Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Celebration Of Life

Over the last few weeks, it is day 50 today to be exact, my aunt has been hospitalized.  A woman who never thought, and often avoided the hospitals, would be warded this long.  From just a vertigo attack - probably due to her blood pressure, now the doctors are advising us to be vigilant of her condition.  We are told that her condition is critical. 

Three weeks ago, she was placed in ICU, for two weeks, when she contracted the MRSA bacteria.  Sadly, she is now suffering with a side effect of Frontal Lobe Syndrome.

Like her, I have come to know of few others whose health have turned around since the beginning of this year.  Of prayers that I was asked to make for some people.  Of individual, like Sze Ern, who crossed over to the other world few weeks ago.  Of a father, of our dearest kin, who has just passed on today.  Of sadness.  Of separation.

Life has become a gathering of sombre mood causing, in a great deal, sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy.  Plus, the economic outlook is depressing.  To the same degree it's like a gathering of death.  Is this a synchronicity of what lies ahead?  That, nothing is a coincidence.  Of what we, and those that are still brimmed with good health, should take stock of our lives?  To make a reflection.  To reconsider the process of giving, and the gratitude of receiving.  To live in retrospect.

As I listened to their talks, and the more I listen about how we felt short not mentioning how much we love, and appreciate, the people around us, I become rather discouraged.  I am discouraged because we have the habit that we often 'wait' until someone has passed on, or separated from us, before we tell this person that we love him/her.

Why do we allow ourselves to wait until that someone cannot hear before we let him/her know how much we love them?  Why do we often live not recognizing the good quality of a person when they are still with us?  Why do we wait until it is too late?  Why do we, often deliberately, delay to 'build' someone up when the person is already out of our life?

When we are said to be spiritual beings, it is discouraging when we allow our mind to think negatively about each other.  That our focus is often on the mistakes.  The imperfections.  That we often amplify only the wrongs and conveniently refuse to speak lovingly about good deeds.  How we speak about each other makes a big difference.  As we lovingly express a person, our words bring comfort.  It brings us closer.  It creates bond.

Perhaps, we need to consciously celebrate life.  A celebration where stories are told - eyes mist over, laughter rings out, and as we conclude lovingly, the person rises and gives us the biggest hug.  That, this person gets to hear the stories and come to the realization that he/she has made a difference on earth.  And when the inevitable separation finally comes, we can say goodbye with the knowledge that they knew exactly how people felt about them.

Has someone made a difference in your life?  Has someone been an influence in your life?  I am glad to meet a dear old friend, Daniel over the weekend.  I am glad, in the presence of his partner, told him how special he had been in my life.  I am glad to mention to another friend, Paul the same thing too.  For all their paths that crossed mine, they are being cherished with good hearts.  For all the good days that were spent caring for each other; making our world a better place to live in.  It was them that made betters days for you and me.

Life is too short to leave kind words unsaid.  These loving words will make all the difference in the world.

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