Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Heaven, Hell and HDB

There were so much happenings in the month of June, 2013 here in and around Reiki Sanctuary.  For all the events that took place, I was sure they happened for good reasons.  They filled valuable lessons that needed to be learned - the positive ones for our growth and appreciation while the negative ones were for our reflection and acceptance.  Everything that happened, after all, were about providence of good changes.

First, there were various HDB activities.  All these activities came with noise and dust.  After the lift upgrading which was carried out in 2011 - Read: The Re-Making of Reiki Sanctuary and Read: What a Wonderful, Wonderful ..., HDB did more things to repair and restore, hence beautifying, the blocks of flat.  HDB repaired the rubbish chute and had it cleaned up and gave a new waterproof wall.

Works done at Rubbish Chute

Then, for visitors that came by found that the facade outside Reiki Sanctuary had a new face lift.   The whole block had been re-painted with new colors.  We felt the new white-based color that dominantly filled the block was a better choice to reflect for a brighter future.  Previously, it was yellow based.  With many years, this yellow based color had become dull and became a sombre blocked energy.

The new colors .. These are the neighbouring blocks near Reiki Sanctuary.

As contrast, the old yellow color.

It then followed with the 'polishing' of the floor where HDB did the polyurethane protective floor coating.  It sure made the flooring to look new and clean.

The new painted outlook outside Reiki Sanctuary with the new floor.

In the middle of all these, we had nature clouding over Reiki Sanctuary.  For the first time in Singapore recorded history, we had the worst haze.  Air pollution in Singapore soared for few days and at one point, the Singapore's main index for air pollution hit a measurement above 400.  This measurement was classified as 'hazardous' to our health.

This haze was the result from the blazes in peat swamp forests on Indonesia's Sumatra island that sent massive plumes of smog across the sea to Singapore.  At Reiki Sanctuary, we had to close all our windows.  In the beginning, we did not realize the severity of the situation till our black kitchen had all the whitish haze particles covered on the floor and on the kitchen top.  Obviously, staying indoor without all the windows closed only worsened our health condition.

The next thing that we experienced was the hailstorm.  Though it brought respite from the heavy haze, it was rather an unnatural occurrence.  Our National Environment Agency (NEA), however, was unable to confirm if the hailstorm was brought about by the cooling seeding measure to lighten the haze.

The hailstorm hit Reiki Sanctuary which accompanied with gusty strong wind.  It was like we were hit with hurricane.  There were fallen trees and massive fallen leaves scattered all over the block.

The fallen trees just outisde Reiki Sanctuary
When it happened, we were not at home and did not get to see this rare occurrence.  But, it left with many dried water patches on the floors of our kitchen and dining and on the walls of our Master Bedroom's shower area.  We had left the windows at these areas opened when we left the house earlier.

Watch The News and Video - Taken from CNA

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