Monday, June 24, 2013

The Person We Are

God, Because Of You That I Am Here.

It is always good that we get to know ourselves everyday.  That we find the courage to know ourselves well and to live life being exactly who we are meant to be.  That it measures for our motivation and our appreciation.  That it redeems what we have done wrong and we can forgive ourselves to move forward.  That it brings consciousness to our shortcomings and it gives awareness to our successes.

To know oneself is a road towards self awareness.  It is a road that is often winding and we must be ready to travel it.  We must be ready to serve it.  It opens the gate where we will confront with self doubts and that we need courage to push through it.  Knowing oneself means we can understand our strengths and weaknesses, our passions and our fears.  It means that we want to become aware of our own eccentricities and idiosyncrasies, our like and dislikes, our tolerances and limits and our insecurities and fears.

The desire to know oneself is far more than knowing our name, age, height, weight.  Or what is our favourite color, our favourite music, our favourite food nor it is about the type of friends we like or dislike.  We all have strengths and weaknesses, we all have hurt and joy.  To know oneself brings an understanding of who we are where we can learn to trust ourselves on a deeper level.

We are not born to know ourselves and we do not get to know ourselves simply by growing up and growing old.  To get to know ourselves takes conscious efforts and we have to do it with intention and purpose.  The rewards, when we know ourselves, would be where we respect our values in life, our own belief systems, our personality, our priorities, our moods, our habits.  Knowing ourselves means we know our purpose in life.

It is important to understand what makes us happy and what is damaging to our well-being.  Many of us walk life doing emotional damage to ourselves by living the standards that others set.  These standards, or the social norms, are often toxic.  Not knowing who we are makes us to be like a ship without a rudder.  We will continue to float through the ocean with no direction or control over where we are going.

Many of us make the serious mistake of assuming to be good at everything or bad at everything.  We could either be driven with ego or self denial.  Often, we ask ourselves "Who Am I?" and very often we are afraid to tell the truth.  Simply, we ignore to follow the right path in life based on who we are.  To be better at anything - be it for our career, health or relationships, we must know who we are.  It is a way to truly better our life.

The day we decide to know who we truly are, we are actually taking the courage to get rid of our own mental blind spots to re-discover our true identity.  We all have a visual blind spot of which we are not aware until someone points it out.  When this day comes, we are ready to feel discourage but for the higher purpose for a joyful sense of discovery.  It is about awakening our higher senses to get a clearer view of the truth about ourselves than we do ourselves.

Getting to know ourselves allows us to tap into the well of happiness beyond our own imagination.  Just the other day, when I play a game with some friends asking them to list certain things, they find it hard to list them down.  One of the games get them to write down about topics that they like to talk about.

When we are clueless about simple things, that we take life for granted, we cannot make well informed decisions and a better action step.  Say, if we are to learn how to play the guitar, we need to know the sounds that each string makes.  We need to know how pressure affects each string and how the pic affects the sound and so on.  We need to know the guitar well to master it.  The guitar will not play beautiful music unless we control it to do so.

I come across, not by accident, these links and find them very interesting.  I guess I am starting to question about my spiritual being and the Universe leads me to them.  Though the (so-called) answers amaze me, I am humble and thankful for such revelation.

I invite all my readers to try them. 

Link One - How Spiritually Intelligent Are You?

I am rather surprised that I scored rather high here (25 out of 27).

Link Two - How Old Is Your Soul?

Surprisingly, I come out to be a Transcendent Soul at 93% consisting with other Soul Perception of Old Souls at 59%, Baby Souls at 25%, Young Souls at 8% and Mature Souls at 3%.

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