked by their parents, teachers, the older generation and their peers to conform to live with the norm.  Our hierarchical culture dictates that the younger generations are to follow (the norm) to obey, not to speak out and to submit.  It is a way of life to earn respect, so they say. 

As a result, the spiritual wisdom of these New Children is often disregarded.  It takes the back seat and not allowed to shine.  They do not get to exhibit their greater potentials just because of their young age.

Then there is religion.  Somehow, it adds on to their plight too.  But before my thought on this subject is misunderstood, let me say that I believe in having a religion.  In religion, we recognize God.  It makes us to have conscience, principles, morals and purpose.  However, fear of God is not allowing us to live fully in His grace.  We are denying His light to live in total darkness and, perhaps, blind faith.  We shun His light and get ourselves blinded with ego to lead us instead.

As a result, these New Children grow up in total darkness of their gifts as they are told that God makes all human equal and the wise ones are their elders, their teachers and all those that have lived much longer.  Such doctrination causes them to feel displaced and they are unable to nurture their differences.

 I have come to see that such misinformation (in our culture and custom, belief systems and religion) breeds instability in these New Children.  Sadly, many of them grow up lost and feeling confused.  They have lost in their ability to be fearless in their collective purpose.  These Children lose to contribute to the energies of transformation and disable further acceleration of consciousness.

All they do is to live to be accepted and give up their strong fields of energy to assist the healing process.  Unconsciously, just to be a good human, they give up their conceptual abilities, their gifts and their purity.  They suppress their highest wisdom and not fully participate for the evolvement of human consciousness.

In the bigger picture, it is very unfortunate for many of us if we continue to ignore the beautiful minds of these New Children.  If we refuse to accept and deny their existence, their evolved spirituality and their early maturity.  If we continue to clamp down their cosmic consciousness.  If we ignore the bridge of light that God has placed in them to us.  If we continue to ridicule their spiritual awakening. 

What we are doing is disrespectful for denying them their wisdom and knowledge required to present us with a new way of living and harmony that will bring in for our higher purpose.  Perhaps, for once, we ought to sit down and evaluate our values.  We have to recognize that children today are no longer children of our days.  Let's face it, the world has become old yet sophisticated.  Mother Earth has actually become much a better temporary place for humans today. 

Personally, it saddens me.  In my empathy, it makes me to feel sorry for these New Children.  Where they are supposed to lead and shine God's light on us,  I believe that many of these New Children have become frustrated .. just because it is frustrating for those around them. 

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