Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Life Anew

It has been a good three weeks, albeit all the labourious unpacking, sorting, tidying and arranging stuffs in Reiki Sanctuary.  Though there are still outstanding works, and we are still waiting for Chiauw to complete them, we are able to live here comfortably.

Nonetheless, we decided not to focus on the outstanding works after we had done chasing Chiauw last week.  It was not convenient having workers around the house when we have already moved in.  It was hard doing our own stuffs when they were here.  Firstly, the inconvenience evolved the waiting period and, at times, the appointment kept changing.  Then, there were the mess and the dusts.  Our last note to Chiauw was to expedite these works and a hope to put an end to it.  It was not about anxiety nor impatient scowl but for a life anew.  For us to move on.  We still have these outstanding works:

01.  Acrylic for Living Room TV Console, Dining Room wall ledges and the MBR Toilet light boxes

02.  Kitchen Towel rail

03.  Kitchen Shelf cum rail

04.  Sealing/coating of tiles in Guest and Master Toilets.

Reiki Sanctuary is, slowly, transforming into the dream home for us.  Each corner of the house is now organized the way we want it to be.  It is good to have a lot of storage spaces.  It makes it easy for everything within Reiki Sanctuary, and all the things therein, to have their own place.  It took us awhile, patiently, ensuring for a neat and uncluttered organization.

Perhaps, it is the new thing.  The fresh energy.  With everything new, and just as in life, we can get easily overwhelmed.  Every attention is magnified.  Every small things enlarged.  Every acquisition glorified.  Every experience surpassed all restrictions and limitations and, in our unconscious fool mindedness, we set a new soul fulfillment and open another destiny plan.  Still, we pray for guides and further understanding of why we are here and what our soul gifts are.

The days never fail to end with us feeling physically tired.  But we are happy.  We are constantly flow with the energy of peace.  Of one that calls for harmony of mind and soul.  Guess, in the process of beautifying Reiki Sanctuary, it is also about soul clearing within us. 

Layers of our past are cleared and released energetically when we re-start our life in Reiki Sanctuary.  She is like having a psychic vacuum.  She heals us of any unconscious attachments.  Even though we could be physically tired, our souls benefit from subtle phenomenal changes.  We experience inner peace and serenity and there is a shift to a higher level of consciousness.

There is often a need, by choice, to let our souls into new incarnation and acquiring higher dimensions.  We are allowing our inhibiting thought patterns to surface and, without resistance, to release and remove by openly talking about them.  It is a wonder how the divine connection into the space around us, in our love for Reiki Sanctuary, brought resources of light that immediately translates into our new mental and emotional experiences.

Reiki Sanctuary has created stillness within us.  It is her greatest gift to welcome us.  She is a sanctuary where the nowness has to offer.  It is said that 'Stillness' is where all of creation begins and that everything imaginable and unimaginable is created from it.  Everyday, for the last three weeks or so, there is this stillness energy growing in us.  Our senses grow and we are becoming more aware of our surroundings.

In stillness, we are doing nothing yet everything and anything.  It is an evolution of creation.  It is, indeed, a spiritual awakening at this point.  It is the greatest of gifts we are giving ourselves - that of self love. 

Reiki Sanctuary is a journey home.  A mountain that exists directly for us to experience the magnificence of that world and the angelic friends and family that are there with us, and for us, while we are here in this world.  We feel the profound love and connection we know with this world and those with us.  We relish the profound sense of homecoming that says, "Welcome home".

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