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Do Not Forget How To Live

Every Steps We Take Requires Sacrifices, Sufferings and Struggles.

My long absence here does bother me.  Still, I have been pretending not to act that I owe Reiki Sanctuary, the blog an article.  Every day, for almost a month, it has been filled with excuses.  That I am a little busy.  That I have to attend to so-and-so.  That I have to co-ordinate few events.  That I have to fly out to attend to an urgent task.  That I have to spring clean the house since I would be housing a guest.  That I have to organize and finalize itinerary for a group trip.  The activities seem endless and I even hope that I have more time in my hands.

I know something, at last, will knock my senses.  It will make me feel bad for not writing.  It will make me to feel restless not honoring my love at writing.  My absence today is not much where I Feel Fried but it is deeper than that.  The difference between I Feel Fried and pretending not to act that I owe Reiki Sanctuary an article, without much realization, is a time of letting things be. 

I have actually wanted to post the article 'Do Not Forget How To Live' about two to three weeks ago.  I have had half written it but did not feel entirely convinced about the content.  God knows and with His love, He had to knock deep into my consciousness through a dear friend.  This friend reminded me of my absence and that I should write, regardless of any plain excuses I wanted to give.

And earlier today, I received a call - and, as if God is still knocking, this article is all about the caller.  'Do not forget how to live' is about realization.  It is about remembering not to forget.  It is about how to live life, taking in all the considerations of all that we have already learned, all that we have already acquired, all that we have already experienced and to acknowledge their lessons to be the guiding light forward. 

These lessons may be small, insignificant or invaluable but they are still lessons.  They form the scale to weigh the worth of a soul.  The more we open up to our life lessons, the more we understand.  Life, after all, is so mysterious and glorious that it is incomprehensible to the human mind unless we retain in remembrance of all that we have learned, acquired and experienced.  Life lessons are greater than we suppose to estimate.  They fill up at our own nothingness and build for the benefit of ordinary mortals like you and me.

So, here it goes ..  I shall continue to write the article.  The time has come where I must take charge to pen down in what I believe ...

I always pray that my consciousness stays awake.  I always pray that my awareness opens up the light to something beautiful, something positively meaningful.  I always pray that I am able to make positive reflections on my shortcomings and weaknesses, accepting them and work towards improving them.  I always pray that I can fully understand the process of Love, be a big part of it and radiate it out.  I always pray that all my thoughts - big and small, and my actions - active and inactive, are filled with compassion. 

Importantly, I pray that I constantly live to be humble - in all my thought processes, in my behavior, in my attitude, in my actions and in my reactions.  I pray for my soul to be unpretentious and only be the true of what constitutes to be good human.  I pray to understand what life is.  I pray to comprehend at life simplicity.  I pray to spend valuable time and not forfeiting at serenity and strength of seeing the big picture.

It is said that beauty exists not in sameness but in difference.  As in the words of Paulo Coehlo, "it is the imperfect that astonishes and attracts us".  But, do we realize this essence in all our waking moment?  Do we take notice of it and how it acts up within our consciousness?  Are we often too oblivious that we can think of something but, unconsciously, do and react differently?

-  Do we continually live our life based on what we have learned and experienced?  Or, we choose to forget at the essence of knowledge and repeatedly make mistakes?

 -  Do we perpetually seek for new knowledge and not recognizing that we are already learned BEings?  Or, we deny at our ability and harp on for more perfection? 

-  Do we not take charge of all the choices that we have made and owned the responsibilities?  Or, we allow consciousness reduced to fragments and lose sight of the basics on which the whole process of life rests?

It has come to a stage where I am now praying that I do not forget how to live.  I must learn to live not to forget.  Forgetting is so much a part of human being, just as breathing.  Where life often grows hectic, I need to empower the knowledge and experiences that I have accumulated and not simply forget what I have already known.

What do I mean here? 

Perhaps, a little example might give a spark to what I am trying to say.

Life Example One

A neighbour whom used to complain and made a big hoo-ha about our house renovation, renovated their house.  When we were renovating our home, our contractors were often told off for working up to six (in the evening) which was still within the approved work permit.  It was a big no to work on Saturday though the renovation permit allowed it.

Our renovation took few months to complete since we decided, as not to antagonize this particular neighbour, for renovations works only to be carried out from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.on weekdays.  This neighbour insisted that there should not be any works on weekends.

However, when this neighbour renovated their house, their renovations extended beyond six and, at times, up to 8 or 9 p.m. and on weekends, both Saturday and Sunday.

Life Example Two

Someone dear to me had asked me to pray for her.  She wanted to make another pilgrimage trip even though she had just come back from one earlier.  Upon her return, she shared many wonderful experiences with me.  She felt the blessings.  She experienced the love of God.  She felt God.

While I felt that it was too soon for her to do it again, I did not want to dampen her opportunity.  I felt I had no right to judge nor to give my opinions.  After all, it was a sacred decision.

Life Example Three

Often, we offer our opinions and advices to others.  We do it, consciously or subconsciously, out of love.  We present about what could or should be done about a situation or problem because we care.  These opinions/advices can be hard, strong-willed and, at times, might not sound empathetic.

A friend was rather hard criticizing his mother about her cleanliness and level of tidiness.  Very often, I felt that the mother felt hurt by the remarks.  Ironically, with all the criticisms, he is not a tidy person himself.


While we may overlook at the vast expanse of our life lessons, there are incidents in life that call us to become aware and to apply them when necessary.  We cannot just go on living to ignore what we have learned, acquired and experienced.  We cannot allow at our follies of pride and, conveniently, apply double standards.  We should not even puff to deceive what we thought we have learned, acquired and experienced and encouraging in the fantasy of our own self-importance and invincibility.

All the life lessons that we have learned, acquired and experienced are God's light to make our existence better.  They are to let us to focus on our own true value.  They are to make us to become a better human being.  All that we need to do is to own up these lessons, no matter how humble our circumstances.

While we may feel that we are nothing in comparison to the greatness of the Universe, our life lessons when executed wisely form a lasting testimony of our fidelity and faith.  Our life lessons will always continue, there will always be something new to learn.  The joyful thing is, when we honor our life lessons, we will not feel the energies of loneliness, sorrow, pain or discouragement.  Instead, it let us grow our true eternal worth and potential.

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