Monday, November 17, 2008

The Light


I feel a sense of awe at how a simple online connection can fruit into the sense of beingness.  How, with the wonderful event and processes that take place, the beauty of an individual left me with an uplifted feeling.  The shadows that you left behind lead me into thinking.  It enhances the flow of mysterious coincidences.  It mutes acceptance of life of why is all this happening to me.  I am inspired to begin the search for a higher spiritual meaning in life.

Are you a chance occurrence?  Are you one of my soul groups in all arrays of my life?  Are you here for a bigger purpose in my life?  Your presence expands the consciousness for an evolutionary process.  One that magnifies purity.  Seldom that I see a person who is covered with white light around his heart.  You are a beautiful soul, inside out, indeed.

Being around you increases higher vibrational frequencies.  Your energy can only uplift others and, through no effort, makes them feel loved and secured.  You are an individual, without a determinable basis of explanation, transforms humans into a completion for spiritual missions.

I am blessed to be part of the event.  And so are the others that joined the mystic dimension last weekend.  You have left behind your marks in Reiki Sanctuary.  The exact leaf that I saw in your third eye is reflected in the lovely crystal vase.  It is now dawned to shine in my sanctuary to which synchronistic growth will conceive.

My heartfelt gratitude to a lovely friend.  It was a great pleasure meeting you!

May what you left behind shall bring life lessons to all of us.  In your purity, even if it is unknown to others, is the seed that you had planted in our consciousness.  It is a greatest gift to all.  For now, it is about acceptance.  About gratitude for all your graciousness.  We are rewarded, and so are you!

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    In Reiki Sanctuary, we feel blessed. We feel the abundance and greatly appreciate for all that have been showered. We can only keep counting ..

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