Saturday, December 21, 2013

Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays

How time flies ...

Well, it is almost 3 months that I fail to make any updates here.  Not that Reiki Sanctuary is forgotten nor that I have given up.  It has been a period of change since the last update on 4 October 2013 with my entry Do Not Forget How To Live.  I have, admittedly, felt that I have changed.

Ironically, as in my last entry, it repeats the same cycle where I mentioned about the same thing that I have not been updating this blog regularly.  There, I wrote "My long absence here does bother me.  Still, I have been pretending not to act that I owe Reiki Sanctuary, the blog an article.  Every day, for almost a month, it has been filled with excuses.  That I am a little busy.  That I have to attend to so-and-so.  That I have to co-ordinate few events.  That I have to fly out to attend to an urgent task.  That I have to spring clean the house since I would be housing a guest.  That I have to organize and finalize itinerary for a group trip.  The activities seem endless and I even hope that I have more time in my hands."

 Somehow, this pattern is about the subtle energies that are changing me.  It is about detachment.  It is about sacrifices.  It is about surrendering.  It is about acknowledgement of higher purposes.  It is about giving my old soul away.  It is about re-birthing.  Truth is, this time round, I do not feel bad for not writing.  There are just no excuses but freedom.  Yet, in all the consciousness of my restlessness, I feel liberated.  Still, Reiki Sanctuary is my inner soul and it simply cannot be separated from my BEing.

I will still continue to write here.  There is no doubt about that.  But for now, I have to soak myself with the new energy that needs to settle down.  It has yet to find a way to ground itself.  I am still feeling the change.  It has not ceased to exist.  For all that's here, I am grateful.  Importantly, I feel that I am in charge with the flow.  Importantly, I am aware.  Importantly, my soul is still filled with love, with compassion and the desire to be who I am.

I have spoken to some people about this change that all of us are going through.  I have been told to write about it.  Strangely, the Universe knows it is not meant to be spoken .. yet.  She guides me not to write it.  Perhaps, the information has to be personally felt.  There should be no shared information that might alter one's transformation.

Now that the energy is still evolving and that we are coming to the end of another year, I am here to reach out to my family, my friends and my readers wishing all of you a Happy Holidays and A Happy 2014.  May we continue to live with good health, with peace and joy, with abundance and success and we are continually filled with love.

I am looking forward to 2014.  I am looking forward to understand the change.  I am looking forward to push and bring my love ahead. 

May all of us be blessed!

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