Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Way We Live

God, Do Provide Serenity and Tranquility Into My Daily Live.

Everyday, at the end of each day, we hope that we have lived a full life.  A day has past that fills us with joyful events, of peaceful happenings and it ends with promising rewards that appease our mind, our body and our spirit.  There would be nothing else that we could do; it has come and gone and we could not turn back the clock.  Meanwhile, all that we hope goes well and we shall not have any regrets looking back.

We hope the day brings beautiful meanings into our life.  We hope it unfolds success, and even more.  We hope that the gate for every opportunities has opened.  We hope that our desires, our needs and our wants are divinely granted.  We hope the day has given us new breath to make the next days even better.  We hope and pray, with what we have just gone through, the day is blessed.

Such a goal, I am sure, is what you and I are striving.  Surely, it is always our wish that we are to  continue to live a balanced life, a successful life, a rewarding life.  You and I desire for all things good to follow.  Consciously and subconsciously, we integrate activities to fulfill a life that we try to make our dreams a reality.  We are concerned that this life that we choose have an attitude of peace, of love and of happiness on a constant basis.  We create opportunities to bring success and we take risks to progress and to become better individuals.

But such a wish stays wishful if we are not going to allow our awareness to drive it.  If we do not allow consciousness to take place.  If we do not positively reflect and positively take charge.  It will stay wishful if we are not driving an attempt to make the changes, big or small. 

We have to honor our hopes, our wishes and our prayers.  But we have to do it in the name of goodwill, of faith and good tiding.  We have to build courage and trust.  We just cannot continue to wish or to hope or to pray, and keep hoping for something better to happen but constantly remain in the dark about how our thought process deals with it.  And, constantly harp on negative things and filling our emotions to the brim with anger and hate.

I feel that there is only one way, out of the two choices, on how we normally live our life.  The chosen mode we make definitely determines the outcome.  It shapes the law of cause and effect and it triggers the end results.  It shapes our life essence, our personalities, our attitudes and our thought processes.  For what we put in, the energy nurtures the nature.  Plainly, it is how the law of vibrations and attractions synchronized in tandem.

The choice - either we love to love or we love to hate.  It is either we choose to be positive or we choose to be negative.  Either we give up or we give in.  Either we hope or we let go.  Either we pray for the good things or we condemn the continuing efforts.

In love to love, we carry out life activities in the name of love.  We walk with love.  We talk with love.  We teach with love.  We share with love.  We think with love.  We do all activities because we love to do them.  We breathe in love and exhale love.  There is a passion of love in carrying out all life forces.  We act on something because we want to accomplish the acts of love.  We react because we evolve with love.  We create harmony.  We expand love.  We empower love.

Ideally, this should be the way of life.  It should be the way for all humans to live harmoniously together.  It bonds us in positive ways.  It is the one way that we minimize negative forces to disintegrate human relations.  Instead, in love to love, it strengthens the love to live.  It bridges ties, far and near, big and small.  It comforts the mind, the body and the spirit.  It lessens any discomforts, any hurt feelings, any doubts, any fears and any anxieties.

In love to love, it is about accomplishing for a higher purpose.  Love has unlimited ways to reach out and touch us.  When we are open to it, we begin to sense the flow coming into us from all directions.  Love connects us to our higher purpose.

On the contrary, to live a life with love to hate usually spells disaster.  It creates all forms of negative life forces who will not compromise, who will not adjust and who will not submit.  The act for forgiveness, in love to hate, no longer exists and usually forgiveness is not given nor granted.  Resulting, it affects human relationship that usually ends with irreconcilable differences.  It burns bridges.  It gives rise to diseases.  It casts great clouds and blocks off the wisdom within.  It shadows clarity and only to add on misconceptions.  Very often, there is no room for acceptance for all things good.

It is a spiritual truth that we ought to live our lives to use the power that lies within us.  We have to understand that we are the Master.  We have to know that our true identity is love.  In order for us to live a good life, we must understand this divinity and allowing of the truth to prevail.

Creating a loving, peaceful, joyful and successful life requires shifting our perception and our goals.  We have to orchestrate a symphony in all our actions to manifest love (and not hate).  When we are in a state to love, we are doing what we love without anxiety or stress.  We shall have no fear or worry.  Our state of health is good.

To live life in the state to love will let us to experience the highest state of peace.  There is a field of serenity and tranquility.  There is endless happiness, joy and contentment.  The feeling of freedom is felt.  What lies before us and what lies behind us are just small matters and could become completely insignificant.  Only then that we truly experience miracles.

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