Friday, April 30, 2010

My Love For You Is True

Yesterday, while chatting with a dearest friend, sadness visited my soul.  Not in a big punching sorrowful way but enough to make me feel, and realize, how special he is in my life.  Enough to make me stayed up to pray.  Enough to warrant some time reflecting on the beauty of friendship.  Of love.  Of wants.  Of what life would offer if I am not going to honor the beauty in this person.  Enough for me to spend my time writing this, as part of my prayers, to tell him that he is loved.

The consciousness of his presence, in my search for meaning, brightens the inner significance about love and friendship.  His kindness, his care, his support that often chases away my dark clouds.  Flashes of the past in sequential snippets framed in my mind where we shared our life story, sharing all about our deepest secrets and the heartily laughter between us that never stops.

Our friendship has come a long way.  It has surpassed the silent language between us.  Though the distance between us is far - and it has been that way since day one whether he is in Queensland, Australia or in Pattaya, Thailand - we have never stopped to let each other know about our being.  About what is happening or to our future plans that we will undertake.  About our thoughts and feelings.  About our anger and fear and our hopes.

There is an air of superior quality about this friend; a quality deserving praise and a blessed virtue to those be a part of his life.  I am fortunate to be part of his merits.  In all life's imperfection, I believe in his sincerity towards me.  I believe in his love for our friendship.  I believe in his love for me.  I believe in his prayers for my well being.  I believe in his support whenever, or should, I need a shoulder.  I believe in the creation of a soul friendship not out of need but a want.

Just before we ended the conversation, he told me to brave life.  It was such an irony when I should be the one telling him so.  It bothers me knowing about his recent state of health.  It shakes my strength.  It makes me wonder how a wonderful lively person will need to recourse his normal daily activities.  It gives me a gloomy mood to think on a twist to life to a person that I regarded always full of love.  Of always wanting to give and always put himself second to others.   It just does not seem fair. 

It saddens me when we have to face life and not played it with a freewill.  That we have to change its course and carefully not to thread nor do what, and how, we want to go about doing it.  Somehow, we have come to a crossroad where faith and freewill become joined by twinning together.  They are no longer separate.  Perhaps, a time has come where a paradigm shift needs to be in the forefront to bring awareness about quality of life.  About going deep into a divine energy that will only make us to appreciate the breaths of being alive.

Perhaps, I am over reacting over such a trivial news.  Somehow, I believe it so too.  But for me, it is not about the alarming numerical count of his high blood pressure.  Medical sciences and the technological advances of medicines can take good care of that.  It is what goes behind the symptom that makes me to feel sad for him.  That, such a dear friend, is still struggling.  Still trapped with his past.  About him, and how the many more of us, still lives a life floating above the truths and pretending everything is fine.  That we can never take away the masks off our face, for some reasons, afraid that it will disrupt on the foundation to the life we have created.  That we never wish it to crumble the joy and the happiness.  That we need to be on guard and often filled with wariness and watchful to make sure they do not disappear.  About how we just conveniently choose to bury our deepest sorrows and, hopefully, they will just go away with time.

I am a huge fan of Louise Hay.   I just believe in her metaphysical interpretation.  She has changed the way I think.  She has changed the way I live my life.  She has assisted me, and to those that I have shared her message, in discovering and using the full potential of our own creative powers for personal growth and self healing.  In her book, You Can Heal Your Life, she has provided me the tapestry to life's mystery.  It has helped me.  It has helped the people around me.  It should help communication.  It should help relationship.

Early this month, I was unwell for about ten long days.  I was trapped with my own inner crying.  My heart was crying for help, for attention.  I knew the day I verbalised the words "please do not leave me" that I was on the road for full recovery.  That is what Louise Hay is all about.  She brings consciousness to the unspoken spirit.  She brings back the realization to the soul only when we choose to address the symptom.

Right now, my sadness is about what lies deep in the soul of this dear friend.  It makes me to think harder how I have taken life for granted.  How I have taken him for granted.  How a simple life is more than just a brief greeting.  Nor that a laughter, or a good cry, is never an act to end a revelation, a confession or a story fully told.  There is always that little reservation for an unfinished sorrow deep within us that we dearly pray only a divine intervention can take it away.  This is my lesson from him.  That love is not only about feeling but knowing.  That love has a language and it needs to be recognized and communicated.  Love, just like a human need, requires the extra mile.  This is the divine nudge for me to pray for him.

The power to live has shifted back to him.  For a change to happen, it has to start with acceptance.  It has to evolve with consciousness and being aware that it is safe to look within.  I am talking about having a great respect for life and a gratitude for the miracle of our bodies and our minds.  Life goes in cycles because we allow it.  For a spirit to fly, there is a time to do something, and then there is a time to move on.

Let's rebuild our friendship but for this new conviction to happen, we need to understand the long standing emotional problem that are not solved.  My prayers are set on this.  My prayers are for the divine light to beam deeper in our communication.  What remains will be my love, and deep gratitude, for this dear friend.

"You are never alone, Greg."

This is an extract from Louise Hay:

Blood is joy.  The veins and arteries are channels of joy.  Everything works under the law and the action of love.  There is love in every bit of intelligence in the Universe.  It is impossible to work and function well without love and joy being experienced.

Negative thinking clogs up the brain, and there is no room for love and joy to flow in its free and open way.

Laughter cannot flow if it is not allowed to be free and foolish.  It is the same with love and joy.  Life not grim unless we make it so, unless we choose to look at it in that way.  We can find total disaster in the smallest upset, and we can find some joy in the greatest tragedy.  It is up to us.

Sometimes, we try to force our life to go in a certain way when it is not for our highest good.  Sometimes we create a 'blood' problem to force us to go in a totally different direction, to re-evaluate our lifestyles.

The heart represents love, while our blood represents joy.  Our hearts lovingly pump joy throughout our bodies.  When we deny ourselves joy and love, the heart shrivels and becomes cold.  As a result, the blood gets sluggish.

The heart does not attack us.  We get so caught in the soap opera and dramas we create that we often forget to notice the little joys that surround us.  We spend years squeezing all the joy out of the heart, and it literally falls over in pain.

If we do not take the time to appreciate the joys of life, they will just create another problem in time.

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