Monday, January 26, 2009

Connect To The White Light

Dear Sze Ern,

You may want to know that you had a bad accident.  A drunk driver hit your car and forced your soul out of your badly injured body.  You are now feeling lost cos your body is no longer responding to you. You may think that you are still here and the white light is, if only you are to look ahead, right behind you.

There are now old familiar faces around you but you are afraid to go closer to them.  They are not going to harm you, Sze Ern.  They are there waiting for your acknowledgement.  Waiting patiently for you to accept the situation.  Reach out to the one that you feel safe with, Sze Ern.  The one that you recognize most.  The one that you remember most.

You are still puzzled as you look at us.  You are wondering why we are feeling sad for you.  Why are your parents crying and their hearts broken.  Why are we praying for you.  Why are your two friends lying unconscious in the hospital.  There are just too many questions in your mind.

You now belong to the white light, Sze Ern.  It is a better place for you.  First, reach out to the familiar one that have come to greet you.  Let their hands bring comfort to you.  There is nothing, for you, to be afraid.  They can hear you and they will listen to you.  You just need to reach out and communicate with them.  They will have all the answers.

They will teach you how to let go your anger.  They will playback the accident that you just had.  You just need to hold their hands.  Look into the white light, Sze Ern.  Face forward.  Let the light brings you home.

Don't be afraid anymore, Sze Ern.  We want you to connect to the white light.  You will be fine there.

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